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A state budget void of Medicaid expansion appears in sight

Following a months-long impasse on state budget negotiations, members of the General Assembly plan to return to Richmond Thursday to finalize a budget that will take effect July 1 and end the prospect of a government shutdown.

Lawmakers are expected to approve a budget that will not include Medicaid expansion, according to state Del. Tag Greason (R-32nd). The Medicaid issue has been the sticking point in budget talks, with Republicans opposing expansion and Democrats in favor.

The apparent resolution was spurred by the resignation Monday of Democratic state Sen. Phil Puckett, which shifted control of the upper chamber to the GOP. A prospective $1.5 billion revenue shortfall also added a level of urgency to the budget debate, several lawmakers noted.

Puckett's resignation has brought on a hazy future for first-year Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), who may now be faced with a Republican-led Senate and House of Delegates.

-Trevor Baratko


@fedupdude, welcome to corruption in politcs, done all the time by both parties. Glad Cantor was ousted, hope all other incumbents are ousted too.

Puckett was bought off. The Republicans bribed him and he took the bride. Hooray for corruption and greed.

Finally. The hostage situation over the budget, created by this radical left wing Governor, is now over. We can get back to our normal lives.

Something doesn’t sound right about this. Pucketts’ resignation came just at the right time for Republicans. I wonder how that happened!!

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