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After Danica Roem’s win, GOP lawmaker wants to end gendered titles

Danica Roem is the first transgender woman elected to the Virginia legislature. Courtesy Photo
The Republican leader of the Virginia House of Delegates wants to do away with the chamber's longstanding tradition of addressing lawmakers with gendered titles.

House Leader Kirk Cox told The Washington Post through a spokesman Tuesday that if Republicans maintain control of the House, lawmakers will be referred to as "delegate" instead of "gentleman" or "gentlewoman."

The statement came in response to questions about how Del.-elect Danica Roem, who is transgender, would be addressed.

Cox spokesman Parker Slaybaugh says Cox believes delegate is a more "timely and appropriate" term. Cox's office said he had been considering the change since shortly after he was chosen as the party's designee for speaker, which happened in February.

One of the longest-serving House Democrats called the decision "shameful."

Del. Kenneth R. Plum (R) says if Roem hadn't won, "we would still be doing the same thing."


I think people typically pick the pronouns they’d like people to use when referring to them.  Perhaps these open-minded Republicans might just wait to see what Ms. Roem prefers. 

Nah, better to make it yet another divisive moment in the culture wars…

How about addressing them as our corrupt officials…. Nothing really gentle about them.

Did you read the article?

The only reason the gender-neutral honorific “Delegate” is being lambasted is because it was proposed by a Republican. If a Democrat had suggested this, they would have heralded it as respectful and inclusive. Roem is not a woman, but rejects male categorization and pronouns. “Delegate” sounds like the perfect solution to get past the awkward gender identification and on to the pressing issues facing the commonwealth.

“Funny how conservatives are suddenly all about gender-neutral forms of address.”

They are?

Funny how conservatives are suddenly all about gender-neutral forms of address.

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