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Another Democrat announces 10th District campaign

Another Fairfax County Democrat, the third in recent weeks, has announced hopes to challenge incumbent Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R) in the 2018 midterm election.

McLean resident Lindsey Davis Stover, a former Obama administration official and communications professional, has launched a campaign website and said she will file the paperwork to begin fundraising, the Washington Post reports.

“We’re in a moment when courage is required of all of us,” Stover said on her campaign Facebook page. “We need the courage to protect and strengthen our public schools. We need to stand up for American jobs that give families a shot at getting ahead. We must secure health care for all and give veterans the support they have earned and deserve.”

Army veteran and Rhodes Scholar Dan Helmer and Kimberly Adams, past president of the Fairfax teacher’s union, have already announced Democratic candidacies.

Comstock, a former state delegate, won her first congressional race in 2014 by 16 percent of the vote over Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust. In last November's race, she defeated real estate developer LuAnn Bennett by six points.


I usually vote R, but this go around probably a D provided they were not any part of the Obama administration which would exclude this candidate….any candidate associated with Obama will fail big time….believe me….

HixlePixle, Moderate or Hard Right, at least she isn’t a Democrat looking to milk hard working Americans and give their money away to lazy moochers looking for handouts.

“Comstock voted 211 times with the hard-right House Freedom Caucus so far this year…”

Which is why we love her.

Comstock voted 211 times with the hard-right House Freedom Caucus so far this year, out of 214 votes she cast.  Comstock pretends to be a moderate, but her votes tell the real story.

Good luck. The more crowded the field, the better it is for Comstock.

All the usual platitudes.  But Democrats have moved too far to the left and she will only vote to keep the likes of Pelosi and Shumer in power.  I’m not a leftist and don’t want to “fundamentally change America”  to Socialism (See Venezuela for latest disaster)  so even though I’m not much of a Comstock fan, I’m stuck with her.  I just wish Comstock would grow a backbone.

“need to stand up for American jobs” and “give veterans the support they have earned and deserve”? 

Hey ... news flash ... these are some of the reasons Donald Trump was elected. 

And what’s with the “we must secure health care for all”?  Didn’t Obama do that already?

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