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2017 Election Results: Unofficial

Governor (statewide by percentage)

-Ed Gillespie (R) -- 45.4
-Ralph Northam (D) -- 53.4 WINNER
-Cliff Hyra (L) -- 1.1

97.7 percent precincts reporting

In Loudoun County, Northam took 59 percent to Gillespie's 39 percent.

Lieutenant governor (statewide by percentage)

-Justin Fairfax (D) -- 52.1 WINNER
-Jill Vogel (R) -- 47.7

97.6 percent precincts reporting

In Loudoun County, Fairfax took 58 percent to Vogel's 42 percent.

Attorney General (statewide by percentage)

-Mark Herring (D), incumbent -- 52.7 WINNER
-John Adams (R) -- 47.1

97.6 percent precincts reporting

In Loudoun County, Herring took 59 percent to Adams' 40 percent.

House of Delegates

10th District (by percentage)

-Randy Minchew (R), incumbent -- 48.1
-Wendy Gooditis (D) -- 51.8 WINNER

96.6 percent precincts reporting

32nd District (by percentage)

-Tag Greason (R), incumbent -- 41.4
-David Reid (D) -- 58.4 WINNER

100 percent precincts reporting

33rd District (by percentage)

-David LaRock (R), incumbent -- 55.3 WINNER
-Tia Walbridge (D) -- 44.6

96.7 percent precincts reporting

34th District (by percentage)

-Kathleen Murphy (D), incumbent -- 60.2 WINNER
-Cheryl Buford (R) -- 39.7

95.8 percent precincts reporting

67th District (by percentage)

-James LeMunyon (R), incumbent -- 42.1
-Karrie Delaney (D) -- 57.8 WINNER

95.2 percent precincts reporting

87th District (by percentage)

-John Bell (D), incumbent -- 61.9 WINNER
-Subba Kolla (R) -- 38

96.6 percent precincts reporting

86th District (by percentage)

-Jennifer Boysko (D), incumbent -- 68.8 WINNER
-Linda Schulz (R) -- 31.1

88.2 percent precincts reporting

Leesburg Town Council

-Josh Thiel -- 44.3
-Vanessa Maddox -- 47.2 WINNER

100 percent precincts reporting

Voter turnout in Loudoun County was 48 percent.

All results are unofficial until certified by the Virginia Department of Elections.


wwwebbs…I think you missed Dickard’s main point.  The incompetence and divisive approach Trump has shown us for 11 months brought on this Democratic jackpot of a night.  Quite a few of your “incumbents” were Democrats so why would a “toss out the GOP bums” night affect their races?

It’s pretty telling that Vogel did so badly where folks know her the most. 

-Tag Greason (R), incumbent—41.4
-David Reid (D)—58.4 WINNER

This is what happens when Republican Supervisors approve more and more housing units that allows leftist from Maryland, Fairfax, and DC to take up residence in Loudoun. Big vote total change between 2013 -> 2017 in the 32nd District.

The results are not surprising considering
-A deeply divided republican party
-An energized democratic party
-Although our country remains heavily polarized, the rural votes are becoming less relevant.  i.e. VA is clearly trending from a purple state to blue
-An extremely unpopular president and probably the biggest negative among the four factors (38% an all time low in the last 60+ years) 
Platforms of Fearmongering, Hate, and/or obvious signs of incompetence are definitely OUT.

Sorry Rick Deckard, I can’t really agree with your sentiment. There were 83 out of 103 incumbents re-elected. That is 80% of the incumbents remaining in office. Not really sure how that equates to “Pull[ing] the lever for the other party.”
What that tells me is the majority of the people in Virginia are happy with the way things are going.

congrats to gems - mostly a thumping!

Congrats to Dave LaRock WINNER

Fake News!

Virginia showed the rest of the country how you begin to end this national nightmare combination of incompetence, self-dealing, hatred, division and bluster. 

You pull the lever for the other party!

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