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UPDATE: Ashby Ponds residents almost bare all

photoSeveral residents at the Ashby Ponds retirement community posed sans clothes for a 2012 calendar to benefit the community’s Benevolent Care Fund. Photos Courtesy/Ashby Ponds

The residents of Ashby Ponds are showing some skin for a good cause.

The senior citizens at the retirement community posed for a special 2012 calendar in the buff, but are minimally covered by seasonal décor in an effort to raise support for the community’s Benevolent Care Fund, which provides support to residents who outlive their financial resources. The funds would allow the individuals with the capability to continue to live at Ashby Ponds.

The idea for the calendar, which took one year to produce, was born during a resident happy hour in July 2010. Each month features several residents posed in a variety of clubs in which they participate; the Garden Club, the Dog Walkers, the Songbirds, and more.

Ashby Ponds hosted a grand opening for its 2012 Calendar on Nov. 5 at the retirement community in Ashburn. 

Mary Terry and Natalie Margiotta, who serve on the Ashby Ponds resident calendar committee, claim the eye-catching calendars are worth the attention, saying one resident has even purchased 25 copies to give away as Christmas presents.



I love the idea of this calendar and the creativity from this group in putting it together.  My parents are in their 70s and if they were in this calendar - you better believe that this would be the top holiday present for everyone in the family.  I am going to buy a copy; and I encourage everyone in the community to support this organization for their community spirit; plus it looks like they had a LOT of fun putting this together!

FABULOUS - what a GREAT WAY to support the charity and to express their individualism.  When I am retired and living in a great community like this - I WANT TO BE IN THE CALENDAR.  This WHOLE sequence reminds me of the movie “CALENDAR GIRL” where people were ‘bothered’ by such a calendar - and it was OUTRAGEOUS - and a MOVIE WAS MADE to show just how STUPID those people were.  I applaud the people from Ashby Ponds that put together this calendar and I will buy a copy to support them.  WAY TO GO and DON’t LET the conservative muckety-mucks in this lame community stop you!!!!!

Dick Black is looking into closing down this community for their lack of Morals…...

Google cache if you’re curious and can’t wait till next week.

I think it’s a great idea - people have FUN and don’t take themselves so seriously - and for a cause - it is definitely not pornographic, how silly - and it is only distributed to those that want a calendar!

brat, both my husband and I are getting to that saggy age, enjoy a good laugh, and good for these folks to raise money for a wonderful cause.

They obviously don’t take themselves TOO seriously, and have generous hearts.

We keep a calendar in the master bathroom, with dates, weights, and other personal notations.

None of your business really, but thanks for asking.

My daughter read the article, and wants to get one for her grandparents at Leisure World.

have a nice day now!

@ Repent: God fearing county? Didn’t God create Adam and Even naked? I thought it was the serpent who told them to cover up.

Was Commandment 11: Thou Shalt Not Pose For Calenders written on the back of the tablet and Moses forgot to turn over?

“Lawrence, we’re going to need considerably bigger buns.”

Calendar Girls (2003), starring Helen Mirren :)

What type of culture are we promoting in this country? Good Grief.  Pictures of the holiday would have been good enough.

I just puked a little in my mouth.

Barbara….just how are you going to “use at home” this calendar??  Ew.

They won’t dare bring those heinous photos back, not with the Godly leaders coming soon to run Loudoun County.

Sooo fun!  Talk about freedom :)

@ vote for dick black…guess you didn’t read the sentence at the end of the story. They’ll be baaaaaack!!!

If I wanted to see things sagging, I would look at the headliner in an old car.

You go!  I only hope I am as dynamic and youthful when I am their age.

Praise God!  The heavens shined down upon the Loudoun Times Mirror and it removed that offensive pornography from its website.  Bless You!

I love it too!  Great to see such happy faces!! I’d love to purchase!  Hope they sell online!!

They’re not nude!!!  Everything you see if exactly what you would see if they were on the beach. 

I guess swimsuit models should be charged with pornography.

Grow up

Any kind of public nudity by anyone is filth and should be prosecuted.  This behavior has no place in our God fearing county.  The local Republicans should be denouncing this instead of funny depictions of Dear Leader.

I think it’s beautiful. I hope I’ll be that fun loving when I their age.  BRAVO!!

Proud Loudoun Republican,

I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem if this was a picture of a bunch of young supermodels posing?!?!  You’re the disgusting one.

there are some things that senior citizens can get away with in life that younger people cannot.  this would be one of them.

We’ll buy some to use at home and give as gifts.  How much?

What a wonderful idea!

This is gross. GROSS

Proud Loudoun Republican, relax a little.  It’s for a good cause.  Unless you’d rather donate to their Benevolent Care Fund personally…

love it!

How disgusting.  I hope they file pornography charges against these people.

I love it!  Made me smile :)

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