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A timeline, roundup on the Eugene Delgaudio issue

Mr. Delgaudio is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 4 to demonstrate why he should not be removed from office. Times-Mirror File Photo
The Eugene Delgaudio case has remained fluid in the five days since a group of Sterling residents and Democrats filed a petition in Loudoun County Circuit Court to remove the controversial Mr. Delgaudio from his post as Sterling's representative on the Board of Supervisors.

Here's a timeline of the week's key points:

-Monday, Jan. 27: A group of Sterling residents, many of whom are part of the anti-Delgaudio group “Sterling Deserves Better,” file a recall petition in Loudoun County Circuit Court to remove Mr. Delgaudio from office. The residents and their legal representative, attorney John Flannery, list as reasons Delgaudio's alleged “misuse of office” and “incompetence." The petitioners say Delgaudio's actions have negatively impacted the function of county government.

-Tuesday, Jan. 28: Loudoun County Judge Burke F. McCahill orders Mr. Delgaudio to appear in court to exhibit why he shouldn't be removed from office. While the judge initially set the date for Feb. 5 at 4 p.m., the hearing has been moved up to Feb. 4 at 9 p.m.

-Wednesday, Jan. 29: Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman, a Republican, made known his intent to request a recusal from the case, something expected by legal representatives of both Mr. Delgaudio and the Sterling Deserves Better group. Mr. Plowman will formally ask to be recused Feb. 4.

-Wednesday, Jan. 29 and Thursday, Jan. 30: Mr. Delgaudio goes on a media blitz, granting interviews with several local news stations. Mr. Delgaudio reaffirms that he has broken no laws and claims his constituents are "getting the best Sterling District Supervisor possible right now -- and every day.” The four-term Sterling supervisor says the petition is a baseless attempt by his critics to have him ousted.

-Tuesday, Feb. 4: Mr. Delgaudio is scheduled to appear in court to demonstrate why he should not be removed from office. A judge may decide at this time whether to dismiss the case or take it to a trial.

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Here’s my question for Eugene:

Donna Mateer, county employee, asserts under oath that she was instructed by Delgaudio to call the infamous Igor List to set up campaign fundraising calls.

Delgaudio denies this by saying he was raising money for the Lower Loudoun Boys Football League.

LLBFL asserts they knew nothing about the fund raising nor did they get any cash from this unknown effort.

Two Igor List members received calls from Donna and accepted meeting invitations from Delgaudio.  Under oath they both say Delgaudio said nothing about youth football and they had little doubt the meeting was to raise cash for the Delgaudio re-election campaign.

Mr. Delgaudio, how is this “fundraising effort” not a mis-use of county resources and personnel?  Why did you cover up the effort by stating it was about LLBFL?

I still haven’t figured out how Delgaudio clings to the “I did nothing wrong” defense when he demonstrably did do something wrong. What he means is “I have not been charged with any wrongdoing.”  And anyone paying attention knows that he wasn’t charged because he got out from under the indictment on a technicality.   

What he did was wrong, as the grand jury pointed out.  He just couldn’t be charged under Virginia’s very weak ethics laws.

If it is about governance then the judge throws the whole thing out. If it’s about politics then onward we’ll go.

Someone please reassure me that absolutely no taxpayer money is going to Delgaudio for defending himself.  He’s stolen enough from the taxpayers of Loudoun.

I am going out on a limb here, and state the obvious.  You don’t want to fall out of a tree.  The ground is very hard.  Notice I said “the ground.”  Why is it that, when a bunch of people sign a petition because they are concerned about their elected official, and the citizens what good government, that descriptions like “democrats file recall petition” get used.  Sure.  Party politics is played by both sides.  But, that does not mean that only “democrats” stand for good government.  Oppppppppppps, maybe only democrats really do stand for good government.  Man, is that ground hard!

Who is paying the fees for Flannery?

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