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MORE: 10th District town hall goes on without Rep. Comstock

Attendees of the 10th District town hall in Sterling Friday night. Times-Mirror/Alex Erkiletian
The Sterling Community Center was bustling Friday night with around 150 10th District constituents hoping to put questions and comments to U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.-10th) in a town hall-style meeting.

At the front of the hall sat table and chairs, with one seat set for the congresswoman. The chair, as expected, remained empty for the course of the evening. Earlier in the week, Comstock's Deputy Chief of Staff Jeff Marschner said she couldn't attend the meeting because of a long-standing prior commitment. Marschner made reference to the two tele-town halls the second-term representative has held as a way of talking to thousands of her constituents “in a civil and conversational manner.”

Todd Kliman, described by organizers as an author, essayist, critic, food writer, speaker and teacher from Maryland, served as moderator.

“Tonight is about you,” he began. “Whether or not Rep. Comstock is joining us or not.”

The moderator promised “a night of thoughtful, civilized discourse ... without being unruly.”

10th District Congresswoman Barbara Comstock did not attend the town hall. Times-Mirror/Alex Erkiletian

Organized by the Indivisible VA District 10 group, the town hall was structured around seven topics: national security, conflicts of interest, education, science and environment, immigration and the Affordable Care Act. For each section, a panel of “fact checkers” – volunteer researchers – made reference to the congresswoman's voting record or past comments she had made on a specific issue. Throughout the night a volunteer transcribed constituents' comments, which organizers said will be passed on to Comstock.

Sue Riley from Ashburn was the first to speak, starting off by asking how the congresswoman was going to make sure Russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential election would be investigated independently. The gathered audience was shown a screen shot of Comstock's Feb. 15 tweet, saying she supports investigations by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.

Four or five speakers were allowed per topic before Kliman moved the discourse onto the next subject.

Immigration and health care proved to be the night's most emotive topics. Matthew Zelman, of Centreville, said this was his first time at a political event. He took to the floor to talk passionately about his two friends who pay taxes but are undocumented immigrants with an American-born son. Zelman said he wanted to know from the congresswoman if she would view them as criminals. He asked, “What are you going to do to make sure they have the paths to citizenship they deserve?”

In response to the topic of immigration, a slide was shown to the audience citing Comstock's comment in a September 2014 debate: “I certainly think immigration needs to be done by legislation, not executive order,” she said.

More than 100 people were in attendance for the town hall. Times-Mirror/Alex Erkiletian

Receiving a standing ovation and the biggest cheers of the evening was retired Air Force colonel and former Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chairman Mike Turner.

Producing a small blue book from his jacket pocket, which turned out to be the Constitution, Turner, who had run for Comstock's congressional seat as a Democrat back in 2008, waved it in the air and said: “I served for 28 years wearing an Air Force uniform protecting this … in my wildest dreams I never imagined the chief enemy of this document would be the President of the United States,” Turner said. “When the impeachment comes, and it’s coming … when the impeachment comes, Rep. Comstock, will you vote with your constituents for the people who pay your salary or not?”

Ashburn resident Kona Gallagher, who had tears in her eyes, was the first to pose a question about the Affordable Care Act.

“I currently have two friends who both have children under the age of six, who are dealing with childhood cancer,” she said. She asked how the congresswoman would ensure, should the Affordable Care Act be repealed, how the children “are going to receive the care they need, and to grow up.”

Ashburn resident Kona Gallagher gave an emotional testimony. Times-Mirror/Alex Erkiletian

Following the last comments of the evening on the subject of health care, the town hall ended on a somewhat conciliatory note toward Comstock. Health care fact checker and mother of four Ayala Sherbow, of Lovettsville, told the audience she met with the congresswoman earlier in the day.

There, Sherbow said, Comstock seemed to give certain reassurances about reform of the Affordable Care Act. Reading from notes she had taken during the meeting, Sherbow said the congresswoman told her the act won't be dismantled without a replacement in place, and no one would be dropped by their insurer.

After the meeting drew to a close, Jan Hyland from Indivisible told the Times-Mirror that, despite the public statement that Comstock wouldn't be attending, she thought her elected representative might show.

“I guess it's naive, but I kept thinking maybe she'll realize this is a real opportunity, maybe she'll see the efforts we put into it,” Hyland said. “I think unfortunately other political forces have been trying to define who we are, without actually knowing who we are.”

Marschner, the Comstock spokesman, issued a statement Saturday that again noted Comstock's "long standing prior commitment with Catholic Charities."

“The congresswoman and staff are in constant communication with her constituents -- patients, doctors, hospitals, health care providers and more -- about the efforts to repeal and replace the ACA," Marschner said. "She has met with hundreds of people to discuss these critical issues.  On Friday, Congresswoman Comstock met with approximately 30 constituents in her Washington, D.C. office to have an actual discussion without any shouting that we have seen over the past week."

Ashburn resident Mike Turner, a former Air Force colonel and chairman of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, said President Donald Trump is the enemy of the Constitution, which Turner held up in front of the audience. Times-Mirror/Alex Erkiletian


The value of the SP 500 has risen in market cap by 3.3 trillion dollars since Trump won the election.

Why is Wall Street so bullish?

80% of Trumps trillion dollar infrastructure plan will end up in fees and giveawys on Wall Street. He will be lucky to get a few bridges and roads built which will require tolls. We’ll get little or no GDP growth from that waste of money.

Maybe growth will come from the Trumps tax plan. Sadly it will end up going to corporations, repatriation and end of the death tax. We’ll get zero GDP growth from that giveaway.

So why is Wall Street so ginned up? Where is the money coming from? The only place where money is left to rob. Wall Street knows Trump and Ryan are coming after Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. Obama Care is toast they’ve gutted it already.

Draining the swamp means draining the entitlements. 80% of the federal budget is entitlements. I think SS and Medicare should be eliminated and the money given back to its rightful owners. Us the American people. Thank God we have President Trump and Paul Ryan in place to make my dream of ending entitlements a reality.  NO MORE HANDOUTS!!!!!

Hey Equity explain how could liberals be so mean to Mr. Scott.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., was called the N-word Wednesday on Twitter. The senator’s response, though, got all the attention for shutting down a Twitter troll.

The tweet took aim at Scott and former Jeff Sessions aide William Smith — two black men who support Jeff Sessions for attorney general.

The tweet was deleted shortly after Scott’s response.

This isn’t the first bigoted comment Scott has had to field, according to his communications director Sean Smith.

“Back in the House we had to shut down our phones one day because so many people — not from South Carolina and not conservatives - were calling and saying things like ‘I’m never going to drive through your n****r state again,’” Smith said in a written statement provided to The Post and Courier.

Even the Washington Post had an article this morning about nearly every state moving more conservative since ‘08. Obama really damaged the party moving it too far left.  I’ve forgotten the numbers but it’s around 1,000 elected seats—governors, state legislatures, Congress etc. have switched to Republican.  But when Democrats side with criminals over police, illegals over citizen safety, one sexually confused child over the entire student body and so many other things, it was bound to happen.

@themovingfinger, by unhinged do you mean destroying property, burning things, and spraying young girls with mace like they did at Berkley, in the name of tolerance? Is that what you mean by unhinged? Because the left owns that behavior time and time again. So who’s really unhinged here?

SGP, you know what does come naturally? Warm hugs bro. I’m ready, just give me the word.

Matt, yes it’s too bad a real libertarian party can’t be created/sustained.  It would find big support among the people but the current duopoly will fight it tooth and nail.  Without preferential voting so that votes for 3rd parties aren’t wasted, I’m afraid it’s unlikely to come about naturally.

And BTW, I think Barb is weak, but also can’t stand a small, very vocal group of people trying to force there way on others, while the majority of us are way to busy earning a living and raising a family.  Who has the time in Loudoun to show up?!  Too tired at the end of the day.

Fiscally conservative, socially liberal, don’t necessarily like the government in every aspect of my life ... you tell me, lol.  I have never liked people trying to label me.  I feel politicians on both sides try to label us for control. I feel I am a much deeper person than a single issue voter/human.

Which side of the island are you on Matt?

Disregard the venom SGP.  So much hate and intolerance from a minority of very vocal people on one side of the isle is driving us independents away ...

Trump supporters are coming unhinged.  Donald now says Obama’s behind the people who are protesting his incompetence.  Sad.  Shadows closing in on little Donnie.  Who knew being President was hard?

amazing that loco tea party forgets this:

8-8-09 organizations opposed to health care legislation urged opponents to be disruptive - Tea Party Patriots web site circulated instructions - “Pack the hall. Yell out and challenge the Rep’s statements early. Get him off his prepared script and agenda. Stand up and shout and sit right back down.” The memo continued, “The Rep [representative] should be made to feel that a majority, and if not, a significant portion of at least the audience, opposes the agenda…”

allegations of racism & abusive behavior by tea party -
*3-16-10, at rep. mary jo kilroy’s ohio office, a counter-protester with parkinson’s disease was berated by tea party protesters, had dollar bills thrown at him, & was mocked. a protester initially denied the incident, but later apologized for his “shameful” actions.
*3-20-10 protesters against proposed health care legislation used racial and anti-gay slurs. 

“gay congressman called “homo” & faggot, black lawmakers said demonstrators shouted the n-word at them, chants of “Kill the bill” & john lewis gets spat upon by a protester while walking up cannon bldg. stairs

rep. heath shuler of nc backed up colleagues, he heard slurs. richard trumka’s confrontation with breitbart at a forum “I watched them spit at people, I watched them call John Lewis the n-word. [...] I witnessed it. I saw it in person. That’s real evidence.” rep. anthony weiner’s staffers reported a stream of hostile encounters with tea partiers roaming the halls of Congress. In addition to mockery, protesters left suggestive notes, one signed w/ swastika.

“Kate Zernike, author of Boiling Mad: Inside Tea Party America, has observed, “Rather than explain it as a fringe of the movement, which they plausibly might have, they argued that the ugliness had never happened. Wasn’t it suspicious, they asked, that there was no video of spitting or slurs, in an age when everyone’s cell phone has a camera? It was difficult, if not disingenuous, for the Tea Party groups to try to disown the behavior.” Politicians from both political parties, black conservative activists and columnists have argued that allegations of racism do not reflect the movement as a whole.”  see reports of abusive behavior, wikipedia

what a difference 8 yrs. makes?

Jplegend, you couldn’t of said it better. The Democratic party is now a radical, far left, socialistic, borderline Communist party. Obama really has done damage to this great republic and he did fundamentally change this nation but for the much, much worst.

I see a lot of people here who need a warm hug. SGP I’m looking at you buddy. I’m here for big squeezes amigo. Muy, muy estrong.

The Democrat activists have amassed a whopping 2000 “concerned” citizens folks.  Be afraid, be very afraid.  Assuming that these folks didn’t vote (which we all know they voted for Hillary), if they can replicate this 10 times more to get to 22K votes, maybe they have a shot at winning in 2018.  Ha!

You have to hand it to these Liberal believers.  As they say, it’s always darkest right before it turns completely black.  They seem to think there is a new dawn on the way when it’s really just a black hole.

Sorry to burst your bubble, HoneyCrispApples, but the Town Hall was a collaboration of groups in Lovettesville, Winchester, and Manassas as well as Ashburn, Sterling and Leesburg.

And there weren’t just 150 participants. That’s all that would fit into the community center. Not all of them were from eastern Loudoun, either: batches of regional tickets were issued to ensure constituent representation across the region. There were dozens of others at viewing parties elsewhere watching the live stream, and organizations throughout the county amount to some 2,000 concerned citizens so far. And that’s just in the first month or so.

What you believe doesn’t matter. We’ll see at the polls.

Skyprince, do a little research on the 2018 midterms…it’s going to be a bloodbath for what’s left of the Democrat party. Take a look at what your party stands for today: An America without borders that favors illegal aliens over U.S. citizens. Insisting that biological boys be able to use the girls room.  No-whites-allowed safe spaces on college campuses. Neutering the police. Town Hall agitators in Louisiana booing the name of “Jesus”. Yep, sounds like a winning hand! Sorry Dems, but screeching “vagina” as loud as you can and burning stuff up while wearing black masks doesn’t constitute a party platform. Folks, this is who we are fighting against for the future of our country.

Eastern Loudoun tends to think their opinion is all that matters.  Don’t forget Western Loudoun, Clarke, Frederick County, Winchester, Prince William are all part of this district.  A lot of those areas support Comstock and Trump.

The vote was 210K for Comstock and 188K for Bennett in 2016.  Are you seriously suggesting that 150 hardcore activists, nearly all of which voted for Bennett in 2016, is significant in any way given a 22K vote margin?

Now I know you all were hoping for M’s of new Democrat voters from giving the illegals citizenship.  It must be depressing to know that ain’t gonna happen now.  But hey, look on the positive, at least you all can rig the DNC election!

To those who argue that it’s inconceivable that 150 people in the 10th District aren’t happy with Barbara Comstock…well, trust me, the number’s much larger.

Every one of the attendees except for the moderator and press representatives were constituents. That’s because we issued tickets only to constituents. Also, people attending had to provide their names and ZIP codes, and these were recorded on paper.

Your conjectures that this was an event staged or attended by outsiders, paid or otherwise, is complete and false conjecture.

I suggest the Dems do this every month.  They can ask such engaging questions like:

Where’s all my free stuff the gov’t promised me?

Why aren’t the feds letting in all those illegals who will vote for us in 20 years anymore?

Why is our gov’t considering the concerns of the majority instead of just catering to the specific interests of whatever tiny group feels they have not been fully accepted?  Don’t they know the US isn’t about self-reliance and achievement but all about celebrating those with special needs 100% of the time?

Why isn’t the gov’t taking care of me from cradle to grave providing me daycare, pre-K, college in useless degrees, free food, free housing, free healthcare, free transportation, free counseling, and free rides to the polls so I can keep voting for these freebies?

The “Indivisible” group (ironic name for a group bent on dividing) knew well in advance that Comstock was not attending, yet they still set up an empty chair, microphone and name plate as a theatric stunt to prove a point.  No wonder Comstock decided not to attend.  No win situation for her.  Show up and get ambushed.  Don’t show up and get run through the mud.  A win-win for a group of crazies.  She doesn’t owe anyone facetime.

These rightwing nutjobs are clearly out of touch. If they think these Town Hall’s are full of paid activists, plants etc. They will find out for sure in 2018. The GOP is scared now because their exhalted leader has turned out to be a real blowhard, goofball and overall disgraceful leader..and I use that word loosely.

anyone who still honestly believes these protests are organic, google “indivisible audio plotting town hall” and listen to the recording of leftist activists walking thru their strategy to disrupt a town hall. Happening all over the country. All staged, nothing natural about any of it. My guess is that most are not even constituents. ALL PHONY.

At least now we can drop the pretense that the DNC’s demands for town hall yelling matches are anything but a political stunt.

paid agitators, left wing cranks and social justice warriors all in attendance. All there to shout down anyone who offends them. What’s next mock trials and hanging the “offender” in effigy? Grown up!

I’ll allow that it became a political statement, but that was entirely Rep. Comstock’s choice. She could have chosen otherwise by showing up. This wasn’t sprung on her: she knew about this long before after having rebuffed multiple requests to meet face-to-face with her constituents. It was only recently that she capitulated by agreeing to meet with groups of up to five people at a time, and that will happen, believe me.

There was a live mic in front of a chair at the front of the room in case she changed her mind at the last minute.

But it was much more than a mere “statement”. Volunteer researchers spent many hours researching her positions on key issues of concern – in her voting record and public statements. Citizens had the opportunity to approach a microphone to air their concerns and ask questions.

Dozens of people patiently waited their turn to speak in an orderly and respectful fashion. Research teams did their best to answer the questions she should have been there to address, doing their best to respond as accurately as they could in her stead.

Many expressed that this was the first political event they had ever attended, and some reiterated that they – like the organizers and all of the attendees except members of the press – were not paid to be there.

The research that was presented throughout the evening and the stories and perspectives expressed by the others shed light into issues of great concern to all of us and how Rep. Comstock had expressed “values” while in many cases acting in conflict with what she had said.

It ended up being a highly rewarding experience for everyone there as we learned together about the politician from her own actions, about the real-world impact of executive orders and pending legislation, and about what we can do as individual citizens to become more actively involved in what our country is and does.

To dismiss these efforts to learn and express our voices on public policy issues important to us is to diminish our civic involvement and a blatant attempt to diminish our right to participate in the process of governing. It speaks to critics’ misguided world-view that somehow their voice is more important than others.

That is not what democracy nor a republican form of government is.

Barbara Comstock has been behaving and continues to behave as if her constituents are only those who voted for her or donated money to her campaigns or sought services from her that she could leverage as “proof” that she has executed her duty to listen – to represent.

If that is the case, than who is the representative of the substantial number of us whom she is ignoring and rebuffing, whom she refuses to engage face-to-face?

The citizen-organized town hall last Friday night provided an unequivocal answer: it was the occupant of that empty seat in the front of a gymnasium (at a *civic* center!?) full of them.

Everyone knows what she thinks. She ran on it. Just a bunch of Dems mad they lost election. They’ve been doing this all across the country, just anti Trump stuff.

I hope the rabble-rousers got their jollies.

Thank you, Rep. Comstock, for speaking out against Trump during the campaign. A vocal minority of your constituents gave you a hard time but I gladly voted for you.

I hope the rabble-rousers got their jollies.

Thank you, Rep. Comstock, for speaking out against Trump during the campaign. A vocal minority of your constituents gave you a hard time but I gladly voted for you.

pure political theater. I’m not a Comstock fan, but she was right not to attend this farce. Folks, the left has no credibility at these protests any more. A party that refuses to acknowledge that a sovereign country has a right to decide who comes in and who doesn’t. A party that sides with law breaking people instead of struggling U.S. citizens. A party refusing to accept the will of the people. A party that seems not to understand, even now, how far out of touch they are. A party that has not been able to figure out why they have been decimated across the country on a national and local level over the past eight years. Not able to realize that their extremist views and politically correct sensitivities have been rejected by the American people at every level of government. The anti-American joyride of the Obama years and the media’s attempts to create a perception that they are the majority have them dumbfounded and in a stat of panic…they don’t understand what is happening to them. These crazy unhinged protests and anti-Trump hatefests will accomplish just one thing: a clearer view of exactly who they are and what they stand for. They are buying the media’s efforts to make it appear as though they are the majority, when the opposite is true. The good news is that Trump’s not buying it, not intimidated by any of it. He is going to steamroll thru his agenda no matter what they say or do. God Bless America.

I have alway kind of liked Comstock to be honest.  You don’t see many republicans making time to celebrate MLK day and she did and she deserves credit.  However, when 150 of the people she represents hold a forum in which they hope to speak to her as their government representative it seems rather poorly chosen to be absent.  Beyond that her office has not given any specifics as to why she could not attend, must we pretend like this reasonable?  After literally phoning it in to her last town hall it’s clear that she currently has no intention of having any significant interaction with the people she is entrusted with to representing.  It’s a shame when our representatives forget that they do in fact represent us, the voters and they would all do well to remember that they are temps.  As for the Air Force colonel,  his using the constitution was only in reference to the manner in which president trump has clearly violated it in regards to the Emoluments Clause. And it speaks to a risk that is far greater than Trump arranging presidential events in properties that he will personally profit from, it begs the question of how far can this go or how far will it go? And then the question of corruption must be considered and all the implications that come with it.  Much like when Gary Condit found himself in a scandal with Shaundra Levy. While we were consumed with the “sex” element nobody ever thought about the fact that a guy who sat on the intelligence committee was having an affair and that makes him vulnerable to blackmail.  That was the bigger picture that no one thought of.  What is the bigger picture when it comes to Trump having diplomatic meetings as the president in a commercial property that he owns? I don’t know but it doesn’t sit right with me.  The town hall was a political gathering, yes and I wouldn’t disagree with anyone calling it a “stunt”.  It was more for show than anything else, yes.  But, like the Boston Tea Party “stunt” it was to make a very important point, that many of our representatives are not doing their jobs.  It’s an important message no matter which of the two BS parties you stand with. How anyone can have passion for either party is beyond me.  What does it matter if you ride on the left track or on the right track?  They both take the train to the same station. (ps. I know the town hall wasn’t of the magnitude of the Boston Tea Party but I am illustrating my point so I went for big air.  If you want to argue my points that would be great but please don’t get hung up in the window dressing and stay on point)

I’m not a Comstock fan, but these people are crazy…she said she wouldn’t be there well in advance, nothing but a political stunt and waste of time from an egocentric individual…

Non US citizens outside USA do not have rights under the US Constitution.  Period. Take a deep breath.

Ljhiedel, you frame a narrative to fit your agenda and that is exactly what the News media does. They have been doing it for years and finally someone calls them out on it and they don’t like it. Last time I checked, the 1st Amendment guarded free speech not fake speech. When organizations purposely push a fake narrative to convince thegeneral public that the fake narrative is truth, it should be a criminal act. Obama, did it with ACA, Benghazi and the IRS. He should of been impeached and thrown out of office for his lies and his misleading of the American people. If there was a free and FAIR press in this country that would of happened. You need to drop your fake narrative, go back to the starting line and start over. You get Mulligan.

This is what happens when people who are not qualified run for office. Comstock is a weak person and a terrible candidate. She is fine when everything is fine and dandy, but soon as a problem comes up, she runs for the hills. The best thing she could do for LoCo is to resign. She has no business being in the kitchen if she cannot take the heat.

It would be delusional to think that individual attendees at any community event wouldn’t have their own thoughts or goals or shared personal perspectives had Rep Comstock scheduled a townhall herself.

The organizers did a good job expressing that the purpose was about being heard and discouraging grandstanding. While of course there were a few “sassy” participants, the event was overwhelmingly respectful, not rowdy and allowed people to express their concerns in an open forum.

I hope Rep Comstock herself will realize that this event was born out of a desire to hear her responses to other constituents in a sustained conversation which can’t really occur effectively in 15-20 minute meetings.

WesternSky, A man who, as President of the United States, intimidates and threatens the the press and wants to use libel laws to chilling effect to advance his political agenda is an enemy of the Constitution (First Amendment). A man who, as President of the United States, wants to deprive people of due process because of their religious affiliation is an enemy of the Constitution (Fourteenth and First Amendments).  A man who, as President of the United States, advocates torturing not only torturing people he calls “terrorists” (a word that seems to have a malleable definition) but their family members as well is an enemy of the Constitution (Eighth Amendment.)  A man who, as President of the United States, refers to a Federal jurist as a “so-called judge” and shows clear contempt for the courts is an enemy of the Constitution (Separation of Powers.)  A man who, as President of the United States, is attempting to use the office to enrich himself, his friends, and his family is an enemy of the Constitution (Emoluments Clause.)  These are just the clear and obvious things that are an affront to the Constitution.  I’m sure there are more bubbling just below the surface.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, who swore an oath “...to the best of (his) ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” is inarguably and demonstrably an enemy of that very same Constitution.

Sterlingguy01, thanks for the clarification.  While I still don’t like the specific quote and don’t think he could have made such comments in active service about his Commander in Chief, it makes more sense that he was talking conflict of interest.

To Virginia SGP’s comment, I think 28 years service to the United States of America entitles Col. Turner express his opinions on the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and President Trump’s decision to ignore it.  It may not have been apparent from the article, but that’s what Col. Turner was referring to.

this is awesome.  Thank you Loudoun for renewing my faith.  The right wing cranks who constantly leave their droppings at the bottom of every news story had me thinking maybe sanity was taking a holiday in our zipcode.   

Representative Comstock, put on your big girl pants and show up.  That is one of the reasons you get paid by us taxpayers.

Shameful. This is her first term and she is afraid to face her constituents. I want a representative who will answers my questions, without notes, and I want to see her face so I can see if she is being honest. I hope we have a better choice in 2018.

So “Indivisible” wants us to believe this was more than a dog and pony show.  Yet they have some guy get up and say the POTUS is the “chief enemy” of the Constitution.  Are you kidding me?  Not Iran or China or illegal immigrants or Obama passing EOs that bypass Congress or radical Islamic terrorism.  But the POTUS.

And then the guy with the “small blue book” asks if Comstock will vote for “the” impeachment apparently regardless of what the charges are.  Turner is a disgrace to Loudoun, the Air Force, and this country.  Such grandstanding personifies “Indivisible”.  Pathetic.

The United States provides its citizens with a foundation of rights and legal protection.  The right to public assembly and free speech is at the top of the list.  So, while I’m thrilled this group got together to communicate and share ideas, for the press to call this meeting anything other than a Democratic Rally is misleading.

Responding to this quote:  “What are you going to do to make sure they have the paths to citizenship they deserve?” Anyone in the US illegally does not “deserve” anything let alone “citizenship”, period.  How do the referenced people pay taxes is they are undocumented?  With a fake SSN?  If so, it’s a felony.  Maybe we will carve out some sort a legal path to stay in the country, but I think US citizenship and all the protection it provides should be completely off the table for anyone that broke the law to enter the county.

I also do not believe this is the strongest selling point for the DNC. 

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