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Ashburn students face explosive charges at Virginia Tech


Two college students from Ashburn are facing charges in Blacksburg after detonating a small explosives. Joshua Taylor Trimble, 20, and Brian Frederick Rody, 19, were both charged with manufacturing and detonating an explosive device under VA Code 18.2-85 according to a statement by the Blacksburg Police Department.

The event occurred at the 1600 block of Patrick Henry Drive in Blacksburg, where police received reports of a small explosion near an occupied apartment. No one was injured.

Rody and Trimble were given a $2,500 secured bond.

Both men were residents of Ashburn before moving to Blacksburg to attend college. Rody is a graduate of Stone Bridge High School and Trimble a graduate of Bishop O’Connell High School. Both were walk-ons on the Virginia Tech football team.


Model Rocket ejection charge?

@badinnova - This article does not specify what type of device was detonated.  Please share your source.

If you think pulling a prank on your buddy by filling a soda bottle filled with sprite and cleaning fluid is grounds for charging them with manufacturing and detonating an explosive device then you are a real idiot.  What has this world come to???  Let’s spend thousands of $$$ of tax payer money on this.  Give me a break!!  Our justice system has flat out gone too far on this one!!  Maybe we should start a defense fund to help these kids out and then sue the idiot who brought the charges against them - the district attorney who is set on making a name for himself at the expense of others.

mentos and diet coke?

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