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29 apply for Purcellville town manager position

Purcellville's Interim Town Manager John Anzivino outlined plans for hiring a permanent town manager at the Jan. 23 Town Council meeting.

“Hiring a new town manager is viewed as one of the most important decisions the governing body will make. It is very important to make sure this process is done correctly,” said Anzivino.

The town has received 29 applications for the town manager job in response to a national recruitment effort. The applications are from 12 states and one foreign country.

The process will be completed in stages – beginning with a council committee review of the entire candidate pool. The pool will be narrowed to four or five candidates based on a review of their resumes and application materials.

Anzivino said by the week of Feb. 6 department heads at town hall will interview the identified candidates. Staff will not rank candidates or pick their top candidate – that will be done by council, he said.

During the week of Feb. 12, Town Council will interview the candidates for about an hour each outside of Town Hall. Interviews will also include a tour of the town for each candidate.

During the week of Feb. 19, final interviews will be conducted. Anzivino recommends the interviews last about 75-90 minutes. A list of 20 questions is being developed covering a broad range of topics, with follow-up questions if necessary. Each candidate will also provide a brief presentation on a topic to be chosen by council.

“The council should all participate in the process. We want someone who can communicate well with you and the community,” Anzivino said.

Background checks will be another part of the process, including credit, driving, academic credentials, and criminal and civil history.

There will be a final interview with the mayor and council involving one to three candidates in both formal and informal settings. Council will designate a representative to negotiate the town's final offer and employment agreement with the candidate. A final agreement will be approved by the Town Council, and an introduction of the new town manager will take place in an open session soon after the process is completed.

Anzivino said they aim to make an offer to the final candidate the first week in March and have a new town manager in place around the first week in April.

Purcellville has been searching for a new town manager since Rob Lohr retired at the end of June 2017. Alex Vanegas, who was director of public works, filled the position until he was placed on administrative leave in November pending the outcome of an independent investigation into town management and policies, among other items. Anzivino has served as interim town manager since mid-December.


more cowbell - Only after a private consultant reviews their resumes and then a private law firm reviews the decision of the private consultant.

I heard Herman Munster and Homer Simpson both applied. I wonder how long it will take for Purcellville to realize they’re not real?

Same reason people climb Mt. Everest…in fact, you could think of Purcellville as the Everest of town management challenges…

Problem is that you have the same cast of Bozos that’ll hire the manager.

Was one of the applicants named Bozo the clown? If so, I’m betting he has the inside track on the job. If he doesn’t get the town manager job though his fall back plan will be to run for mayor, where based on recent history, he will be the favorite.

Why wouldn’t you apply?  You’re on the job a week and get paid administrative leave.

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