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KKK fliers distributed again in Loudoun County

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and the Leesburg Police Department are working together to investigate the origins of Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers found by Loudoun residents this weekend.

This is now the fourth reported incident since October of KKK fliers being distributed in Loudoun.

Leesburg Police responded Saturday night to a couple reports of KKK material in plastic baggies at the bottom of driveways within the town limits.

Shortly after 9:38 a.m. Sunday, the LCSO was notified that KKK propaganda fliers, two containing a CD, were found in driveways in the area of 39000 block of Catoctin Ridge Street in Paeonian Springs, LCSO officials said.

At 10:56 a.m., residents notified the LCSO that more KKK propaganda fliers were located on various streets of the New Town Meadows community in Lovettsville. The fliers were located alongside driveways, near mailboxes and on sidewalks in the community.

The distribution of the fliers comes after Loudoun residents have publicly banded together against racial intolerance and the KKK. The McNamara family in Purcellville began an orange ribbon campaign to show solidarity and unity. Orange ribbons have taken root in Purcellville and spread east.

Saturday night, members of the interfaith community gathered for a service titled “Loudoun Spirits Sings” in response to the recent KKK leafleting campaign to spread the message of love, peace and unity in Loudoun.

Though law enforcement do not believe any individuals or households were targeted, the continued distribution of KKK literature has caused concern, fear and anger for Loudoun residents. Hundreds of residents shared these feelings at last month’s NAACP meeting with law enforcement officials.

Loudoun NAACP President Phillip Thompson said the fliers went after the NAACP, and when talking to a news crew with other local leaders at the corner of Washington Street and Edwards Ferry Road in Leesburg, a couple people called the group racial slurs as they drove by.

Thompson said the incident demonstrated why the community can’t ignore KKK fliers.

The LCSO asks anyone with any information or possible surveillance video to contact Detective Joseph Hacay at 703-777-0475 or submit a tip through the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office app. The Loudoun Sheriff app is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Disgusting how many liberals believe that there the actions of a fringe nutter justifies some sort of racial crackdown on the broader community.

Grow up. Nobody can control or influence the kooks who want to stir the pot. Make your speeches / wave your arms around / you are preaching to the choir.

Cindylou, take a deep breath. There is a Loudoun NAACP. In fact, they are referenced and quoted in every article regarding these flyers. No matter how much you want to believe it, there is not some underground network of thousands of racist rednecks with pitchforks and torches waiting to be incited by the NAACP. What you will find in Loudoun, are hundreds of thousands of people who despise racism and won’t be intimidated by the backwards thoughts of a very few, and certainly won’t be convinced to adopt those backwards views.

It’s facinating to see how naive so many people are. Do people seriously believe that law enforcement officials don’t have an idea by now whose doing this, kkk or not? With the technology available and with so many people who have video cameras outside their homes people still insist that law enforcement officials are clueless. I would hope that community leaders would understand this and not use these incidents to fulfill the need for much wanted attention. The community does not need to be misled into unwarranted fear. That sort of fear is what divides the community and whom ever is behind this is getting exactly what they want. They know what they are doing and they are playing leaders like a fiddle.
Fact of the matter remains that no laws are being broken. Instead of screaming and demanding law enforcement to do something realize they are doing what they can. Only a fool would think that this isn’t being watched and monitored closely. And until there’s reason to believe an act of terrorism is about to be committed or if any laws are broken there’s is NOTHING that law enforcement or the BoS can do except not give the fools what they want, attention and more division within the community.

NAACP needs to come to the Leesburg area and SET UP SHOP! Make themselves a perm. place among the “good ole boys & girls”  Those ugly demons won’t be able to stand it and they will slither out from under their rocks to bully the NAACP!

Okay, if they are just dropping stuff on the ground and it’s not addressed to someone then it’s littering and if you see it just please pick it up and trash it.  You are not breaking a law by picking up litter.  If you see who’s doing it please record their license number.

Throw them away & stop reporting it, you only encourage them & help them spread their message.

Cowards cower in the dark. Come on out in the daylight, even if you have to bring your little guns to show your manhood and put your ideals to the test.

Pardon my ignorance, but why are the police investigating? The article doesn’t make it clear why or if the material being distributed is illegal- just that it deserves the police effort. Although I wouldn’t be against prosecuting people for littering. The amount of stuff thrown onto driveways around here is obnoxious.

America, like a fish, rots from the head.  As I write this only 268 days till November 6 and we begin getting our country back on track.

You do not get to ignore that the Klanspeople have rights under the constitution. Whine if you will like the grandstanding politicians but don’t tread on their rights.

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