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Airplane noise complaints up at Reagan National and Dulles

Residents from across the Washington region have filed a record number of noise complaints for flights from Reagan National and Dulles International airports last year.

The Washington Post reports that residents made more than four times the number of complaints recorded in the previous year.

The newspaper also reports that those tens of thousands of complaints are coming from a broader geographic area than ever before.

Residents and some elected officials say that's driven by changes the Federal Aviation Administration made to flight paths at the regions three major airports.

Airport officials logged a total of 42,683 complaints about flights at National and Dulles in 2016. That's compared to just under 10,000 in 2015.


I was surprised that we could hear the airplanes from the nearby airport when we moved here.  Where can I file a complaint?  There needs to be a class-action lawsuit, noise pollution has to be at least as bad as mesothelioma.  I’d recommend that the airplanes land somewhere far away and then drive the rest of the way to the airport.

Funny how pacerguy00 talks about the problem of insulting people when all he does is insult people with every comment he posts.

Funny how some complain about jet noise but developers continue to build around the airports….And people continue to buy them. When I bought my house, I did research, schools, commute, airport noise, traffic noise, safety, and surrounding area to make sure new development/roads won’t run through my back yard and cost. I’m amazed at the number of houses that back up to major roads(Route 7, belmont ridge road) with all that traffic noise…If you build them, people will come but you can’t complain about noise after the fact, even if patterns change.

@DavidDickinson-“If I can’t prod a reaction, why bother posting?”

Clearly either too much Fox News has ruined your social skills or your parents/role models did you a disservice by not teaching you how to have fruitful conversations.

If you’re actually interested in another person’s viewpoint, you don’t begin a dialogue by insulting people. Instead of typing Breitbart into the google search bar, type the phrase “youtube teaching manners” and click the first result. No thanks needed.

If I can’t prod a reaction, why bother posting?

That said, the greenie weenies are a bunch of enviro whackos.  The ocean is rising .2mm.  We are Dooooooooooooooooooooooooomed!

More on point:

“The initial Area Navigation (RNAV) Optimized Profile Descent (OPD) Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) procedure was deployed at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) on August 6, 2012, as part of the Washington, D.C. Metroplex project.”


Step out of the Republican bubble and stop gaslighting yourself. The flight patterns were changed because it saves the airlines money on fuel costs. There are far greater environmental gains to be made by “enviro-whackos” by pushing for mass transit options like air freight and commercial trains over semi-trucks and single occupant vehicle usage.

Stop reading infowars.

David D.-  NextGen officially began taking form in December 2003 as part of the Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act, under President BUSH.  This is about economics and secondarily it helps the environment by using less fuel (you are welcome to breath jet exhaust all you want, but I happen to prefer less).  People are complaining now because the FAA moved the highways in the sky, with some residents getting less noise and some getting more.  State and local politicians who are being hammered with the complaints, are likely to use this to their advantage for their State or District.  Nothing wrong with that, and hopefully VA politicians will win the day.

Trump, wwebs, debbie, etc - you seem to only know your particular house. T

In Leesburg, the airplane noise has gotten worse over that last decade.  The town is pretty far from IAD but the evening and night time flights are loud enough now to wake the dog. 

Noise complaints get logged but nothing more.

I happen to love jet noise, so…

“...driven by changes the Federal Aviation Administration made to flight paths at the regions three major airports.”

I noticed several years ago that planes were getting lower and louder than when I moved to Loudoun (several miles from the airport).  The quoted snippet alludes to why that is but doesn’t explain it.

The enviro-whackos of the Obama administration decided that planes taking off lower and slower saved fuel and, therefore, the environment, the arctic, polar bears, and baby whales.  So, while I didn’t have a problem with the planes before, I do now because their flight paths have changed so they pollute less.

And developers want to build MORE housing right next to the airport.

when you build housing directly under the flight path at Dulles airport what would you expect…if you are buying in brambleton beware of low flying aircraft…

The only people who have any room to complain about jet noise are those who lived there BEFORE the airports were built.  Otherwise, you knew there was an airport there when you built/bought your house.
I saw the same whining and complaining in Virginia Beach when the whiners there were complaining about how the jet noise from Oceana Naval Air Station was ruing the resale value of their newly built homes. Oceana was built way out in VA Beach in 1943 so as not to disturb the residents of Norfolk.
Don’t like kids, don’t buy near a school. Don’t like floods, don’t buy near water. Don’t like jet noise, don’t buy near an airport. DUH!

When you moved here, you should have signed a piece of paper that said there is an Airport next door. If you have issues, why did you move here?

The State of MD politicians are being opportunist by going after two VA airports (DCA and IAD) because of noise complaints. And, why not?  The opportunity was created, because a few Potomac MD residents are bothered by airplane noise.  Sorry, but too bad Potomac folks with your McMansions.  It seems to me, this is about driving flights out of DCA and IAD, in order to push business up to BWI (there is just as much noise there, even though the bandwagon of complaints haven’t caught on yet).  This is all about MD politics taking what they can from DC and VA residents and businesses, or stopping MD residents from flying out of DCA or IAD.  Nice play Gov Hogan and Senator Cardin, now let’s see how well VA politicians fight back.  Oh, yes, there is more noise surrounding all airports, simply because more people/more flights and new routes are in place.  The rest is politics.

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