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Authorities complete Executive Law Enforcement Certification

photoPhoto Courtesy/Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office From left to right: William C. O’Toole, executive director of the NVCJTA, Maj. Richard Fiano, Sheriff Mike Chapman, Ma. John Fraga and legal instructor Jennifer Morton

Three members of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office executive team recently completed a new model curriculum for Executive Law Enforcement Certification at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy (NVCJA). A total of 10 executives from throughout the state of Virginia graduated Nov. 27.

The training, approved by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, included 80-hours of instruction including in-classroom legal instruction, criminal procedures, criminal law, corrections/court security legal matters, patrol procedures and tactics, investigations defense/use of force tactics and firearms instruction.

“This is a milestone in law enforcement training,” said Loudoun County Sheriff Michael L. Chapman in a prepared statement. “For the first time, executive law enforcement in Virginia will be able to obtain law enforcement certification after the completion of this executive-tailored training course.”

The development of this model training collaboration, initiated by Chapman, was a cooperative effort between the DCJS, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Training Section and the NVCJA.

William C. O’Toole, executive director of the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy, described the DCJS approved curriculum as “an innovative training module expanding law enforcement certification for executive law enforcement.”

The concept for this executive level training was proposed to DCJS after Chapman was elected to office last year. The newly certified members from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office executive team include Chapman, Maj. Richard Fiano and Maj. John Fraga.

Chapman was elected as Loudoun County Sheriff in November 2011. Prior to being elected Sheriff Chapman served the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a special agent for 23 years and as a senior manager in the latter part of this career.

Fiano leads the Criminal Investigations Division. Fiano is a 35-year-veteran of law enforcement. Fiano served as a senior executive with the DEA.

Fraga leads the Operational Support Division. Fraga retired from the FBI after 24 years of service as a special agent. He also served as a senior executive.

The first-ever graduating class also included Chief Daniel A. Dusseau of the Northern Virginia Community College Police Department, Chief Stephen P. Monticelli of the City of Harrisonburg Police Department, Maj. Mark Sykes, assistant chief of Police Division of Capitol Police, Commonwealth of Virginia, Chief Rhonda L. Harris, Chief of Police / Director of Public Safety Old Dominion University, Sheriff Timothy J. Duff of the Highland County Sheriff’s Office, Michael F. A. Morehart, Inspector General, Commonwealth of Virginia, and Chief Howard B. Hall of the Roanoke County Police Department. The training was held at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy, a nationally accredited law enforcement training academy.


The $100,000 PR person at LCSO has again done an excellent job of spinning a story.  This “milestone in law enforcement training” is nothing more than a 2 week course to teach those that either havent worked or are not certified in Virginia law enforcement to have some limited knowledge of what the real cops actually do.  A.K.A. I brought in my friends to try to run the LCSO and when I found out after the fact that they couldn’t do this job I got the academy to create a short course so that they would be legal. Seriously, does a 2 week course substitute for a 20 or 30 year career coming up through the ranks?  I don’t think that two weeks of training prepares someone to run an entire division. The taxpayers are not getting much bang for their buck these days. Does anyone find it odd that the new sheriff never gives answers to anything other than with a “prepared statement”?

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