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As Bolling bows out, McAuliffe visits Leesburg

Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Trevor Baratko Terry McAuliffe, a Democratic candidate for governor, visited the Mason Enterprise Center in Leesburg Tuesday, where he spoke with Leesburg Town Council Member Kelly Burk (right) and Susan Henson, the center’s regional manager.
Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe said Tuesday it's unfortunate there's no room for a conservative like Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling in the Virginia Republican Party.

On the day Bolling announced he wouldn’t launch an independent bid for the governor's mansion, which clears the way for a presumed two-person race between McAuliffe and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Democrat toured Leesburg small businesses and chatted up local residents on sequestration and what role government can play in helping business owners thrive.

In 2012 both Bolling and Cuccinelli were considering a Republican gubernatorial bid. But after a reorganization from the state GOP to nominate its candidate through a convention rather than a primary, something many pundits said essentially locked in Cuccinelli's nomination, Bolling withdrew from the Republican race, though not the party, and considered an independent campaign.

“I'm disappointed,” McAuliffe said Tuesday, “that there's no room for someone like Bill Bolling in the Republican party. Bill Bolling has had a long, successful career on job creation, working both sides on mainstream ideas. And to find out that there's just no room for him to run in the Republican Party in Virginia today I think is a sad commentary.”

McAuliffe said with or without Bolling in the race, his campaign is keeping the same focus – economic development, job creation and transportation.

McAuliffe sided with Gov. Bob McDonnell and Bolling in supporting the state's recent transportation funding reform. Cuccinelli bashed it as a massive tax increase.

A wealthy businessman and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, McAuliffe has a strong relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton and prominent Democrats across the country.

The McAuliffe campaign has worked to define Cuccinelli as an extreme, right-wing ideologue, while Republicans paint McAuliffe as a Virginia outsider and mere political operative.

Cuccinelli has made headlines in the past for being skeptical of climate change, filing a lawsuit against the federal health care law, and serving as an outspoken pro-life advocate.

“Any second we spend on socially-divisive issues is time … we're not spending on job growth, transportation issues, health care issues,” McAuliffe said Tuesday.

As for whether winning Loudoun County is essential for a November victory – something both presidential candidates last fall expressed -- McAuliffe said while Loudoun and Northern Virginia are significant, every region in the commonwealth is important for the state's success.

“Loudoun obviously has just dynamic growth. I think the message, the things I'm focused on, job growth, economic development – those are the issues that resonate here. But in fairness, I'm going to play in all parts of Virginia,” he said.

A majority of Loudoun County voters have twice voted for President Barack Obama in the general election, though the Republican McDonnell won the county handedly in 2009.

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I am surprised that he was not embroiled in a scandal.
Who is watchdog….?
No one said anything about the Cuc running a grass roots campaign. Read much?
Laugh referred to the middle concerning Ken I replied to his comment about the middle group.

“corporate and PAC dollars will start flowing soon enough”

Koch $ is already at work for Cooch in VA;  watchdog.org filed a fake report about McAuliffe’s connection to purported Dominican Republic scandal yet McAuliffe was celebrating last Easter with his family and working with Young Democrats.  Surprised?

Come on, the middle class don’t bankroll any of these campaigns.  They barely make a dent.  Stop talking like Cuccinelli is some grassroots campaign.  The party decided to not give voters a choice by eliminating the primary, or we’d probably have Bill Bolling as the candidate.  Cuccinelli is the party elite’s candidate, his corporate and PAC dollars will start flowing soon enough.

My comment was referring to Laugh’s baloney about the middle not supporting the Cuc. I showed that it is not the middle class supporting Terry. He also referred to a crass opinion attack my comments are supported by the facts availble to all his rants are just that. Next time read the comments before you say anyone was complaining.

Don’t worry, I’m sure Kenny will get his influx of outside cash soon enough.  George Allen’s Senate campaign was awash in out of state money too.  Even the state GA and Senate races see out of state money.  Look how much Randy Minchew got from some company in South Carolina.  What is a state representative from Loudoun doing taking money from South Carolina?  No one was complaining then. 

Look Terry was a professional fundraiser.  What do you expect?  If the GOP wanted to win, they could just put forth a decent candidate.  Cuccinelli is probably the worst candidate they could take, and the only one who loses to Terry McAuliffe.  I’m disappointed in both parties personally.  I don’t like either of them.

Democratic candidate for Governor Terry McAuliffe has been visiting small businesses around the state in an attempt to burnish his credentials as a businessman. His schedule brought him to Leesburg on Tuesday.

Even a cursory Google search on McAuliffe is very instructive. He is a businessman, but he is a Mississippi businessman who happens to live in Virginia. Questions as to how he established his company elsewhere have been problematic. McAuliffe at first asserted Virginia wasn’t interested. In reality, although the project was presented to the VIrginia Economic Development Partnership in 2009, Green Tech never provided a concrete business plan with financing so no formal proposal ever went to Gov. Kaine or Gov. McDonnell. One of McAuliffe’s famous quotes is, “I’ve signed thousands of documents but never read them” which may explain the failure of his company to follow through with the VEDP.

Even though economically depressed Danville and Martinsville regions in southern Virginia are well positioned for new business it’s possible that the Commonwealth actually dodged a bullet by not doing business with McAuliffe. According to Watchdog.org, in order to attract the multimillion dollar incentive package from Miss., Green Tech pledged to hire “thousands of workers to assemble tens of thousands of vehicles a year at the Tunica, MS plant by the end of 2012. However, the Tunica Plant is still under construction with barely 100 employees on the payroll.”

Virginia voters should also be concerned about a candidate whose ethical issues surrounding a $100,000 that grew to an $18M payout caused him to be investigated by the FCC for several years, or the federal investigation over illicit Teamster campaign contributions when he was a party campaign chairman.

Another of Terry’s famous quotes is “I have big ideas. If you don’t like them, don’t vote for me.” That’s very sage advice and something concerned voters should give serious thought to.

I do not see the substance in your latest analysis.
We are reminded when you post of sonny the bird from the cocoa puff commercial.
Is it that Terry feels his only chance of winning the election is to outspend his opponent with money from major contributors that reside in states other then Virginia?

Just look at Cooch’s comments at CPAC; he thinks women will disregard his past actions and vote for him?

Hi again, oranges869 (and a great big hi to all the Ericksons of the world), and I continue on my one way path of analysis.  When the republican candidate for governor (and guess what, this year there are only two states electing a new governor, and the other is New Jersey) then I have to wonder why, oh why, is the republican candidate for governor getting such little “help” from his friends.  Maybe, oh, just maybe, his “friends” think he has either no chance, or is too hot to handle.  Who knows?

Rough figures tell me that the contributors who donated 50 thousand dollars or more to Terry McAuliffe make up about 7.5 million dollars of his 8.7 million dollar campaign money. That’s very heavy donations by the middle class, c’mon man? It also appears that the majority of these donors do not even live in Virginia.
Last night a fundraiser for Terry Mcauliffe in of all places New York City hosted by your middle class billionaire Marc Lasry and his wife along with Bill Clinton with a seat starting at 500 hundred dollars a plate is just a true indication of where his funds are coming from.

LaLaLa, oranges869, my good man (and a tip of the hat to all Ericksons.  But I must say, a good point is raised, although I think oranges869 missed the point.  What would one think when a republican candidate for governor falls sooooooooooooooo far behind in fund raising?  That the middle group does not support him.  Sooooooooooo, that leaves that candidate in a bit of a problem.  Really, I think we know just how bad that republican candidate for governor is doing.  Not well at all.

Jonathan Erickon, Don Joy, Joe, Gina, Gene, Sherry and others who post here and on patch and on the Leesburg Today share our views. Several of these people I work with so in the course of our day we do communicate about issues. We agree more often then not and when one posts something that makes sense we seek to enhance that position. Laugh you got a complaint well the complaint department is closed so go whine elsewhere.
Terry has 8.7 million dollars and Cuccinelli has 2 million dollars to spend on the campaign trail that’s 4.35 to 1 in spending dollar wise is that substantial enough for you?
Terry made the 18 million the same way Mitt Romney was accused of making his money, and you support that? Is that not vulture capitalism?
My ol’lady tell me that I am substantial in ways that are pleasing to her as for your feelings I have none.
Holy moly!

Cuccinelli is too loony right wing even for Virginia. No way the majority in NoVA or Norfolk will vote for him. He has supported agendas that have hurt McDonald’s approval ratings and anger 75% of the state like the ultrasound bill.

“what role government can play helping business owners thrive”

Answer:  None.

Geeeeeeeeeeeee, I bet all the “Ericksons”  of the world feel like oranges869 does, which is, that you don’t talk about issues in an election, you say things like Holy Moly, and wave your hands in the air, and “pretend to be shocked” that gambling happens at the casino.  Maybe, just maybe, one should look toward what each candidate wants to actually do, set the positions out there, and then we voters decide which direction we want.  That way, we don’t get an opinion statement that reads like a crass attack, with no substance at all, like the right honorable oranges869.

Is that all you got Right Honorable?  You’re looking at the next governor of Virginia.  Unless something like a meteor explodes over Virginia and somehow vaporizes only those with an IQ over 90 will McAuliffe have a snowball’s chance.

Is that all you got Oranges869?  You’re looking at the next governor of Virginia.  Unless something like a meteor explodes over Virginia and somehow vaporizes only those with an IQ over 90 will Cuccinelli have a snowball’s chance ...

Holy Moly, Terry 4 times as much money as the Kenster. It is how to buy a govenorship not a race. I guess those fund raisers in New York with slick Willie really paid off for Terry. How about those jobs he created for Mississippi with the car plant. Lets not forget Global crossing that he invested 100,000 dollars in and got 18 million back before it went bankrupt. Talk about a vulture, yippee ki ya

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