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10th District Democrats opt for convention—a ‘hypocritical’ move, says GOP chair

Democrats in Virginia's 10th Congressional District voted Feb. 8 to hold a convention to elect their nominee for the seat that's been held by Republican U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf for more than 30 years.

The local Democrats set their convention for April 26, the same day Republicans will run a firehouse primary (or party canvass) to select their candidate from a crowded field.

Democratic officials say they opted for a convention as opposed to a state-run primary “to select a nominee as soon as possible and to allow its eventual nominee to conserve resources for what will be an expensive general election against a Koch Brothers-funded Republican nominee.”

The soonest Democrats could hold a state-run primary is June 10, according to an announcement of their decision.

Expected to vie for the Democratic nomination are Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust, Fairfax attorney Richard Bolger and Leesburg architect Sam Kubba.

“This election has national implications and is going to be high-profile and extremely expensive,” Charlie Jackson, chairman of the 10th Congressional District Democratic Committee, said Feb. 8. “Our decision today will ensure our nominee is able to hit the ground running – campaigning and fundraising – as soon as possible. We have one goal, to elect a Democratic member to Congress, and to accomplish our goal we need to coalesce around a nominee as soon as possible.”

Republican John Whitbeck, chairman of the GOP's 10th Congressional District Committee, quickly tossed a political jab the Democrats' way.

"For several years and specifically in regards to the 2013 state-wide convention, the state and local Democrat Party and the media have constantly attacked Republicans for using party-run conventions to nominate our candidates,” Mr. Whitbeck said in a prepared statement. “In an election as important as choosing Frank Wolf's successor in Congress, the Democrats now demonstrate the hypocrisy of these attacks by choosing the very method of nomination they have criticized us for.”

Whitbeck's committee earlier this year opted to hold a firehouse primary rather than a convention to select its nominee to vie for Wolf's seat.

Republican candidates include state state Del. Barbara Comstock, who many consider the front-runner; Stephen Hollingshead, a former advisor in the Bush administration and former chief operating officer for Americans for Prosperity; Richard Shickle, chairman of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors; Marc Savitt, a mortgage broker and president of the National Association of Independent Housing Professionals; Tareq Salahi, best known for crashing a White House party; Rob Wasinger; Brent Anderson; and Howie Lind, former chairman of the 10th Congressional District Republican Committee who recently vacated this year's U.S. Senate contest.

State Del. Bob Marshall and Carol Brauninger are also "seriously considering" bids, according to Mr. Whitbeck.

The 10th District GOP chair commented, “The fact is, conventions are sometimes the best way for a party to select its nominee. It is time for the media and both political parties to move on from this debate. Both Republicans and Democrats will use multiple types of nominating processes to choose their candidates and that is just a political reality."

Roll Call currently rates Virginia's 10th Congressional District race as "leans Republican."

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People that can’t see the blatant hypocrisy of the Democrat’s (and WP’s) gnashing of the teeth, whining, crying and finger pointing aren’t dealing in reality.

Chairman Whitbeck had no control over his own nomination process, so assigning him personal blame over the 33rd’s Mass meeting is nothing more than the normal spit from the left.

The 10th District Democrat Committee now has to have a mass meeting and a convention, 2 steps of exclusion that they always decry and blubber over. It will be very interesting to see their attendee/voting numbers in comparison to the 10th District Republican Committee’s. The perpetual gripers will have to be prepared to eat their share of crow.

It’s a small matter really. Outside of political junkies no one cares how candidates get picked. Just study Kaine, McAuliffe and Obama and you see three people who should not be in office.

Satchmo, a major operating fact is that each/every party is entitled to choose its own nominating process.

However, when Republicans choose a convention, the local “progressive” Ds take the opportunity to paint lurid word pictures of how dreadfully exclusionary it is, by a bunch of backroom control freaks, shutting THE PEOPLE out of the process.

And now, having selected the process that is apparently the worst in the universe when someone else does it, some people are going to laugh at the hypocritical double standard.  Like me!

Or ends justifying means, which does seem to be a theme too.

But, since it conserves resources, that’s a good thing—for, like, the environment?  Oh, wow, like okay then!  :D

Too funny

If you are looking for a hyper-partisan, Hilary Clinton-obsessed, defender of Scooter Libbey, then elect Barbara Comstock.’

Exactly what this nation needs right now.

Whitebeck wasn’t nominated for the State Senate seat in a closed convention, it was an open “special meeting,” where anybody who said they were a Rebulican, and was registerd in the district could vote.

I didn’t care for it because it took three hours out of my night, when all I wanted to do was cast a ballot and be done with it.

Funny how Whitbeck leaves out the operating facts here.  No mention of the dismal results his own party had in finding winning candidates via the closed convention.  Including himself and the loss his closed selection brought. 

I’d think he would criticize the Democrats for deploying a losing tactic rather than try and use their decision to justify his own parties errors.  This isn’t about hypocrisy, unless you just want to snipe at each other, it’s about closed conventions being ineffective at selecting winning candidates.

Another ready fire aim response by the illustrious current GOP leadership.

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