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2013 Republican ticket: Cuccinelli, Jackson and Obenshain

If Virginia Republicans get their wish, Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain will be the commonwealth's governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, respectively, come January 2014.

Cuccinelli, currently the state's attorney general, today formally accepted the GOP nomination to be its gubernatorial candidate in November’s election.

Jackson, a pastor, businessman, attorney and political activist from Chesapeake, secured the lieutenant governor's nomination after four rounds of voting late Saturday at the party's convention in Richmond. The final ballot in the lieutenant governor's race featured Jackson and Pete Snyder, an entrepreneur and former Fox News contributor from Northern Virginia. Jackson and Snyder were the final two candidates in a field of seven for the state's second-in-command nomination.

Earlier in the day state Sen. Mark Obenshain, of Harrisonburg, won the two-man race for the Republicans' attorney general nomination. Obenshain earned the endorsement of Cuccinelli prior to the vote.

Vincent Harris, a conservative political strategist who served as the online director for Gov. Bob McDonnell's 2009 campaign, stated on Twitter the convention “nominated the most conservative ticket in a decade.”

Harris is the founder of Harris Media and the Northern Virginia-focused blog TooConservative.com, though he now operates out of Texas.

“What has happened to Virginia? When I left in 2005, [Virginia Transportation Secretary] Sean Connaughton [and former U.S. Rep.] Tom Davis were running the show,” Harris also wrote on Twitter.

Voters in Old Dominion will elect the Democratic statewide candidates in a primary June 11. Terry McAuliffe, a Northern Virginia businessman and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is unopposed for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

Aneesh Chopra, a former technology chief in the Obama administration, and state Sen. Ralph Northam (D-6th), a doctor, are vying for the Dems' lieutenant governor nomination, while state Sen. Mark Herring (D-33rd) and Annandale attorney Justin Fairfax, a former federal prosecutor, are seeking the nod for attorney general.

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Jehovah Jireh - You can keep any views you wish as long as the government represents the people equally and fairly that is all I care about. On that note I will never vote for people who push a religious point of view on the rest of us.

Separation of Church in state was a value given to us by a Virginian who wrote our constitution and was a founding father, Thomas Jefferson. It is as important today to keep religion out of government as it was then. It is tyranny to force your religious views on others who do not share them.

Fedupdude:  we’re just going to have to agree to disagree.  But while I’m tolerant of your political views, you seem entirely intolerant of mine.  While it may be “reality” that more and more people think homosexuals should be allowed to marry, I disagree and will vote only for candidates who will vote to keep marriage between a man and a woman.  I will not compromise my beliefs on the altar of “everybody’s doing it so get with reality.”  I believe I will have to answer to a higher power one day, and He is my Ultimate Authority.

Jehovah Jireh - You fail to address reality and make false comparisons to criminal acts. Nicely done at proving how irrational your political ticket is.

I don’t believe that human frailty and the sinful nature is ever a reason to give up on idealism.  If we gave up on idealism the slaves never would have been freed and the Nazis wouldn’t have been defeated.  Sexual sin is why we have depraved sexual traffickers dealing in little girls in Thailand (and even here in Loudoun County).  Should “false idealism” stop me from giving my money to groups that fight sexual trafficking? No way.  I’m glad not everyone gives up so easily as you do.  Maybe your mom never lectured you with the old adage, “If all your friends jump off a bridge, will you?”

Jehovah Jireh - I notice you are ignoring my points about how gay discrimination and the teen pregnancy rate in highly religious areas that also try to hide sex ed from kids. They don’t fit your false idealism so just ignore them?

Headline - “Contempt is not a Christian value -GOP candidate E.W. Jackson doesn’t speak for all Virginians of faith.”

“E.W. Jackson says he will make no apologies for past statements that might offend. . . He ought to apologize, though, to people of faith who do not share his intolerance. Even among believers who, like Jackson, call themselves Christian, there are those who do not want their beliefs to be associated with his narrow and often hurtful interpretation of the Good News. . . His disdain, bordering on hostility, for people who don’t share his moral view, should be a factor in how they cast their votes.”
from Roanoke Times editorial

I must have really struck a raw nerve with you guys.  So by pointing out the very obvious fact that AIDS, STDs, divorce, abortion, etc… stem from sex outside of marriage, I am a “ranting raving lunatic,” “insane,” and a “crackpot”?  Again, I have to point out that when you are faced with arguments you don’t like or apparently don’t have answers for, you resort to name-calling.  And just for the record, I do “preach” this kind of sermon to my family.  I tell my children that the best protection for their hearts, self-esteem and health is to wait until they’ve found a best friend to marry before they have sex.  Obviously they’ll have to make their own decisions someday, but I will have done my job as a parent.  I wish we had more leaders like Earl Jackson delivering the same advice—we’d have more kids growing up with two parents in our inner cities.

Jehovah Jireh…

You cite so many of society’s ills…you missed one.  The ranting raving lunatics that walk among us perfectly willing to inflict their insanity on the rest of the world at the drop of a hat.

May I suggest you focus on your OWN family and spare us the crackpot sermons.

Also its discrimination to deny gays equal access to the rights associated with marriage. Marriage is not created by or owned by religion and certainly no Christians. The church was not even involved in marriage until the 12th century and only then in the role of clerks writing the contracts. In the 14th century they started having mass as part of the service for only the well to do. All a common person did to marry was tell the local town officials and then they cohabited. The idea that god had anything to do with it back then is historically wrong and ignorant.

Jehovah Jireh - Your right the stats don’t lie. The bible belt has more of those social ills than the “godless” north. More use of abortion, more teen pregnancy, more people pushing to prevent sex ed and safe sex.

The 1950s had far more teen births and unwanted children than today as people tired to deny teens have sex. Studies even show in the 50s teen sex was far more common than today and people were more religious.

You are spouting pie in the sky ideals that are nothing more than wishful thinking. I prefer my politicians to deal with reality not some warped view of it.

Equity:  how do you know few are listening?  Do you have any statistics about the number of Christians in Virginia?  By the way, I love how you, Fedupdude, Troy McClure, etc… never want to debate anything or answer questions I raise.  Do you not have any answers of your own?  For instance, how do you know the Republican ticket will not appeal to the women of VA?  Do you have some statistics or focus groups backing you up?  And new businesses will absolutely come to VA if Cuccinelli makes it worth their while with tax incentives in our pro-business, right-to-work commonwealth.

Jehoveh hasn’t yet figured out that whether she or EWWWWWW is proselytizing, few are listening.

Fedupdude:  Out of touch with whose “reality”?  Yours?  God’s Laws trump man’s desires.  And let’s face it—His laws are to protect us.  The statistics don’t lie:  sex outside of marriage (whether it’s homosexual, adultery, pre-marital, etc…) leads to the majority of our society’s ills (AIDS, rampant STDs, divorce, single mothers, on and on and on).  You’re right—that’s how we’ve been living—and it’s wrong and the proof is in our disintegrating families, schools, and any semblance of personal responsibility.  Finally, how on earth is it “discriminatory or unconstitutional” to call homosexuality a sin?  I’m not asking for homosexuals to be deported or denied the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

@laughingNW, first off I’m not a democrat, grew up a Republican but the far right lunitics moved me more to the center. I’m not brainwashed by either party. I like less govt and death penalty, hate high taxes and think it’s a woman’s choice since it’s her body(a man should have no say period!). As a 1%, I’d never waste my money on politics since I think they all get in for thier egos and once in office, they all become corrupt. I have never had any politician ever ask for my opinion, odd since they claim to represent me/us… And I wouldn’t wast me time. I vote and usually anti incumbent, since I believe in term limits. The people that get nominated usually have money and want power. It would be funny if they added none of the above on every ticket to see what % dislikes both members…..

Jehovah Jireh said:

“Right Honorable, as a Christian pastor E. W. Jackson preaches consistently with the Bible that homosexuality is wrong (perverted, if you will) just as ANY kind of adultery or sex outside of marriage is wrong.”

Which is totally out of touch with reality and not just modern reality reality of the last 200 years of man and how he actually has lived. It is also discrimination and unconstitutional to try and force people to live under your religious views and why the guy is not going to win the election.

Jeepers, fun stuff here, don’t you know.  I guess if you want a little fun, just nominate someone for a pretty much do nothing office, who has a tendency to commit the foot in mouth OUTRAGEOUS set of comments, and watch the pot boil.  Clearly, this bodes well for the democrats.  No spin can save this one.

Right Honorable, as a Christian pastor E. W. Jackson preaches consistently with the Bible that homosexuality is wrong (perverted, if you will) just as ANY kind of adultery or sex outside of marriage is wrong.  He is absolutely right that Obama is kowtowing to Muslims here and abroad (a great recent example is Obama refusing to label the Ft. Hood murders by Nadal Hasan as terrorist attacks and instead calling them workplace violence).  And I can’t thing of a better comparison than the KKK for Planned Parenthood.  For years they have killed millions of babies—the majority of whom were minority babies.  If that’s not some kind of perverse racism I don’t know what is.  Earl Jackson isn’t afraid to hold a mirror up to our culture and call it what it is:  shameful.  He’s exactly the kind of no-nonsense, bold leader we need right now.

Here we go again ... the same crowd of disgruntled Democrats spending more time posting anonymous attacks on this web site than trying to find candidates to run for office, like “Right Honorable” and “More cowbell,” “Satchmo” and now someone named “TroyMcclure” . Hey, where is “Frank Reynolds?”  Boring , boring , boring.  Go out and do something useful for a change, like find candidates to run against Republicans if you hate them so much….Ho, hum!

Wow, I’m just learning who E.W. Jackson is.  If you managed to get “Rev.” in front of your name, is it suddenly acceptable to be a disgusting bigot?  So called Christians let this man run a church?

As Virginia voters become more aware of the positions that the new GOP Lt. Gov has staked out:  Gay people are perverted; Obama has muslim tendencies; Planned Parenthood is like the KKK; and on and on….  well, this ticket is unstoppable as a previous commenter noted, but in the same way that things seem to pick up speed as they circle the drain.

This Republican ticket will ignite every Democratic voter in the state and as was recently proven in our last statewide election—that’s enough to put an end to the GOP ticket.

Finally!  Maybe Obenshain now will have the clout to promote and implement his regulations on requiring woman to report all miscarriage or have them face criminal charges. 

Maybe someday the RVP will conduct a lessons learned clinic rather than waste time in closed convention sessions that act as echo chambers.

I’m a female and I love this pro-business, pro-family ticket.  However, if you do not agree with me that it’s a great example of leadership for Virginia, I won’t malign you by calling you a “loony,” as TroyMcClure does.  I’d rather debate on the issues.

GOP should be hoping that Bolling runs.  Only by splitting the rational vote does Cuccinelli and his merry band of culture warriors have a prayer…

The “three cups of tea” will not appeal to women or attract new businesses to VA.  Problems arose by going the convention route instead of a primary.

I wouldn’t underestimate Cuccinelli.  How can you say he has no appeal?  He consistently won a State Senate seat in Purple Fairfax County.  He also won a state-wide election for Attorney General.  With the Democrats nominating a buffoon for Governor, I think this will be a very close race.

I don’t know any females that would support this ticket. If Bolling runs as an independent, then the GOP is doomed.

As an Independent voter, I hate the ticket already. However, with Obama in office and doing very little to nothing, I can’t back a democrat in any office next go around. Although the BOS and School Board are MIA(or make stupid decisions) so they could change my mind back to voting Democrat. So it’s a lose lose election.

The moonbat ticket. Already the GOP was losing with just Cuccinelli now with Jackson its doomed.

Better hope 80% of the voters stay home.  The only Cuccinelli supporters out there were at the convention.  The man has zero appeal outside his base of loonies. 

His latest stance on FOIAs is just another example of why he is an awful candidate.

Agreed. Just when I thought the republicans were going squishy on me, there is a resurgence! EW is one great American, and he comes from such humble beginnings, one can once again believe that only in America can a foster child who’s family origins were rooted in slavery grow up to be the LG of the Commonwealth. America is the greatest beacon of light for those who pursue their dreams.

This trifecta will be unstoppable.

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