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Arrests made in April home invasion

Four suspects are now in custody, charged with the April home invasion in Taylorstown, a small community in northern Loudoun County.

Roman S. Monzon, Mark A. Hoy and John A. Day, all 19, have each been charged with breaking and entering to commit robbery, use of a firearm during the commission of a felony and abduction.

A fourth suspect, a juvenile at the time of his arrest but now aged 18, is also in custody. Charged with abduction and breaking and entering, the teen’s name has been withheld.

The home invasion, which unnerved the small Taylorstown community, occurred around 11:30 a.m. April 16. A family on Loyalty Road answered their door and one of the burglars forced his way into the home. The intruders pulled a gun on the family of five and held the family against their will as they stole items from the house. After the men left the home, one of the family members was able to run to a nearby home and call police.

No one was injured in the robbery.

The suspects were connected to the case in May 2013 when deputies with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office discovered information linking the Taylorstown home invasion to a burglary in their jurisdiction.

Monzon, Hoy and the unidentified teenager are awaiting extradition from Frederick, Md. Dey is pending extradition from Pennsylvania, where he was apprehended in a Fayetteville hotel.
“I applaud the hard work being done jointly by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and the Pennsylvania State Police, to track down these criminals,” said Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Robert Johnson. “These men terrorized a family and deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent that the law allows for this type of crime.”

According to a release from the Loudoun Sheriff’s Office, a fifth suspect is believed to be connected with the home invasion and the investigation is continuing.

The Taylorstown home invasion was originally reported here.

Composite sketches of the suspects were released here and here.


Sounds like the Frederick Co. MD Sheriffs Office was the ones who solved this case for Loudoun.  I haven’t heard them whining about pay.  If Chapman didn’t create a budget scandal which cost the taxpayers millions this past year the Board might be more motivated to increase the pay of the deputies even more than they did this year, which was already more than “those high paid cops” to the east, like Fairfax cops who went without a raise this year.  Next election you should be hoping Chapmans replacement will be someone who understands the word “budget” and who can get along with the Board instead of ticking them off, it will give you a better chance at a raise.

Love It, so you been out of the army and working at LCSO for 10 years complaining about the pay????? And you’re blaming the so-called richest county for not paying you more? Instead of complaining to your boss? Hide behind a name and complain on the internet….Wow, that makes sense. I can see why you’re not getting paid more.

I had a TS while in the Army. Not active.  To say pay had not been an issue , please educate yourself, it has been an issue for a decade.

@love it, you’ve never stated what you feel is fair or why the pay has all of sudden been so bad? I don’t recall seing any bad press from LCSO prior to new Sherrif? I’ve lived in Loudoun for 20+ years. So, why isn’t your beef with Chapman?
Also, why or how can you still hold a TS/SCI while working for LCSO?

Ignorant comments…

Pay low wages and get low service in return. Further more as a tax payer why would you want to invest so much time and money into a Deputy only to have him/her leave. Further more here is a fact to kick around, we “LCSO” cant fill our vacancies,  we are below staff and have a VERY hard time maintaining minimum staffing..

It will probably get much worse unless the salary disparity gets corrected.

@CB, perhaps management could use the deputies in a better way instead of sitting in certain parts of Loudoun trying to catch a speeder or two, or sitting near a 3 way stop when 1 way is a dead end. I travel on Route 7 and see people texting, young kids in front seat and not in child seats/not buckled, people not paying attention because they’re on their cell phone, tags that expired over 6 months ago. Was their funding cut or did they just put in a lower amount? Or are they paying too high salaries on the chiefs, like the LCPS does?

What do you consider a fair salary/compensation? I do my job to keep America safe(thnk terorists) and the pay/benefits are good but I should be paid double. I don’t get paid OT, but work on average 60-70 hours per week, including weekends and/or all nighters. Living in Loudoun for 20+ years, I don’t recall the pay being a big issue until this year(and maybe reading about is some last year). and thought I read where the sherrif dept was overbudget by millions(because of OT pay)????

I do this job for the love of helping.

I have an advanced degree from VA Tech, prior military and a TS-SCI.

I would just like a fair salary.  Not asking unreasonable compensation, just to be compensated reasonably.

love it, educate yourself, work hard, put in your time and more money will be forthcoming. if not, expect nothing more and keep complaining or get another job in a different profession. your rhetoric sounds very similar to that of a posting on the previous Costco story. I would venture that nobody in the LCSO makes base pay and that there is overtime and possibility of side work. I average 55-60 hours per week and am salaried with no potential for overtime or side work. I do get an occasion golf outing, but need to make-up lost time due to the workload and not because the firm is forcing me. I love my job, work and profession as a whole and will continue to work hard regardless. maybe you should change your attitude and appreciate having a job.

Just ask a Deputy the next time you see one about the staffing level and about the thought that “lcso doesn’t have any problems filling positions”. There is a reason the county recently changed from the previously established “minimum” patrol staffing level requirement to a new “preferred” patrol staffing level requirement, the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t have the staffing level or the funding to meet the “minimum” right now.

@Love it, last time I checked, Chapman did the budget for LCSO, not the BOS.And I would suspect there are a lot of extras being paid out when he came on board. And Loudoun Residents pay the most taxes curently in northern va. If things are so bad please move on, I’m sure LCSO doesn’t have any problems filling positions.

And the story goes on.

LCSO - responded to the scene.
LCSO - investigates the crime.
LCSO - will now prosecute the crime. Countless hours for court prep, etc.

Almost forgot, LCSO - lowest paid department around.

Defiantly remember though,  Loudoun = richest county around.

BOS please fix this. We are practically free labor. Fix this or move onto your next hobby so we can get a board in who will.

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