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America must ‘move forward,’ Michelle Obama tells Leesburg crowd

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny First lady Michelle Obama addresses a crowd of 1,300 supporters at the Loudoun County fairgrounds in Leesburg Oct. 9.

In the middle of her speech in Leesburg Oct. 9, first lady Michelle Obama asked the rowdy audience of 1,300 to consider something.

Obama asked the crowd to remember where the nation was when her husband took office.

“A mess!” screamed a man amid the sea of Obama supporters.

The first lady seemed to agree. She noted that the economy was losing nearly 800,000 jobs a month in early 2009. Moreover, the American auto industry was then on the verge of collapse, and banks had tightened their belts when it came to giving loans for houses and cars.

“He inherited an economy in rapid decline,” Michelle Obama said of her husband.

The first lady then shifted her speech, onto a message of what has happened since then. She ran through a list of what she considers her husband’s finest achievements as president.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny First lady Michelle Obama addresses a crowd of 1,300 supporters at the Loudoun County fairgrounds in Leesburg Oct. 9.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny First lady Michelle Obama clasps hands with some of the 1,300 supporters at the Loudoun County fairgrounds in Leesburg Oct. 9.

Under President Obama, the first lady said, more than 5 million new jobs have been created. Because of the president, Michelle Obama shouted, young adults can afford college because of the Democrat’s investment in Pell grants; millions of lives have been affected by the new health care law, the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act; the war in Iraq has ended and Osama Bin Laden has been killed; gay soldiers no longer have to hide their sexual orientation; and immigrant children can now learn and contribute to the country without worrying about being deported. All these accomplishments, said the first lady, have been landmark successes achieved in Barack Obama’s term.

In her nearly 30-minute address, the first lady didn’t once mention the name of her husband’s challenger, Republican Mitt Romney, who has been on a momentum tear in the polls the past week. Quickly following the first presidential debate Oct. 3, Romney drew even to the president. Some polls show Romney with a lead – notably a Pew Research Poll that has the Republican ahead by four points. On Oct. 8, Romney for the first time claimed an advantage in the Real Clear Politics average of polls, which includes, Pew, Rasmussen, Gallup and others.

Yet Michelle Obama neglected to make an attack on the Republican. She spent the first half of her speech touching on the “character, courage and conviction” of her husband. What keeps President Obama going, she said, are the hopes and dreams of the people he serves.

The decisions before the president aren’t just about the “bottom line” – they’re about “laying a foundation for the future,” she said.

Michelle Obama said investing in infrastructure and education is paramount in ensuring a sound future for the country.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny First lady Michelle Obama shakes hands with Thelma Dodson of Sterling and other supporters at the Loudoun County fairgrounds in Leesburg Oct. 9.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Erick Avila, 14, of Bristow, holds up an Obama/Biden sign while listening to first lady Michelle Obama address 1,300 supporters at the Loudoun County fairgrounds in Leesburg Oct. 9.

Balancing the federal budget has been a key issue to the 2012 race, with President Obama taking heat for adding $5 trillion to the federal deficit, which currently sits at approximately $16 trillion.

As she did in Prince William County over the summer, Michelle Obama remarked that the economy is heading in the right direction. She touted the private sector job market, which has seen approximately 30 consecutive months of growth.

“In America we always move forward, we always have,” Michelle Obama said. “Elections are always about hope.”

President Obama received a small dose of reliving news Oct. 5 when the monthly jobs report from the labor department showed the unemployment rate had dipped below 8 percent to 7.8 percent in September. That mark was the best of Obama’s presidency, the first lady said.

Michelle Obama was introduced by Virginia resident Dana Monteaux, who made the most direct attack on Romney. Monteaux said she considers herself one of the “47 percent,” referencing Mitt Romney’s now infamous comments made at a private fundraiser. Romney said he doesn’t have to worry about 47 percent of the people in the country because they see themselves as victims who depend on the government and think their entitled to health care, food and housing.

Monteaux is a full-time caretaker for her husband who is battling a debilitating genetic disease that attacks his vascular system. Monteaux’s husband’s father and grandfather died from the disease.

Because the Monteauxs only source of income is Social Security, Dana Monteaux said she and her husband, who can’t see, is paralyzed and has had 12 or 13 strokes, are part of the “47 percent.”

“We absolutely would not be able to get the medical care we need, or be able to afford it if Mitt Romney were in office,” Monteaux said after Obama’s speech.

Dana Monteaux said she can only afford her husband’s medical bills and prescriptions because of Medicare.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny A crowd of supporters photographs and watches first lady Michelle Obama as she shakes hands with fans after her speech at the Loudoun County fairgrounds in Leesburg Oct. 9.



I’m curious what kind of “good and honorable attempt” could ever fix Medicare.  I’m 45 and quite aware that I will not be receiving Medicare funds, even though I’ve paid into the program for the last 25 years.  Social Security will be bankrupt by the time I’m eligible as well.  The sooner we eliminate both programs, the better.  I’m tired of paying into a bankrupt ponzi scheme run by a government that raids my tax dollars to pay for Planned Parenthood abortions, Big Bird, and the completely useless Department of Education.  Give me all my tax dollars back and let me buy my own catastrophic health insurance and save for retirement myself.  No modern leader scares me more than Barack Hussein Obama.  Romney and Ryan aren’t great, but they’re better than the current team driving us down the road to Greece.

Equity - Since the debate, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan have all moved from Lean Obama to Toss Up according to RealClearPolitics.  I guess a whole lot of people didn’t get the Obama campaign memo that Romney fibbed.

Paul - please read the whole sentence instead of focusing on one word in isolation, polls. Polls give an overall reflection but also have subsets of indicators, like substance. Polls influence the way the media reports information.

The consensus that RMoney won for the most part seems true, IF you value style over substance. Post debate, numerous media outlets questioned the lies told by RMoney, showing that the president won on substance.

“It takes some serious chutzpah for Romney to come into a debate with 65 million people watching and completely refute everything he has campaigned on for the last two years and lie about his policies.” Media outlets who nicknamed RMoney the “etch-a-sketch candidate” note that he stayed true to that moniker.  RMoney shows his core - a habitual liar based on post-debate analysis by the media.  Love the “Mitt debates Mitt” you-tube.

Back to Michelle’s event - over 1300 attendees. Forward thinking, positive energy, and real grassroots effort.  ;-)

It is clear Equity is hallucinating.  They would know that schizophrenia does not have to do with changing/going back and forth.  That would be Dissociative Identity Disorder(DID) f/k/a Multiple Personality Disorder.  So, Equity, if you want to hurl insults at least know what you are talking about. 

When I read the Ann Romney article I laughed at this comment so I pulled it up.

Quote From the Loudoun Times Ann Romney Article comments:

“I love the diversity in Romney’s crowds!!!
72% of Loudoun is White, 15% Asian, 12% hispanic, 8% black. 
So I should see 288 whites, 60 asians, 48 hispanics/latinos, and 32 African Americans in photos of this crowd. 
I count 3 Asian women in the pictures.  The diversity is appalling. 
Romney might win Loudoun, but won’t win Virginia, especially since Virgil Goode just got on the ballot.  In 2 months I never get to see Mitt Romney be relevant ever again, I am looking forward to 4 MORE YEARS!!!
1 more thing:
I am better of than 4 years ago!!! (When Bush economics had destroyed the equity in my home and my pay had been frozen)”
-Kenny F. Powers

Well, Kenny F. Powers, the Michelle Obama crowd is definitely more than 8% black.

Equity - Recent polls?  Methinks you are hallucinating. Better get that checked out.  :-)

Hmmm, recent polls show RMoney losing the debate on indicators related to substance.  Maybe because of the multiple, almost schizophrenic switches daily from previous positions? RMoney’s Chinese investments that he’s railing about, that he wants to crack down on? Making money off of his company’s sending jobs to China? They prepped him for style which he showed, yet it sounds too familiar to the 2000 and 2004 elections in which we know what we got.  The reverse Midas touch, when Bush took everything gold and turned it to . . .

Can’t move “Forward” and simply forget the last 4 years.
Now the Obama got trounced on the last debate, can’t wait for Senator Biden’s turn.  Ooooh, let’s see how Obama does on the foreign policy debate.  Since he killed Osama, the war on terror is over, LOL!

@equity, I hate both parties and would rather not vote however I voted for Obama for change. He dropped the ball big time so I can’t vote for him again. I’m willing to give Romney a try. Hopefully a third party will be present in the next president election 2016. If obama had any true accomplishments, he’d win by a landslide, instead he paid little attention to the economy and jobs.

I guess Spark didn’t see last weeks debate. Obama surely wasn’t great, he was actually a buffoon behind a microphone. The only person up there with a brain was Mitt Romney

Equity - No disrespect intended, but “Cuts from Medicare will be taken from beneficiaries to give to the rich under R & R plan” is an absurd statement.  I know you must truly believe that, but you have been duped by this administration and the Obama campaign.  Medicare is going bankrupt and it needs to be reformed.  Romney has a plan to do so.  In Obama’s own words, he says it is “fine in the short term” but he has no plan for the long term viability of Medicare other than increasing revenues by “taxing the rich” (which would come nowhere near to relieving budgetary shortfalls or the national debt).

“Really, the ‘extreme right wing candidates or is it the moderate Republicans this time’ need to stop lying to people.” Cuts from Medicare will be taken from beneficiaries to give to the rich under R & R plan.  After RMoney’s speech, his camp refuted that pre-existing conditions are covered under his plan.  How can anyone “trust” what RMoney says since his message changes every day, he gives no specifics other than I’ll tell you later?  More Mendacity please?

“yet protecting the Ambassador of Libya is an afterthought” - Lest we forget that the GOP House members were the ones who refused funding to embassies.
Michelle Obama was awesome, sincere, and eloquent.  She shows love for all Americans, supports reintegration of service members, realizes the value of educational opportunity, and understands how working families can enjoy the American Dream without being born into privilege.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  300 million people in this country, and the best opponent the Reps can come up with is Romney ?  Really ?  Sure, Obama has not been great.  But Romney ?  At least it wasn’t Gingrich, I guess.  The whole country is in trouble, because not enough smart, intelligent people will step up to the plate.

President Obama thinks sacred cows like Big Bird and PBS are to be protected at all costs, yet protecting the Ambassador of Libya is an afterthought.  It’s time for real leadership in the White House.  Romney-Ryan!!!!

Obama sucks, where’s my Romney phone….

It’s hard to believe Obama is running a campaign as if he was never the President….Telling everyone you’ll do better when the past 3+ years you accomplished so little(except improve on your golf game with the 100+ rounds of golf). I voted for change and you couldn’t even do that. I will vote for the lesser of two evils this time around(like I did last election).

Obama’s Hope and Change has yielded Trillion dollar deficits and 100% Debt to GDP. America is now broke from excessive liberal spending on socialist ideas that have creating nothing but a larger debt bill that our children will end up repay to China.  We are Greece.

I am mad I got stuck on the route 7 bypass for 30 minutes waiting for her to leave.  Everyone else I talked to around me were mad she wasted our time.

meph -  Romney’s plan includes traditional medicare for those under 55 yrs old as well.  It also includes a choice of private insurance options based on an individual’s health and financial needs.  It is indeed a very good an honorable attempt to fix Medicare.

BTW, this was a very well written article, although it does not include the obligatory counter view from opponents that all Republican stories carry.

You’re right Paul.  The Romney/Ryan plan is so great that they won’t let just everyone enjoy it.  Only people who are too young to be paying attention to what’s coming are affected.  If it was a good and honorable attempt at fixing Medicare, then it would be good for everyone.  Let’s not be so selfish we say, “hey don’t mess with me and I don’t care what you do to my kids and grandkids.”  That wouldn’t be a very sociable way to think.

If Mrs. Monteaux believes her husband would not get the medical care he needs with Medicare under a President Romney, then she has been duped by Michelle Obama and her husband.  Medicare will not change for her or her husband under a Romney-Ryan administration.  Really, the liberal democrats need to stop lying to people.

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