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74,000-plus have signed up for health care in Va.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- More than 74,000 Virginians have enrolled in health plans through the federal insurance marketplace.

Figures from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that from Oct. 1 through Feb. 1, 28 percent of those in Virginia who selected marketplace plans were ages 18 to 34.

Sixteen percent were ages 35 to 44; 21 percent were ages 45 to 54, and 27 percent were ages 55 to 64.

Under President Barack Obama's signature health care law, the federal government operates the electronic system for Virginia and 35 other states.

The enrollment period remains open through March 31.


@Frank, Lasik is not covered under a flex spending account. $5K is not much for anyone raising a family in their 30’s. Perhaps if you’re single, $5K is a lot, but you didn’t have to do max amount. I voted for Obama for change(and that McCain seemed too old for the job, selecting Sarah didn’t help either), that is what he ran on. Unfortunately, he felt healthcare was top priority, not Economy/jobs. And because I’m ex military, I would have stayed up all night and done something during Benghazi debacle.

You seem to post more on snow days when schools and govt offices are closed.

Frank Crimes, sorry, I forgot about the CBO report; 2.4 MILLIONS jobs will be lost in the next ten years due to Obamacare.

No Fox talking points, just cold hard facts, Frank….  Popularity skyrocketed because low information voters thought it was going to be Free. 

Some of my favs:
You can keep your doctor.  Period! 
If you like your health plan, you can keep it.
Your premiums will go down $2,500
We’ve got to pass it to see what’s in it.

By the way, I’m glad you mentioned Lasik.  The cost of this procedure has decreased 70% since inception because it’s NOT covered by insurance.

Well Cowbell,
Luckily my large media company based in Virginia did not push the bill onto the worker and our health care rates rose a common level from the past few years.  I have a health spending account, but I think 5K a year is a bit much for health spending for someone in their 30s.  I dont think people should be getting Lasik tax free by the way.

Yes, more people will pay more to cover more people.  Luckily we dont live in an Ayn Rand Fantasy land.

I am not sure why you voted for Obama in 2008, I think like a lot of America you werent listening to what he was actually saying.  Thats the problem with elections, when people find out the actual details, they may not like who they are voting for (a la the poor white people in the south who continually vote GOP).

By the way, yes a corporation not LCPS- why do you have to be tarred a govt worker if you support schools).  Maybe I think tax breaks for Redskins park is more ridiculous then cutting school budgets for schools that cant keep up with the developments the BOS keep approving.

It must be another off day for LCPS because Frank is posting again. ACA has cost me about $4K this year already because higher premiums through work(yes, HR and Medical Ins blamed ACA for the 26% increase), my health care flex spending account was cut in half last year(from $5K to $2.5K per year), so more money taxed, co-pay $5 more this year and deductibles went from $2k to $5K per year per family. I have the same coverage as last year. By the way Frank, I’m an Independent voter(voted for Obama in 2008 but not 2012). I’m not brainwashed into the left or right. President should have 1 term for 6 years. Other federal govt politicians should be capped at 10 years max.

The wing-nut trolls are forced to take a sorta weird position on this news:  it’s great that so few people are covered by any form of medical insurance….really, you’re going to go with that?

Good luck convincing a plurality of voters that you have an agenda they can buy into…

Yes, lets cancel the whole darn Obamacare because the huge amount of people who are of the 18-21 years old group who are not in college and whose parents are dead?  Where do you all come up with these things.

Just look a the surveys from states currently enrolling people.  The popularity of the policies syrocket when it is not called Obamacare.  Which means the scaremongering is working, but the good policies coming from it are working to.

Wow, that is a very low number but not surprised because when I talk to people I know that doesn’t have medical Insurance, not 1 has signed up. A few assumed they were automatically enrolled(no sign up required), others started the process but it was too confusing and others didn’t care or don’t have any extra money to pay for it.

I wonder how many of those 74000 have actually paid? How would an 18-21 pay if they’re going to college and have no parents or parents have no Medical Insurance?

I know a lot of people Virginians who have successfully and easily purchased new health insurance through the Federal Exchange.  I’m referring to a couple dozen people ages 20-something to 40-something, all in different circumstances.  A few are just personal friends, but I know most of them because they are also local small business owners,  self-employed or independent contractors who, lacking access to group rates, were forced to pay high premiums in the past.  I purchased my new Anthem Blue Cross policy through the exchange and cut my monthly premium by 50%!  None of the people I know had their previous policies cancelled.  All of us just wanted better and/or more affordable insurance.  Since I own my own small business here in Loudoun County, I couldn’t get insurance on a group plan, so my premiums were expensive.  On the Federal Exchange website,  I was able to pick from 31 plans.  I selected one very similar to my 2013 policy that included similar deductibles and coverage, plus all my doctors “in-network.”  I expected to have trouble with the website, but it was incredibly easy and took very little time.  Then I expected to have trouble actually getting and using the insurance, but my card & policy documentation came within 10 days.  I have already used it a few times without the slightest difficulty.  My friends all had similar experiences. 

Obviously I have heard news reports to the contrary.  I hope the people having difficulties with the website or insurance company can work it out quickly.  It’s unfortunate that some people had previous policies cancelled.  I’m sure I’d be angry if that happened to me and now I had to pay more.  Change can be hard and it is clearly hitting some peoples’ wallets through no fault of their own.  I do believe it was the right thing to do to set minimum standards for health insurance, but clearly that caused some people to have to pay more.  Obamacare has been great for me and great for so many people I know.  I look forward to more progress eventually to deal with the underlying rising costs of healthcare that are not addressed by the AHCA.  The current law is far from perfect, but I am one of the people who campaigned for single-payer.  Obama let most of his base down by not even fighting for that.  Many of us were extremely disappointed.  However, given the resistance he faced from a GOP filled with immediate, undeserved, unprecedented hatred - with no goals other than to hurt President Obama and make him a “one term President” - I am now just incredibly thankful that we now have Obamacare.  I understand that many people detest the law and we obviously just have to disagree.  However it’s incumbent on those of us with personal, indisputable knowledge of Obamacare success stories to put that information out there.

How many of these are Old and Sick vs. Young and Healthy? If the young aren’t footing the bill, ObamaCare will die from the death spiral.

Or I can just join in and say that King Barry O and Hilary were too busy watching our soldiers die in Benghazi to notice the website didnt work. 

The truth is the Obamafails doesnt cover anybody, its a hoax to fund the left wing MSNBC machine that wants to make us a slaves to Obamas government.

I am disappointed this newspaper bought into the lies of Obamacare.  Nobody has paid and everyone who had their plans cancelled now will never have health insurance again…. ever!!!

How many got much better deals with better prices with more coverage after their shoddy policies were cancelled?

Thank you King Barack

How many FOX talking points are in the previous 3 posts.  You guys need to expand your horizons.

How many of these people had previous policies cancelled because of this program?

And how many were dropped because their policy didn’t comply with the EHB requirement due to this bad law?  thank you King Barak

That 74,000 figure is deceptive because that’s just how many people put a plan in their online shopping carts. The meaningful number is how many folks have actually PAID for plans, a number which the Feds continue to hold under wraps.

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