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Advisory panel backs toll rate hike on Dulles Toll Road

An advisory committee is recommending a series of toll increases on the Dulles Toll Road that will provide funding for the new Silver Line.

The Dulles Corridor Advisory Committee endorsed a 50-cent toll rate increase in January 2013, to $1.75 at the main plaza and $1 at the ramps. The committee also recommended a rate of $2.50 at the main plaza in 2014, keeping the ramp toll at $1, and a rate of $3 at the main plaza and $1.50 at the ramps in 2015.

The committee also asked that the 2015 toll rates be re-examined at a later date, before they go into effect.

While acknowledging that “no one wants to see the tolls go up,” Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Sharon Bulova (D-At large) said the increase is necessary to fund the new rail line, which has broad support.

Bulova and County Executive Ed Long represent Fairfax on the advisory committee, which also includes the Loudoun County board chairman and county executive, Virginia transportation officials, and representatives of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. The Dulles Corridor Advisory Committee is designed to provide formal, local input to the airports authority, which manages the toll road and the rail project, as well as the region’s two airports.

The proposed toll increases still are less than they might have been without a $150 million contribution from the state, Bulova noted.

“What we were able to recommend today was a whole lot lower than what we would have been looking at if there had not been a contribution from the state,” she said. “I am hopeful that we will continue to identify other sources of revenue to keep tolls down.”

The airports authority board will make its final decision on the toll rates at its mid-November meeting.

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living in loudoun for over 25 years and being here when we told the DTR would go away once it was paid for should have ended there. Instead, people driving on the DTR are being charged more to pay for something most will never use. As for the Greenway, Virginia got up front money to allow a private company build it so not much a private citizen can do except not drive on it, which is what I do.

How come the metro riders aren’t paying more to help pay for silver line? What about DC and Md’s share since they’ll benefit and if they won’t benefit, then why do they have board members on MWAA having a say??? What about both airports charging an extra fee, since they’ll benefit too? MWAA is a bloated group that can spend freely which equates to wasted taxpayers money/fees just going down the drain. I bet we could get rid of half their workers/board members and not miss a beat.

Loudoun County - you wanna turn your last sentence around and aim it at the Greenway (a private sector owned toll road that is raising its tolls and operating an “un-fair” 1-price fee system) and tell me what the difference is then??

So what’s your alternative - if the private sector seeks a profit over service, and you claim the federal government takes your voluntary toll fee and uses it like an addictive drug, presumably with no output (though you’re wrong, since the money from teh toll rate increases is being sunk right into building the METRO Silver Line)...who is supposed to build communal infrastructure for our society??

The foxes are guarding the hen house. York and Bulova have too many campaign contributions from a few developers to be concerned with the constituents they are supposed to protect. The proposed toll increases will strangle traffic on local roads, and stifle the economy in Loudoun and NW Fairfax. Sign the petition to tell our elected officials to start representing us and take the toll road back from MWAA. www.noTOLLincrease.org

2013-50 cent
2014-75 cent
2015-50 cent
who said bigger tolls aren’t better?
Should this be a ballot issue?

And probably a few if any of the current and past BOS ever commuted outside Loudoun, So they don’t give a rats a$$ about how much Loudoun taxpayers pay for tolls(DTR or Greenway). I bet round trip metro to Tysons will cost more than tolls so highly doubt it will help with traffic in northern va.

@mowpar, How come people riding the metro aren’t paying an extra fee??? yeah, federal govt should pay more, unsure if VA should. However, MWAA should have nothing to do with DTR and the dulles toll road drivers shouldn’t be paying anything extra for the silver line. The airports, which seem to benefit should be paying extra too. It’s a shame we have elected officials that lack common sense. They should have had a plan on how to pay before they even started. This is a make the rules as they go. Of course it’s free to use the airport access road which is what I do.

For those who drive both and wonder why the rates are so different, don’t worry, soon they will both be sky-high.

Apparently plenty of the readers have not followed this story at all over the past year, nor do they know who the difference between the Dulles Toll Road and the Greenway.  Surprise, the least informed comments come from the “use another road” crowd who consistently post garbage here.

If the state of Virginia and the federal govenment fully funded this project there would be no toll increase.  How else do you expect MWAA to pay for it?  If you dont like paying the tolls uses a alternate route.

What a joke of a committee. I read the reason for having DC and Md reps on MWAA board was for DC metro area’s interest, how come DC and md aren’t paying for the silver line since many from those area will use it? This is one of the biggest clusterfuc& of our region. And to make matter worse, they’re sticking it to people that will never use the silver line(OK, maybe 10% will use). Another example of our corrupt leadership throughout the federal, state and local levels.

SkidRow - It is a public road; the green way is a private road. The toll road was built with a bond that has to be paid back but was not a private road.

Did you know that the Airport Authority is facing a lawsuit over the tolls? Under VA law it looks like it might be illegal to use the funds for anything other than paying the road off; seems the senate only has the power to create a tax and upping the cost of the road to pay for metro is a tax not a toll under the law.

If you don’t like the Toll, stop using private roads. There are free public roads you can use.

I don’t plan on using Metro Rail;  it sucks.  It’s overcrowded and the maintenance is sketchy.  And when the toll road rates go up, I’ll stop using that.  Luckily, I don’t work 30 miles from where I live.

Surprise!  No one saw this decision coming.  I can’t wait to pay more for something I’ll never use.

Of course a toll increase is supported by the advisory board. If you can force someone else (toll road users) to pay for something they aren’t using, why wouldn’t you do it? A small fraction of taxpayers will pay for an asset that will be used by all. Unless you have to show a toll road receipt to use the metro, of course.

And how long will that 150 million keep tolls down? I guess they needed that 150 milllion for a slush fund for overages on phase 1. Somewhere I saw a 60 million dollar profit for the toll road last year and now they want to increase the earnings I guess. York never met a dollar of ours he couldn’t spend better then we can. Wasn’t the funding thought out before we opted in?

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