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Another company joins data center rush

Another company has joined the foray into purchasing sites in Loudoun County’s famed Data Center Alley.

Columbia, Md.-based Corporate Office Properties Trust officially purchased 34 acres in Ashburn Jan. 15.

COPT purchased the land, located near the intersection of Gloucester Parkway and Loudoun County Parkway, from St. John Properties.

According to the news release from the Loudoun Department of Economic Development, the new campus will serve an investment-grade Fortune 500 company. There are plans for two buildings on the property. COPT plans to start construction on a 200,000-square-foot building early this year, and construction on a second, 115,000-square-foot building by mid-2014.

“We are pleased to be able to meet this customer’s need in Northern Virginia, one of COPT’s strategic markets,” stated COPT President and CEO Roger A. Waesche, Jr.

COPT Senior VP of Government Services Chuck Fiala said in the press release, “We were very impressed with the professionals in Loudoun County and the way they have embraced this project. They’ve been responsive and thorough, and we look forward to a smooth construction process.”

Loudoun’s large and growing data center industry has eight million square-feet of space already constructed or currently under construction. Constructed data center space has more than tripled since 2000, according to the Loudoun Department of Economic Development.

Up to 70 percent of the world’s Internet traffic passes through Loudoun’s data centers each day. The county is home to industry leaders such as Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

Loudoun County Department of Economic Development Assistant Director Buddy Rizer explained, “This area of Loudoun County is close to the backbone of the Internet, as well as to Dominion Virginia Power’s Beaumeade substation. In addition, there’s infrastructure for connection to Loudoun Water’s reclaimed water system, which offers data centers operational savings.”

In 2012, close to three million square feet of data center space was added to Loudoun’s existing 4.5 million square feet of data centers.


The idea that 3/4ths of the world’s internet traffic flows through Loudoun is a joke. If that was the case, the internet would have to be designed in a Hub and Spoke method, with Loudoun being the hub and everybody else the spoke.  Loudoun is a major internet hub, but it doesn’t handle a majority of the world’s traffic.

The transformation of Loudoun County from when I worked at Dulles in 1967 is just jaw-dropping. Back then, Route 28 was just two opposing lanes and now it’s, what, half-a-mile wide? Good grief!!!

**hear ;)

@RH Understood. And nope, not the same person!

I often here the statistic that 70% or 80% or even more of the world’s internet traffic goes through Loudoun data centers.  But when I say this to people elsewhere, they laugh it off! Especially folks on the west coast and Asia.  Anyone know where this can be validated.  I think it’s an impressive stat.

ashburnfella, was referring to the comment by mephisto, so unless you are the same person, just ignore…..which is really what I should be doing to the comments on this board and others on this site!!!

Nope.  Not skipping to the comments. Definitely reading the article. Just hoping for some meaningful dialog about the actual subject matter and not pounding the author.  Sound fair to you RH?

Do some of you people just not read the article, just skip to Post a comment.  Where does the writer state that the companies are HQ here?  Since he was talking about data centers that what I assumed he meant about MS, Amazon, etc, you people need to get a life.

I’m actually a little surprised to see the DC line of business still booming at this clip, with the advent of VMWare. I guess it’s mostly infrasturcture type equipment?

@Citizen - who cares? Is it really that much of an issue?  What is your confusion exactly?  My take is that “officially purchased” means that the land has been purchased and is on the record as such.  i.e. not pending, or under contract or prospective.  Hopefully that settles your confusion.

If we keep building data centers, we might need to build a nuclear power plant to feed all those servers. I’m sure Dominion Power is loving it.

While we’re on the subject of improving the author’s writing…

Sorry, Loudoun isn’t home to Amazon.  We have an Amazon data center—one of many the company operates worldwide—in Loudoun, but Seattle is home to Amazon and Microsoft and Costco and Nordstroms and Eddie Bauer and Starbucks and….well, you the idea.

Little old lady “CitizenWhoVotes”, maybe they were thinking about it and decided to officially buy it.  The writer didnt write buy officially.  They wrote “officially purchased.”  They signed the agreement.

Whats the problem?

“Columbia, Md.-based Corporate Office Properties Trust officially purchased 34 acres in Ashburn Jan. 15.” That sentence is confusing. How does someone buy “officially”? Is it possible to buy unofficially?

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