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Academies of Loudoun opens admissions process

Courtesy Photo/LCPS.org
The Academies of Loudoun admissions window is now open for fall 2018 admissions through the Academies’ website.

The Academies is accepting applications until noon Sept. 21 for the Academy of Engineering and Technology (AET) and Academy of Science (AoS) programs.

Construction crews have begun site improvement work on the facility off Sycolin Road. According to an LCPS presentation, the building structure is complete. Significant mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is ongoing inside the building.

Commuters driving down Sycolin Road will likely see crews installing stone retaining walls, light pole bases, final grading and paving of the bus loop, the beginning of sidewalks and landscape work.

Once completed, the 300,000-square-foot facility will house AET, AoS and C.S. Monroe Technology Center programs fall 2018.


One has to wonder why David would bring up the idea of a lottery since admissions has always been by application and qualifications.  He is in the record for bashing the entire schools system and even the fundamental concept of public education.  This seems a poor attempt to criticize the schools for something they actually do quite well.

Admission by lottery was discussed several years back…in the lead up to the bond referendum to the Academy circa 2013/14.  At the time, I critiqued it for being a ridiculous method to admit kids to a top tier academic facility but doubted it would stick.  Like bundling school bonds together to get them to pass, it was another method by the Boards to get the votes they wanted.

David - I’ve read several articles on the Academy and not one mentions a lottery.  They all do however, mention the overwhelming number of kids that apply and the limit number that are admitted due to the available classrooms space.

David, I haven’t heard that one before.  All three schools (MTC, AOS, and AET) have always had an intense application process.  I would never assume that to change just because they will housed in a new building.

David, you should know that the Academy of Science has been operating for several years already, on merit basis, using space at Dominion High School in Sterling.

What admissions process?

When this thing was sold to Loudoun residents, we were all told by LCPS that the Academies would admit students BY LOTTERY.

Are you telling me that LCPS lied to people in order to get them to believe that all kids would have the same chance just so they could get people to vote them the $$$ for the school?!

I’m shocked LCPS would tell such a bold faced lie.


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