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Ashburn boy hit by truck

A 12-year-old boy was hit by a truck crossing the street May 31 in Ashburn.

At around 10 a.m. at Ashburn Village Boulevard and Bruceton Mills Circle, two cars were stopped at a stop sign waiting to proceed onto Ashburn Village Boulevard. Two boys, holding skateboards, went to cross the intersection. One of the boys hit the driver's side of a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado.

Personnel from Loudoun County Fire and Rescue, Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue and the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene. The boy was wearing a helmet during the accident and was taken to Inova Loudoun Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.


The young man is 12, 12 year-olds wander around unsupervised regularly, what is up with blaming the victim?

Grandma, 12 year old gets hit by a truck while carrying a skate board and the answer his parents didn’t know where he was? They are a way for kids to get around, like a bike.

Grandma, the boys were crossing a neighborhood street with skateboards in hand and you’re assuming the parents didn’t know where they were?

Cowbell - Take a look at the date mentioned in the article (May 31), then glance at a calendar, and you will be able to answer you own question.

dandyd, aren’t there places where you can and cannot ride a skate board? My point is the parents probably didn’t even know where the boys were. Does that answer your question?

I think you guys are confused on what happened. The boy was legally crossing when a truck that did not stop almost hit him with the front end but instead the boy collided with the door. The person at fault is the truck for not making a required stop no different than if a car hit him when he blows a stop.

Grandma, what does the location of his parents have to do with the story?

Was LCPS closed today?

Sounds like LTM should title it “Truck Hit by Ashburn Boy”

And where were the parents? Guess they were found after the child was hit. Happy they’re okay.

If the kid hit the stopped truck, then the headline should read “Truck hit by Ashburn boy”.  Very misleading.

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