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Ann Romney in Loudoun Oct. 27

Ann Romney, wife of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, will speak at Freedom High School in South Riding around noon on Saturday.

Romney will be joined by Cindy McCain, who was in Romney’s shoes four years ago as the wife of the Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain, who is stumping for Mitt Romney throughout Northern Virginia today.

The Saturday visit from Ann Romney will be the fourth in the past four months from either Mitt or Ann Romney. The presidential candidate spoke in Sterling in July and at Leesburg’s Ida Lee Park Oct. 17. Ann Romney headlined a “Women for Mitt” event in Leesburg in early September.

Mitt Romney, who’s campaigning today in Ohio and Iowa, will speak relatively near the Loudoun County line in Haymarket Oct. 28.

For Oct. 27 and Oct. 28 ticket information , visit http://www.MittRomney.com/Va.


and these e-mail pertain to Mrs. Romney how. A first lady who shops at Costco is alright by me. Maybe you boys should call the lobbyist and complain to him not to us or is it you guys just like to complain?

I’ve been getting calls with an area code 757, but all zeroes after that.  We’re getting 2-3 calls per day, not to mention the pollution in the mail.  Thinking of getting one of those canned air horns to leave by the phone….

I got a robo call from Callista Gingrich!  Granted a robot like her should do a bang-up job of robocalling but I couldn’t take it.

Bet Anne Romney could do a good robocall too, come to think of it.

And Mitt, who looks just like Delores Umbridge is really freaking me out.

Ugh, this can’t be over soon enough.  Anyone else get a call at midnight last night from a number I just Googled to find it belongs to a conservative lobbyist?  Someone should tell him 11:56 PM isn’t a good time to call people.

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