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Aldie teen displays ‘Dynamic Domino’ talents to the world

Hayden Russell, domino enthusiast. Times-Mirror/Chantalle Edmunds
Fifteen-year-old Hayden Russell of Aldie has loved constructing domino structures since he was a small boy, but little did the local teen think 2017 would see him using his talents to design a 3-D city of 50,000 dominoes for a television commercial.

Russell was commissioned to build the city for a Paraguayan oil and gas company after beating out stiff competition from other domino designers. The company came across Russell via his YouTube account, “Dynamic Domino.”

“The company sent me an email and I made a proposal for them. They wanted a city so I kind of created the whole lay out for the city and they chose me,” Russell said.

He traveled to Paraguay in March, along with an Austrian colleague, Marcel, to make the commercial for Copetrol oil and gas company. It took the duo 70 hours over seven days to build the city. The dominoes were successfully knocked down and then rebuilt using video technology.

“We were at a studio in Paraguay where everything happened. I was really happy with it, it turned out way better than I thought it would and everything fell perfectly,” Russell said.

The home-schooled teen wants to go into cinematography but has a lot of plans for building more domino structures through high school.

Earlier this year Russell set a Guinness World Record as part of a team that built a circle field containing 76,017 dominoes.

Hayden's mom, Lisa, and his dad Bill, who also acts as his son's manager, say their son doesn't get his domino building talents from either of them.

“It was really interesting to see, it started as a little hobby but grew into something much more successful,” Lisa Russell said. “I could never build the set ups like he does.”

Hayden Russell now keeps most of his domino collection in his bedroom after it started to fill the family's hallway, kitchen and then foyer.

“I don't have the patience for it,” said Bill Russell. “It is really fun to watch and come along side him and help him work through things, like how to do a proposal. It started as a hobby and then he just kept building and building. About a year ago he met up with a group from Michigan and they built the largest set up in North America and then that's when we realized it had moved beyond a hobby.”

Russell has also landed a commission for a second television commercial to be filmed in Boston next month. His YouTube account has been seen by more than 10 million viewers.



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