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UPDATE: Assault charge dismissed against Broad Run School Board candidate

The Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office on Oct. 31 dismissed a simple assault charge against Broad Run candidate for School Board Kevin Kuesters.

“I have maintained from the beginning my innocence. I was always confident that the charge would be dismissed and I am glad to see that my faith in the legal system has been rewarded,” Kuesters said in a statement.

According to Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Gigi Lawless the Code of Virginia dictates that police must make a mandatory arrest in domestic violence cases if there is probable cause to believe that a crime occurred.

“The allegation against Mr. Kuesters was immediately investigated by law enforcement and the responding deputy did not have sufficient evidence to charge Mr. Kuesters with an assault and battery,” Lawless said. “The responding deputy explained to Mrs. Kuesters his decision, based on the law and the evidence, to not seek charges against Mr. Kuesters. The deputy also informed Mrs. Kuesters of her option of going to the Magistrate and obtaining a warrant on her own.”

Charges were filed against Kuesters after his wife decided to obtain her own warrant, law enforcement said.

“It was my decision and mine alone to not pursue the charge against Mr. Kuesters as there was no prima facie evidence that an assault occurred. As a veteran prosecutor I determined that this case had no prosecutorial merit and I dismissed the charge without consultation with Mr. Plowman,” Lawless said.

After the charge was dismissed, Kuesters wife, Piper, also issued a statement.

“Kevin and I have been married for 20 years. During that time he has been a good husband and wonderful father to our children. There are a lot of false statements and speculation by people about what transpired, however, only he and I were there and only the two of us know the context of what happened. I fully support the Commonwealth’s decision to dismiss the charges against my husband, and our family is united in moving ahead and helping Kevin be elected to the Loudoun County School Board. Broad Run voters deserve a better choice and Kevin is the better choice.”

According to arrest documents, Piper Kuesters told deputies the couple were arguing at their Ashburn home about 10 p.m. Oct. 4 when she leaned into the passenger’s side of Kuesters’ vehicle.

In the report, she said that while she was leaning inside the car, Kuesters continued to yell at her and “without warning sped off” in the vehicle, “causing her to be dragged a short distance and fall to the ground.”

Kuesters’ wife suffered injuries to her left side, including bruising, scrapes and abrasions, according to the report.

Following the news of Kuesters’ Oct. 4 arrest, the candidate said he reached out to all groups supporting his campaign and reassured them of his innocence, but also offered to return any endorsement.

Kuesters said Educate Loudoun accepted his request and he returned the endorsement.

“I appreciate their initial backing and still support their platform of management reform, increased focus on long-range planning, and greater transparency within the LCPS,” he said.


Vote them all out. They want to buy property for a school, half the land is not useable and they are willing to pay 50% above market value!Kuesters sounds like a loser of the nth degree and I will investigate more for my own benifit. Incumbents OUT OUT OUT!!!

Kevin told all his friends the best money he ever spent was when he got Piper plastic surgery - how did they afford sending their kids to St. Theresa’s if they are in debt?    Really is he a positive role model for the school board-  NOT vote NO

Kevin is a good dancer!

Uh, Terri, you got the names backwards in your comment and you need to drop the wo from women while you’re at it.

Piper has a love for Clydes and partying and kevin loves ALL women and spending money he does not have - ask ourselves do we want this guy on the school board?

@ Timeforchange - Doctors LOVE plastic….(for payment that is!)

Can plastic surgery be charged on a credit card?

@Doug - You wrote “The School Board needs financial discipline”.  I looked up the bankruptcy details and Kuesters and his wife reported $105,000 in credit card debt on the application.  I understand the economy has caused many home values to decrease and people are underwater in their mortgages.  However how can you say Kuesters is a good example of financial discipline when his family had over $100k in credit card debt?

@Shawn in Leesburg:  I am suggesting that there may be extenuating circumstances that are contributing factors to Kevin’s situation, and others should not be so quick to jump to conclusions.  And yes, I do prefer someone with a financial background over lifetime educators who have never worked for a for-profit entity and lack the basic understanding of fiscal accountability.

I realize that LCPS still needs to purchase study materials.  However, I expect LCPS to spend our tax dollars as prudently as possible.  If the text book budget is being reduced for cheaper ebook devices such as Kindles, then that is a wise investment.  However, iPads are excessive and unnecessary.

@Doug, so you want someone who’s gone through bankruptcy to oversee a ten-figure budget?

As for the tablet computers, you do realize LCPS is going to need to spend money on either textbooks or tablets, right?

@nrcbtm1: The economic troubles our nation faces under the stewardship of the Chosen One has impacted many families is different ways. The School Board needs financial discipline.  Someone needs to stand up and fight asinine “investments” such as iPads.

The incident probably did occur as described by the wife.  This stuff happens all the time as tempers flair between separating and divorcing spouses.  My guess is he agreed to some concession to her in custody or support or property division so that she would issue that statement making him look acceptable to voters.

I take more issue with him sending all of his children to private school.  If he didn’t care enough about our public schools to allow his children to attend, I wouldn’t vote for him to have a seat on the school board.

@I wysh i cud new inglish, I know you’re waiting for a response, so here you go! The purposeful errors in your alias (which pointed more towards a beef with Kuesters’ spelling) were really a cry for proper syntax. Or the way he arranged his words to form a sentence. I getcha!
BUT, you absolutely missed my point. This article is about his charges being dropped, yet now that there is no issue… you go after grammar? That’s like Trump going after Obama for his birth certificate and switching over to his Harvard credentials after Obama produced the birth certificate.
You obviously have a bone to pick with Kuesters, so you’ll grab at straws. Hmmm, I wonder how many aliases you’ve used in this forum so far.
FYI - I’m not Kuesters, but am very much on his side. We knew the charges were lame, the deputies on the scene knew they were lame, and the CA determined they didn’t hold water either.
You wanna give lessons in grammar and syntax? Teach a class! I’d be more than happy to show up.

“Neither me nor my attorney had any contact…”

Did YOU go to school, rumble? And I will gladly accept the douche of the day award, if only to be in the company of you and Mr. Kuesters..unless you are the same person as I suspect.

I stand corrected, it’s Fox in Leesburg SB that’s part of the anti-staff “party.”

So now we’re left with a wife who’s changed her story radically over the past two weeks.

BTW, Shawn in Leesburg, Tom Reed is not running in Leesburg, he is the incumbent running against Ohneiser for the at-large position. Ken Reid is running for the Board of Supervisors in Leesburg. I believe Bill Fox is who you are looking for for school board in Leesburg.

With all due respect, Shawn in Leesburg, why use the term “wife-beating husband” when he clearly did not touch her? The reports are out there so why exaggerate?
I agree with some of your politics (Ohneiser and anti-staff “party”), but cannot agree with your take on this indvidual. I have to go on record as being an Indy who tends to lean more to the Left, but make an exception when it comes to Kevin Kuesters. I’ve personally given this guy the heads-up on what’s been going on over the past 8 years with these incumbent SB candidates and how they always fall in line with mastah Hatrick.
I can tell you point blank that Kuesters will not be Hatrick’s, Adamo’s, or anyone else’s bit@h… like the current school board members (with the exception of Ohneiser, or course). And that, folks, is what scares the current powers that be at our illustrious LCPS.

“I wysh i cud new inglish.” Really? Is that all you’ve got? The charges get dismissed and you come back grammar? Did you even spell check Kuester’s statement? Or were there some words in his statement that you didn’t understand and therefore assumed they were misspelled. Man, you are the definitive winner of today’s Douchebag Award. Congrats!!

The primary point here is that Mrs. Kuester filed for an arrest warrant based on her injuries.  Then the Kuesters admit that the wife was partially inside the car and he drove off!  What did he think, that she wouldn’t be injured in some way?  He clearly has a temper that blinded him to any common sense or decency that would tell most people “hey, as much as you want to floor it, buddy, ya better not do that or she could get hurt”.  That’s pretty scary, IMO.

@Ready to Rumble: I was being rhetorical/sarcastic. Basically, if we have a wife-beating candidate that wants to cut costs running against a Hatrick toadie that is personally decent, I hope all of us would vote for the Hatrick toadie. I do agree that the land acquisition process is strange at best (why pay 50% above market rate?) and so for this and other reasons, will be voting for Ohneiser in the At-Large election, leaning towards Reed in Leesburg District SB. The anti-staff “party” in the SB elections do deserve a turn at the helm.

@Yes..MOVE ON!: Well given that last week she was co-operating with LCSO (she could have just denied everything, and bam! No husband getting arrested), and now, suddenly, she is denying anything bad took place ... that does seem a bit odd.

Even with Gigi Lawless’ post (unfortunate name), explaining what happened, why did/does Mrs. Kuesters suddenly toe the “happy family and I support my husband 100%” line, less than a couple weeks after (1) calling LCSO (was it Mrs. Kuesters that called LCSO) and (2) seeking to get a magistrate to issue a warrant? I do believe that the CA Office did their best to avoid a conflict of interest, even though I plan on voting for Wexner next week.

Also, the LTM is hopefully verifying comments from people who are displaying themselves as public officials or representatives thereof.

If Kuesters really wrote that comment, I hope we vote him in!!! Nothing says “Good School Board Candidate” like improper grammar.  Way to go!!!!

This whole thing stinks.

MMM, I’m wondering the same thing. I’m sure that Kevin Kuesters would have been proactive enough to at least request some type of statement from the prosecutor’s office in order to set the record straight. After all enough damage was done prior to the election. This may be too little too late. But it’s nice that G. Lawless would step up and do that. To all who question her sincerity, she went on record in this forum with regards to Plowman not having anything to do with her decision. You think this prosecutor would hang herself out to dry if he did? Really?

MMM- What’s strange is the conspiracy theories coming from the democrats…kind of like the truthers who thought 9/11 was an inside job…

Wow - though it seems like an entirely plausible and valid explanation, I’m finding it really hard to believe that the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney would post a response on a public newspaper website comment forum.  Why wouldn’t they just put out a formal press release if this was such an issue?  Strange.

So now she was a victim of “something!” Did you see any pics of her bruises and scrapes? Can you personally tell the severity of those “bruises and scrapes.” Well the deputy that responded to the scene did! And he did not see cause to charge Kuesters. Once again, it wasn’t till the wife went to the Magistrate that the charge of Simple Assualt was conjured up. Your bias is evident by your constant reference to Plowman. If any of you feel strongly enough to put your money where you biased mouths are, have Gigi Lawless and Plowman investigated. Otherwise, suck it up and move on.

Hey “Print this story on the front page” guy or gal, it would be kinda nice if they were fair and did that for him, wouldn’t it? Maybe in an issue prior to the election?

The woman was bruised and scraped.  She was a victim of something.  Jim Plowman should never have had his office involved in this so close to an election.  I am disgusted.

@This Poor Woman, to use your words “possible victim.” How do you feel about the posting, right above yours, by the prosecutor that dropped the charges? If you still think she was a victim of purposeful spousal abuse you are definitely mental. BTW - I’m not Republican. I’m actually (please don’t hate) a Democrat that believes in Kevin Kuesters enough to cross party lines. Sorry, but now you’re looking kinda mental and presumptuous.

Just another example of Plowman helping out his political party…  Wasn’t this guy’s trial originally scheduled for 11/7?  The day before the election? Hmmmm.  Can’t really believe that Plowman had nothing to do with getting this case advanced so it could be dismissed.  Not sure if he would do this for any normal, unaffiliated person…  11/8 can’t come quick enough…

I don’t normally leave comments, but in this case I will make an exception.  Ms. Lawless did indeed meet with my attorney and it was her decision and her signature on the Agreed Order.  Neither me nor my attorney had any contact with Mr. Plowman, I did not ask anyone to reach out to Mr. Plowman on my behalf, and I purposely have avoided any contact with Mr. Plowman since the charge was made on October 4.  I did this consciously and purposefully to ensure that no one would have any basis for claiming any conflict of interest or preferential treatment.  Anyone who claims the CA’s office did anything inappropriate is wrong and simply trying to score political points against Mr. Plowman or myself.  They should be seen as the political opportunists that they are and be ignored.

Yo! Plowman Stikes Again! You have enough computer skills to post on this forum but not enough internet savy to Google Gigi Lawless? WTF?!
@Gigi, per your statement, you mention that the responding deputies decided NOT to seek charges against Mr. Kuesters based on the law AND THE EVIDENCE. It wasn’t until the wife “chose to seek a warrant at the Magistrate’s Office.” When “A second deputy, WHO WAS NOT PRESENT for the initial investigation of the complaint, was summoned to the Magistrate’s Office to assist Mrs. Kuesters in securing a warrant.” So, are you implying that things may have been different if the initial deputy was present, upon Mrs. Kuesters arrival to the Magistrate, that Kuesters might not have been arrested at all… destroying his reputation prior to the elections?
Apparently they felt they need to charge him with SOMETHING because his wife made a special trip to the magistrate while she was angry. Simple Assault would seem to do the trick, as it seemed to work for that poor coach that was smacked with the same charge during a football scrimage. This is a sad state of affairs for our area when you can be charged with whatever seems to fit the bill just because someone is angry with you… no matter that the responding deputies believe you don’t merit being charged!

Sounds like a lot of sour grapes going on here.  Don’t worry - somebody will do something soon enough for you people to complain about.

I hope this paper does the right thing and prints this story, complete with Mr, Kuesters’ photo, on the front page of the upcoming print version, just like they did in the October 12th version for the article about his arrest.

Jim Plowman and his staff do a fantastic job and he has earned the privilege of being re-elected.

Even if it was a lower prosecutor who made the decision to drop the charges, a good leader takes responsibility for the acts of his or her entire organization. Mr. Plowman knows he is under suspicion of granting Republicans prosecutorial favors. It would have behooved him to let these charges stand and be aired publicly in order to avoid even the APPEARANCE of favoritism.

Instead, he lets his office cut a quickie deal with a fellow Republican candidate, and has one of his staff attorneys take the heat for it?

Regardless of what really happened, this entire incident demonstrates why we badly need new leadership in the Commonwealth’s Attorney office.

Loks like the Democrats are becoming angrier as the a-facts of the case come to light.  It doesn’t fit the leftist template so they start with the hypotheticals, false accusations against Plowman, and now conspiracy to beat the newspapers deadline…Looks like the Occupy Democrats are the only angry and lawless group around these days…

Wow…assuming a lot of you people also think Humpty Dumpty was pushed…let it go.

Come on now, there can’t be someone really named GiGi Lawless in that office!  Oh yeah, you guys just happened to get these charges dismissed just in time for the local press deadlines.  This is another Plowman political job.  You people should be ashamed of yourselves - how do you look yourselves in the mirror?

My name is Gigi Lawless.  I am an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney here in Loudoun County and I am the prosecutor who made the decision to dismiss the charge against Mr. Kuesters.  I am one of two dedicated domestic violence prosecutors for my office and have held this role since 2009.  I have been practicing law for over twelve years – ten of which have been as a prosecutor.  The Code of Virginia dictates that law enforcement officers must make a mandatory arrest in cases of domestic assault and battery if there is probable cause to believe that such crime occurred.  The allegation against Mr. Kuesters was immediately investigated by law enforcement and the responding deputy did not have sufficient evidence to charge Mr. Kuesters with an assault and battery.  The responding deputy explained to Mrs. Kuesters his decision, based on the law and the evidence, to not seek charges against Mr. Kuesters.  The deputy also informed Mrs. Kuesters of her option of going to the Magistrate and obtaining a warrant on her own (as is every citizen’s right to do).  Mrs. Kuesters chose to seek a warrant at the Magistrate’s Office.  A second deputy, who was not present for the initial investigation of the complaint, was summoned to the Magistrate’s Office to assist Mrs. Kuesters in securing a warrant.  I reviewed the facts thoroughly and met with Mrs. Kuesters regarding this case.  It was my decision and mine alone to not pursue the charge against Mr. Kuesters as there was no prima facie evidence that an assault occurred.  As a veteran prosecutor I determined that this case had no prosecutorial merit and I dismissed the charge without consultation with Mr. Plowman.

Wow, someone who is concerned about a possible victim of abuse is now called “mental”.  Nice to see the local angry Republicans showing their true stripes.

@This Poor Woman, ABSOLUTELY… Move the hell on! She had “bruising, scrapes and abrasions” that she takes personal “partial” responsibility for. She and her husband are putting this behind them, and you feel it necessary to say he doesn’t deserve to hold office anywhere? There’s definitely something politically motivated behind your statements. You sure you’re not working for the write-in candidate?

Why are Loudoun Republicans so darn angry?  You are wound way too tight.

Yes - MOVE ON!  Because as far as this incident is concerned, you do not know what happened.  As she said herself “only he and I were there and only the two of us know the context of what happened”.  If you don’t want to vote for him, fine, I am indifferent about him, I am not trying to defend him.  But stop obsessing about something where the people involved have moved on themselves.

The poor woman has “bruising, scrapes and abrasions” and you want everyone just to move on.  This “man” is not fit to be elected to any office anywhere.

They sound like they have moved on.  Time for you trolls to move on as well.

Wow, Plowman gave a pass to one of his Republican cronies!  They all get a pass unless they live in Middleburg and are not friendly to developers like Mark Tate was.  Learn your lesson Loudoun Republicans, stick with the program and you too can be treated special too.

@Shawn in Leesburg, the whole Kuesters thing aside, you asked “Or is the willingness to cut costs the only thing you look for in a School Board candidate?”
I’ll pretend that wasn’t a rhetorical question and answer it just because not many folks have posted about the ridiculous manner in which the current school board memebers have buried their heads in the sand.

For folks in the western portion of the county, who’ve been subject to puppetized decision making from a school board that is led blindly by its own staffers, the answer is “no.”
Willingness to cut costs is not the only thing many of us would look for in a candidate. Simple things like asking questions, pursuing the truth in statistical reports, and delving into the shady side of the staffers’ land acquisition process are but a few things we’d look for in a school board candidate.
Most folks have no idea what kind of money ordinary citizens have coughed up just to expose the near-criminal activities of the LCPS staffers.
The current school board hasn’t done sh#t to look into the lies they’ve been subject to in the land acquisition process. Even when the lies are brought to their attention with concrete evidence to support the exposure of said lies. These lies have already cost the county’s taxpayers millions in misguided studies, and could have wasted $10s of millions more in overpayment for land if the BoS hadn’t intervened.

Simply put, I’m in hopes that both Loudoun and Fairfax see a significant change (for the better) in the make up of the current school boards.
Oh, a school board member that wouldn’t be led around by the nose, like livestock, and would consider standing up to Hatrick’s antics might be helpful as well.

@AshburnMan, now if Piper called the LCSO and (presumably on her testimony) Kuesters was arrested I hardly call that “blowing out of proportion.”

Now if Piper has decided to clam up to avoid embarrassing her husband/herself/her kids/whatever, then fine—that’s between them as a family. I suspect he may have an anger problem and she may have a “liking to bait the angry bear” problem.

I mean, srsly, on her part, why would you stick your head in the window of a car driven by your angry soon-to-be-ex, and on his part, why would you drive off *knowing* she is likely to be hurt?

All this doesn’t mean we still have to want this guy on the School Board.

Or is the willingness to cut costs the only thing you look for in a School Board candidate?

Plowman should not have involved himself in making this decision.  Once he again he gets in the middle of politics to help out his partymates.  Elect a real prosecutor, not a politician and put Jennifer Wexton into office.

I agree “LordBinky.” She called the Sheriff’s Office. She made the complaint. She gave the officers the statement which forced them, by law, to get a warrant for her husband’s arrest. Now she is telling the paper that there were false statements. Since she was the person who made the report, I wonder where the false statements came from. She should be charged with making false statements to law enforcement.

Based on the report I thought this may get thrown out…it was blown out of proportion to try to sell papers…I didn’t see any apology by the paper for trying to destroy Kuesters reputation?  Looks like the family is working through this awful experience which is positive and I wish him success on election day. I guess the write-in political opportunist doesn’t have anything to run on now…if the write in was serious about representing Broad Run on the school board she would have at least filed the paperwork to do so.

either=neither (never said I was good at editing)

Ok, so those “haters” out there are not gonna be satisfied with the fact that Kuesters’ own wife is endorsing him. That somehow Plowman had something to do with CA dropping things? WTF? The CA couldn’t drop diddly unless the wife dropped the charges… and even then, the CA has the option to push for trial if there were sufficient evidence to pursue the matter. But there wasn’t, and there you have it.
As far as Alby’s remark about assuming someone “with a background in educating would be the best qualified” over a “bean counter?”
It’s obvious he knows absolutely nothing about the current school board’s lack of qualifications.
So here ya go!
We currently have a majority on the school board that either know enough about purchasing or are too lazy to ask the appropriate question of their staffers.
They have repeatedly followed the advice of their land acquisition staffers without question. Offing well over 150% of market value for school parcels without even batting an eye. Jennifer Bergel, previously a teacher and now board member from the Catoctin District, is one of those who insisted on purchasing property from a rich developer even AFTER the contract had been canceled due to many factors making the parcel in question unfeasible. She insisted that the property should still be purchase for some future use that would yet to be determined… at a price still way over the market rate!
The current board wants tablets for students but fudge the numbers in order to make it look like they’ll be saving money in the long run. Never, ever, mentioning the cost of additional software licenses, upgrade costs or even the fact that the typical computer becomes virtually obsolete within a given 3 year period. The current school board is not taking in consideration the costs of 3rd year replacement of tablets that would be handed out in 2012.
A “bean counter” is what our county needs on the school board… whether it’s Kuesters or someone else with those expertise.
Last point and I’ll end my rant. Please consider voting for anyone other than the current incumbents (with the exception of Ohneiser). Especially Priscilla Godfrey and Jennifer Bergel. Godfrey is no longer an independent thinker and Bergel is easily snowed by the likes of Sal Cangiano (the developer trying to make a serious buck from the LCPS at the expense of Loudoun taxpayers).

This guy does not belong on any Board, let alone the School Board.  Send him up the river!

Again, a another example of adults misbehaving.  Forget damage he has done to his reputation/chances of winning, what about their poor children. :(  Sad all around.

I’m sure Kevin Kuesters is a good guy and his public fight with his wife and arrest dented his “I’m Mr. Perfect” image as a politician looking for a job.

All said, I’m not sure why an CPA is qualified to be on the school board. One would assume that somebody with a background in educating would be the best qualified for such a role, not a bean counter.

Seems more likely that the CA dropped the case when the accuser (wife) changed her mind. Maybe there was no case without her since there were no other witnesses. Only speculation since none of us were involved. Time to move on.

Jim Plowman helps out another Republican candidate.  This is sad.  Kuesters is endorsed by the same Loudoun County Republican Committee that Plowman is so active in.  This should have been referred out to someone else.  It must be comforting to be part of the club and know you’ll always have your back covered by the local prosecutor.

“There are a lot of false statements and speculation by people about what transpired, however, only he and I were there and only the two of us know the context of what happened. I fully support the Commonwealth’s decision to dismiss the charges against my husband”

So, if there were only two of them there, who called the police and made the complaint? Her? Him? And if the decision to dismiss the charges is fully supported, will the Attorney’s Office comments make any reference to a “wasting police time” charge? And this “happy ending” is a vote-winner?

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