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Black to vie for 10th Congressional District seat

State Sen. Dick Black (R-13th) will seek the Republican nomination to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.-10th), NBC4 in Washington reported late Wednesday.

Many pundits have listed Black, who formed an exploratory committee to study a campaign for Congress almost immediately following Wolf's surprise retirement announcement, as one of the frontrunners for the GOP nomination, along with state Del. Barbara Comstock (R-34th). Comstock announced her own campaign for the seat earlier this week.

"I'm running," Black told NBC4. "I'm going to be running so we just have to get the papers filed and that type of thing."

The 10th Congressional District Republican Committee has yet to announce whether it will hold a primary or a convention to nominate its candidate.

A hard-line conservative and one of the fiercest pro-life advocates in the Virginia General Assembly, Black has served in the state Senate since 2012. He served in the House of Delegates for seven years before losing a re-election bid in 2005.

Comstock, meanwhile, was elected to a third term in the state house last November. She was a top Virginia adviser to Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign.

As for the Democrats in the 10th district, two-term Fairfax Supervisor John Foust (D-Dranesville) of McLean is considered the frontrunner in that race which also includes Leesburg architect and author Sam Kubba (D) and Fairfax attorney Richard Bolger (D).

Foust officially kicked off his campaign last week with a fundraiser.

Prince William Times Staff Writer Dan Roem contributed to this report.

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As with every election with an extremist candidate, the key is turnout to overcome the rabid base.  Black won his last race because turnout was in the toilet.  In 2012 and 2013 with healthy turnout, his newly adopted district was a tinge of blue.  Hardly an area that is safe for an extremist social conservative. 

Coming off an election where Loudoun went for Terry McAuliffe and Cuccinelli and Co. were walloped in Fairfax County, you’d think the GOP would be more intelligent than to run another one of these kind of candidates.

Frankly I’m sick of going into an election cycle knowing I’ll be voting for “anyone but…”.  With some of the other GOP names, I’d like to learn more.  I don’t vote for candidates like Dick Black.  For once, give me a solid fiscal conservative who lays off the religion and moral crusades.

Nothing lib or con about it, just unimpressed w/ theatrics. Reputation precedes him, regardless of office. Articles fr. 2011-2012 say it all w/ “eager to hurl insults” actions. Read he’s considered “new Akin.”

What props & theatrics would Black throw around US Senate?

You’re a typical Lib, Equity. Eager to hurl insults without even realizing that the vacant seat is for the U.S. House of Representitives, not the U.S. Senate. I understand the confusion, however, as Frank Wolf has only been a Congressman for….34 years.

What props & theatrics would Black throw around US Senate?

Let’s nominate someone who can win, someone who has a legislative record, someone who has military experience, someone who is a real conservative. Let’s nominate Black. Too many elections have been lost by supporting the “electable” moderate. Remember Romney?

Just because I don’t “want to fight a parking mess and give up the better part of a Saturday waiting to cast one vote at a convention,” doesn’t mean that I won’t. I’ll have to wait and see.

I’m actually ambivalent about conventions. On the one hand, I like that my vote carries a lot more weight than in a primary. But on the other, asking somebody to give up a day of pay (yes, some of us do work on Saturdays)to cast a vote is an awful lot to expect and a relatively high price for democracy.

If it were just a matter of showing up, casting a vote and leaving, it would be one thing. But at the “special meeting” held recently to nominate John Whitbeck for state senate, I had to wait in line for an hour and a half just to register, and then sit in the auditorium for another hour and a half before finally receiving a ballot.

While I’m willing to accept some inconvenience to exercise my voting rights, there is a point when that inconvenience becomes exclusionary.

Dick Black is a Saint? Are we electing a Pope or a Congressman? I really like Senator Black, but I think Delegate Comstock fits the District and can win. Let’s go with the Buckley Rule, nominate the best conservative that can win.

LTM is correct when it effectively describes Black as the most conservative. He is also a gentleman and a saint. Moderates always fear conventions. Black also has military and foreign affairs experience. With an extremely liberal White House, and a GOP establishment drawn into statement, Black has the experience to effect positive reform in areas that matter to real people.

Chris N, Therein lies the problem with conventions, we have just cut you off from participating. Not a good idea.

If it were a primary, I’d give the advantage to Comstock, who probably has a wider base. But if you’re judging by passion, the edge would go to Black supporters.

While I’d consider myself undecided at this point, I am quite decided that I don’t want to fight a parking mess and give up the better part of a Saturday waiting to cast one vote at a convention.

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