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10th District GOP primary April 26

Voters in Virginia's 10th Congressional District can head to the polls Saturday to cast a vote for the Republican candidate hoping to succeed long-time U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf.

The six candidates are state Del. Barbara Comstock; state Del. Bob Marshall; Stephen Hollingshead, a former adviser in the Bush administration; Marc Savitt, president of the National Association of Independent Housing Professionals; Rob Wasinger, a former chief of staff for U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback; and Howie Lind, a former chairman of the 10th District GOP Committee.

Voting will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. More information, including polling locations, can be found at http://www.vagop10.org/party-canvass/.


oranges869 - Late term abortion. Ah the red herrings start to fly. First do you know how regulated and rare they are? Second to you even know what the resent laws attacking abortion did? Had nothing to do with late term abortions they were just backdoor attempts to close clinics and a shaming technique on women both denounced by every major doctors group in America.

Anti science emotional clap trap.

I guess that is because a late term abortion inflicts more pain on the fetus then the botched drugs did to the garbage that was executed in Oklahoma but that is ok cause it’s a women’s right, right? Baloney!

FredSanford - Not s single candidate for the (R)s this time around was center on the abortion debate.

Anybody saying Comstock is “too far out there”, has no clue what they are talking about. She’s about as Center Right as they come. Although I suspect some feel that anybody who isn’t on the Left side of the fence will never be acceptable.

dlwnova - The only thing that bothers me about her really is her out of date stance on the abortion issue. I got news for you 75% of the people in this nation do not want to put new limits on abortion. Otherwise she is okay.

Better than any democrat, hardly. I will take Warner over any 2 Republicans in this state.

fedupdude: She is better than any dumbacrat!

Because they don’t want to hear from you Chris.  If they did, they would have put a polling place in Sterling. 

And FedUpDude is right.  Bob Dole has been talking about it quite a bit recently as he reflects on his career.  The GOP has gone off the deep end. 

Expect another loss this fall.  Comstock is too far out there.  Frank Wolf won because he appealed to people outside the far right.  Can’t say that about Comstock.

“I’m just a little frustrated that those of us in Sterling, with the densest population, have to drive 25 minutes each way to the nearest polling place.”

A taste of suppression?  States close polling locations in urban areas; 8 hour lines, restrict early votes & no weekends?

Why do I get the impression you’d say that about any Republican, fedupdude?

I’m just a little frustrated that those of us in Sterling, with the densest population, have to drive 25 minutes each way to the nearest polling place.

Its a sad day when Comstock is the most reasonable candidate you can come up with.

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