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About 216K in Va. sign up under health overhaul

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Federal officials say roughly 216,350 Virginians picked health plans in the new insurance marketplace created by President Barack Obama's health care law.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released the final enrollment figures on Thursday.

The federal data shows that many Virginia residents who have obtained coverage are older, though about 39 percent are under age 35. More than half are women, and 82 percent are getting financial help to pay their monthly premiums.


Some on here are a hoot. Now hear this, both parties are corrupt and can’t be trusted. To the far left, if ACA(Obamacare) is so great, why are so many dems running trying to distance themselves from it??? To the far right, get off the social issues. And come up with alternatives to ACA. Pre existing conditions should never be a reason for someone to not be covered. However, nobdoy should get free health care…

Fair & Balanced - when tax cheat, racist, ‘welfare cowboy’ Bundy elevated to patriot status 4 wk?  Faux can’t deny ACA facts, tries re-spinning Benghazi like washer agitator.  Surprised Faux hasn’t blamed Obama 4 Malaysian crash yet?

216k >twice McDonnell’s prediction of 100k.

SWSWSW - You don’t seem to understand what facts are. In fact no one major disaster predicted by the right has come true about the ACA. The CBO has shown it is saving households money; it is costing government less than expected, it is not killing jobs in fact all the threats of moving people part time to avoid the ACA have not happened, those major corporation have in fact hired record amounts of full time work; and millions of more people are now insured.

Thanks for proving our point SWSWSWSW.

No substance.  Just silly names and generalities and claim that your a “business owner”.

Nice comeback

Ah, you guys on the Left (FrankCrimes, westloudmouth, fedupgal…. all you do is complain about Fox news…..  All you do is complain about talking points, blah, blah, blah.  The facts are the facts.  Obamacare is a disaster no matter how you slice it.  You can’t claim any bending of the cost curve because the real impact hasn’t yet been included in the results because it just started 1/2014.  The “real” impact will be coming, and it “ain’t” pretty.  Try running a business and you’ll see.  :-)

Funny how the anti-obamacare people get a few posts in with their theories and dont post when reality is shoved in their face

Actually anyone watching 24/7 news is fairly ill informed; there have been lots of studies on this. Most informed people listen to NPR or watch BBC.

I have found that most people that believe faux news is in fact faux news are too bindsided by their bias to distinguish faux from fact.  Instead try all news sources to get a far more reaching understanding of all things.  Each network whether conservative or liberal have both positive and negative qualities - not much different than the conservatives and liberals that post here.  Being fair & balanced can be a good thing.

Imagine the intelligent discussion that could occur on this topic if only one “faux” news network went off the air for a couple of months.  Reading some of these posts is like reading a summary of the ridiculous talking points from that faux news network.

What exactly had been destroyed to get more people covered as some are claiming? Health care inflation is at the lowest rate in 20 years, far more people are covered, costs are actually deflating in some sectors, even the CBO said its estimates were way too high.

Oh, it’s so good that Mass. just announced (the model for Obamacare) the Romneycare is going to be scrapped.
Oh, it’s so good all the Dems are running from it.
Oh, it’s so good that there are still 30 million uninsured.
yadda, yadda, yadda

Hey SWSWSWSW: ” I thought this was going to lower the amount of uninsured? “


tort reform, selling insurance across state lines, hospital reform blah blah blah - same old GOP boilerplate.  Where is the GOPS plan again, its been 4 years!!

So how does everyone attribute the drop of % of uninsured dropped to its lowest since 2008?

Magic I guess?  Phony numbers??

Obamacare is working. Which is why the government shutdown, because the GOP feared it would.  Now the polls may show that the name Obamacare may be toxic, but people support the policies and they are working for people, especially the poor.

If you think tort reform would have dropped the uninsured rate this quickly, you are dreaming.

Obamacare wasn’t a fix.  It was a take over of the health care system.  We could have tried tort reform, selling insurance across state lines, hospital reform, etc.  But we had to destroy the healthcare system to enroll 200k in Virginia instead.  How many lost their policies?  I thought this was going to lower the amount of uninsured?  If ACA is so great, then why are more people disapproving it as time goes on?  Why does the Administration keep postponing parts by fiat.

Seriously.  What is it that conservatives find so vile about our country trying to fix a serious problem with health care delivery?  If it doesn’t work well, shouldn’t we all want to find ways to improve it so it does achieve the goal?  Really, you want a friend or neighbor to not have health care coverage?  Why? This nation has the worst record on health care availability of industrialized nations.  That doesn’t bother you?

It’s not Deluded or Tricked—try by force of law. 

Wondering if Right Honorable would be happy to sign up, and pay, for Obamacare.

Go check and see if your provider, hospital, oncology center, etc. etc, is actually in the network.  Oh, and wait until you see the 2015 premiums.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory and fine people if they don’t do it. And then keep extending the deadline for months. It’s like a Cinderella story.
Jimmy Fallon

And of course there is no way to know whether any of the 216K had medical insurance previously because those in charge didn’t think that number was important. For all we know, all 216K might have had insurance and was dropped because of the minimum requirements.

So how many of the 216k paid their premiums? And how many had health insurance they were happy with before the government “helped” them?  Surely this information is available yet somehow undisclosed? 
Hmmmm.  I wonder why…...

How many of these folks previously had policies which they couldn’t keep and were forced to sign up for Obama Care?

Please, let’s hear from our right wing nut friends.  What are we to make of these 216 thousand Virginians?  Deluded? Tricked?  or maybe just people who are happy to finally be able to get health insurance…

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