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Advocates come out in support of Ashburn’s Old Ox Brewery

Hundreds showed up last night to support Old Ox Brewery in its dispute with Red Bull over the brewer’s trademark. -Courtesy/Loudoun Chamber of Commerce
Advocates of Ashburn's Old Ox Brewery came out Thursday night to support the local business in its ongoing dispute with Red Bull over a trademark challenge the energy drink manufacturer filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office about 10 months ago.

Hundreds of supporters showed up, enough that some had to wait outside until others left. Due to Fire Marshal regulations, Old Ox is capped at allowing 140 people into their brewery at any one time.

The event was sponsored by the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, which hoped to bring people out to show solidarity with the brewer in opposition of the trademark case.

According to Old Ox's president Chris Burns, the brewery did everything it could to meet Red Bull in the middle, but some of the demands were too much.

Red Bull wanted Old Ox to refrain from using the colors silver, red or blue. They also said Old Ox should not exhibit any bovine creature in conjunction with the color red.

Burns wrote a letter to Red Bull, which subsequently went viral, bringing attention to the case.

Since then Red Bull has responded to Old Ox. The response reads, "Red Bull has not sued anyone. Brands, big and small, seek to protect their trademarks every day. All we are asking is to allow the administrative process at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to run its course and we remain hopeful that a fair settlement can be reached by both parties."

Burns' wrote, "Red Bull’s response downplays the severity of their actions against us. Basically, they’re saying “relax, this is just normal business.”

But it's not normal, Burns says, explaining that these settlements involve lawyers, motions, discovery proceedings and depositions.

A trademark challenge is not a lawsuit, which as Burns puts in the same post on the Old Ox website isn't necessarily a good thing.

"If this were technically a lawsuit, at least Old Ox Brewery would have some recourse in recouping legal fees against these frivolous claims. As it stands, however, there is no penalty for Red Bull’s filing frivolous trademark objections," he said.

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if by “no harm or any injustice” you mean having to spend time & money on legal representation instead of on expansion or improvements, then yes, no harm & no injustice

every small business open less than a year should be so lucky!

“The event was sponsored by the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, which hoped to bring people out to show solidarity…”


Red Bull gets to use big company procedures to protect it’s trademark by starting with an overly broad definition that will get trimmed back. 

Old Ox gets to play the tiny underdog and stroke public sentiment as a marketing ploy and hopefully get a big boost in sales.

I don’t see anyone harmed or any injustice ...yet.

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