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Chairman York stays the course

Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) plans to seek re-election in 2015 and believes some of the recent actions by Loudoun County Public Schools are “freaking ridiculous,” York told the Times-Mirror in an April 21 interview.

Throughout the half-hour conversation, the four-term chairman highlighted progress the current board, consisting entirely of Republicans, has made in the areas of transportation, streamlining local government and bolstering the county's economic development efforts.

“We, right now, I think, finally have the Department of Economic Development with the best team we've ever had from the top to the bottom,” York said. “We are still attracting data centers in here, that's helping with the expansion of our commercial tax base.”

Growing Loudoun's commercial tax base has been an ubiquitous initiative and talking point of the current board. The end game, supervisors say, is to draw big-industry tax revenue and, consequently, limit the tax burden on local homeowners.

“The attitude we hear from the commercial industry is so much different than where we were three years ago,” York said, noting expedience in the granting of permits and site-plan approvals. “It's just been amazing.”

Continuing with what he views as successes, or at least steps in the right direction, York said some of the most essential congestion-relief transportation projects – improvements along Route 606, Gloucester Parkway and Waxpool Road – are making headway.

York's board's hard-line approach to low taxes sparked outrage in recent months as supervisors deliberated on how much funding to allocate to Loudoun County Public Schools. While the board opted not to fully fund the LCPS budget, it did increase local funding by tens of millions dollars year-over-year.

York defended the decision to leave a funding gap between the LCPS budget and the county's allocation, saying this year's nearly $70 million increase from last year is likely the largest increase in county history.

The chairman criticized school officials and advocates for their lobbying techniques, which he called “emotional blackmail” earlier this year.

“[LCPS management] is out there sending 6,000 pink slips to teachers and telling people they're going to cut this and do this and close the small schools … they have got plenty of money to keep current programming and open up the schools that they have coming on line and still give a 3 percent raise. This is freaking ridiculous,” York said.

York did not shy away from condemning his colleague Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), who has been the subject of a special grand jury investigation and is currently fighting off a recall petition signed by hundreds of his constituents.

Delgaudio was not indicted by the special grand jury looking into whether he misused public assets, but the case and other inflammatory comments from Delgaudio are frequently reported on in traditional and social media.

“I'm just more disappointed in the conduct of one member that put us in the situation of having the community more reflective on his actions as opposed to the good work I think this board has done,” York said.

When asked what he enjoys in his free time – weekends, for instance – York half-jokingly said, “You're assuming I have weekends?”

“I'm involved in a lot of church work. So that really consumes most of my time,” York went on to note.

Charitable giving and community involvement is what York seems to most cherish, York's aide Robin Bartok chimed in to say.

Bartok reflected on a project in which York helped raise money for an initiative at local Discovery Elementary School.

“When we left, he called me and goes, 'That was so much fun. I just wish every day could be like that,'” Bartok said.

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And funny how this guy found $800K from a surplus fund to put towards Synthetic turf field @PVHS, that his kids graduated from. When does my HS get $800K towards synthetic turf field? or the other 8-9 High Schools that have grass fields?????

I haven’t voted for this guy because he brings nothing to the table. He can’t be trusted. Probably the most corrupt on the BOS, currently and past. I’m an Independent voter.

Also next time anyone is near the Dulles Town Center look across the street from Haverty’s and that Japanese restaurant.  They removed all the trees and a HUGE apartment complex is going up. I believe about 600 units (or 1,200 cars possibly). That is on top of the Parc Dulles that opened up a few years back with about 500 units ( or 1,000 cars possibly).

I will have to say there have been some infrastructure improvements since I moved here about a decade ago.  Route 28 used to be stacked with traffic signals every couple miles (if that). Now the only traffic signal is near the 66.

Waxpool has been widened as well. Route 7 got a couple interchanges (River Creek and Loudoun Cty Pkwy.).

I will also say that much more needs to be done. These improvements have put a very small dent in the traffic issues.

I’m not sure who votes for him.  Look around.  Anyone who has been on the Board or Planning Commission in the last two decades should be ashamed.  Awful development planning.  It should be a case study for urban planning classes on what not to do.

Got to love that if you criticize a politician, that you must be a member of the other party.

Are we supposed to all be robots and shrills for our parties now?

York is a joke (and most likely a crook, if we had the local news reporting of days gone by).  The shadiness in this county has no ends.

Lets not forget the early 2000s All GOP board who got voted out for corruption.

Heck the supervisors are openly gloating about their free Redskins tickets.

How about the traffic on Rte 7 going into Leesburg and out to Purcellville. Also, build an alternate highway so we dont have to pay the Greenway Fees of 11- 12.00 dollars for a round trip.  That will force the greenway to bring their prices in line of something reasonable. Right now, they have no reason to and apparently our leadership is okay with that as well. 

Traffic is disaster on Rte 7, Rte 28 onto waxpool, Rte 7 to Lucketts, and Purcellville. Do something about the traffic.

Also, manage building of new homes, etc… in a responsible way.

It will only get worse. I read a while back ago that 104,000 residential units are approved for the long term plan. When/if they break ground is a different story.  That potentially means and extra 400,000 people (on top of the already 330,000 approx.) Fairfax County has about 1.1 M people currently.

But wait…Silver Line will solve all our traffic problems ! (Sarcasm)

The residential growth has gotten the, into this situation. Now the BOS will try to use commercial growth to balance it out. Poor planning on the part of the BOS. To quote comment from a lifelong resident of Loudoun while driving thru Ashburn, he said it looks like they turned Loudoun into New Jersey. They should have taken a look and the ridiculous multi-million dollar school costs, transportation infrastructure, etc. let’s clean house next election. Purcellville will clean house on May 6.

Man there are some ignorant people that comment here! Chairman York has done a great job. “Frank Grimes” has lost his mind. Must be a democrat.

How much in county money is going to tax breaks for baseball stadiums and not money going to schools?

How was Germany on your baseball trip Scottie boy!

Does Scottie boy enjoy the Redskins games that he bought with 500k of county money?

He knew about Delgaudio for months and did nothing.

When you are stuck in traffic on route 7 everynight, thank Scott York.

When you drive by every commercial building on 7 that is empty, thank Scott York.

When he closes the doors to public comments for backdoor deals by the BOS, thank Scott York.

Why do people still vote for him?

Seriously, how many bribes has he taken from developers over the years?

How much did his “baseball” trip to Germany cost with the owner of the non-existent Hounds?

Vote him out

I disagree with Chmn. York that what the School Board did was necessarily ridiculous.

I can think of two reasons that might have motivated Chmn. Hornberger to propose school closures: first, it created a “budget target” against which other cuts could be directly compared, both in cost and value; and second, it energized a LOT of people who were, perhaps, not paying enough attention to what was going on.

He may simply have been on the wrong side of that particular issue, but it’s not ridiculous to believe that his leadership could be that sophisticated.

A similar motivation may apply to the “pre-RIF” notices sent to all of the teachers. Was there a better way to get the attention of every teacher in the county, some of whom may have been keeping their silence due to concern about repercussions?

Some may suggest that everything in politics is blame-shifting and finger-pointing. It’s wise to consider the possibility that some people may not behave the way you would in the same situation.

What I think was “freaking ridiculous” was Chmn. York saying on WMAL this morning (and I quote): “When you show up, I guarantee politicians listen”, when at the end of the public hearing at which the BOS adopted the county budget and the property tax rate, the BOS made it clear that (paraphrase) “we don’t have to listen to anybody, even a super-majority, in making out decisions. Your only voice is your vote.”

Good luck with that vote next time, Chmn. York.

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