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Back in Loudoun, Warner calls for compromise, fixes to ‘Obamacare’

Making his third stop this month in Loudoun -- one of Virginia's key swing counties -- U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D) underscored his business and bipartisan credentials in Leesburg Friday, the third day of his “Working Together” re-election campaign tour.

As he does frequently, Warner remarked that he's “relentlessly bipartisan,” and the former Virginia governor used some legislation to support the claim; the senator highlighted a student debt bill he drafted with the help of Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, a Warner-patroned measure aiming to standardize federal spending data and ensure it's available to the public online. The act has passed both chambers of Congress and awaits President Obama's signature.

“Every major piece of legislation I work on I start with a Republican partner,” Warner said. “Not because it makes it intellectually better, but because I think if you start with a Republican partner that means that most folks will think, 'well, maybe this has actually got some common ground to it,'”

Warner stressed his belief that government should be used to provide everyone a “fair shot” – a phrase he repeated several times during his hour-long visit to the Mason Enterprise Center business hub.

Warner spoke proudly of his personal background, driving home what he described as an "only in America" story.

"Born in Indiana in a lower-middle class family, public schools all my life … I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. I failed miserably in my first two business attempts,” Virginia's senior senator said.

Following initial business failures, Warner found private sector success in the telecommunications industry and as a venture capitalist. He's now one of the richest members of Congress with assets totaling more than $76 million, according to Roll Call.

Republicans have zeroed in on Warner's vote in favor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, playing on the law commonly called Obamacare's unpopularity. A USA Today/Pew Research poll released in early May showed that 55 percent of those surveyed oppose Obamacare.

The GOP and Warner's presumed challenger, former National Republican Committee chairman and lobbyist Ed Gillespie, have seemed set on framing the campaign around Obamacare and Warner's support for the president's agenda.

"Not only have countless Virginians had their insurance cancelled because of Warner’s vote for ObamaCare, but now they’re facing double digit premium increases as well," said Michael Short, a Republican National Committee spokesman. "The gap between what Mark Warner says and what he does seems to grow wider by the day, whether it’s keeping his ObamaCare promises or paying lip service to bipartisanship while voting with the Obama Administration 97 percent of the time.”

Warner's campaign called the 97 percent figure misleading. A spokesman said "solely tallying an arbitrary number of mainly procedural votes does not accurately depict the total sum of a U.S. Senator's work."

"Republicans and independent news organizations alike have praised Sen. Warner's credentials as a moderate, bipartisan problem solver," the spokesman, David Turner, said.

As he did earlier this month at a Loudoun Democrats gala, Warner conceded Friday there are problems with the Affordable Care Act. Several proposed fixes he mentioned include adding a lower-cost, higher-deductible "Copper" option to the federal insurance marketplace; raising the employer mandate on small businesses from those with 50 employees to those with 100 employees; and cutting back administrative requirements.

“Some of these are Republican ideas, but we got to actually move the debate from, 'let's not touch a word of it' to 'let's repeal it 50 different times' … it should be about 'how do we get it fixed,'” Warner said.

The senator also called for more compromise from lawmakers in working to reduce the federal debt and deficit. Republicans must consider higher taxes, Warner said, while Democrats should be willing to alter entitlement spending.

"You have to recognize that both parties have got good ideas, and the only way you're going to get stuff done is if you're willing to compromise," he noted.

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LoCo Wonders

You have not debate skills. I said he did not run businesses into the ground and your story has nothing to do with his past businesses only people he raised money from.

As to disbelief he won, that is the republicans fault for cancelling the primary that would have been won by Boiling who would be governor now. The republicans put up the worse candidate, I hope they learned a lesson and if not we will see more democrat victories at the state level where gerrymandering does not help them.

@Fed Up Dude

You are a moron.

Here’s what McAuliffe own team says about him:


more cowbell

@fedupdude, you’re a regular Cliff Claven with all that knowledge….Name a few of those companies that have hired more people due to ACA? It’s great to be Independent and not so brain washed from either party like the fedupdude.


Companies have been hiring, even better companies like Walmart who claimed they would make everyone part time has not only increased its workforce it has made record number of its employees full time, 90% now.

There are ploys by business ahead of time then there is reality. They need people to make money, the slight cost increase is better than lost productivity due to messing with complicated scheduling.

Now to ChuckUA; he is taking an issue that started decades ago and is trying to make it a Warner issue, it was not a Warner policy and it was done under a number of Republican Governors including the last until the lawsuit was settled in 2011. This was do to VA state law policy handed down by the house not the Governor. However he won’t tell you all those facts they don’t fit his agenda. 

While you all fuss about the messengers, the fact still remains that Warner voted (FOR) ObamaCare and now he says it needs to be fixed? Had he listened to Virginians when he voted against our best interest, he wouldn’t be trying to talk out the side of his neck that he was against it before he was for it.

@fedupdude, you’re a regular Cliff Claven with all that knowledge….Name a few of those companies that have hired more people due to ACA? It’s great to be Independent and not so brain washed from either party like the fedupdude.

As usual fedup, reading for comprehension, you are doing it wrong!
Virginia cvtc lawsuit, look it up.
So let’s look at the fact that when fedupdude tries to deflect the fact that he doesn’t have a clue about anything, including the law, he uses his own ignorance of legal proceedings to support his inaccurate assertions and lack of understanding concerning the Constitution or federal laws.
Over an 8 year period, zero special need waivers were issued to families in the state of Virginia under Warner and Kaine, making the Commonwealth the laughingstock of the nation, ranking dead last during those years.
The entrenched incompetents created by Warner/Kaine have made honoring the settlement almost impossible as the DBHDS had lost all institutional abilities or knowledge to create, administer, or even evaluate the services that they were legally required to offer state residence under ADA Federal law.
Everyone complains about the lack of mental health facilities for the Va Tech shooting and Senator Deed’s stabbing and son’s suicide. Warner and Kaine never supported the department which is why it continues to fail and fail and fail again.
Good luck in trying to argue against facts Fedup!

LoCo Wonders also selling lies.

1) How Warner and Romney make money are fairly related. They were in the business of making money off things already built. Romney’s Baine Capital just broke up business and sold off the parts to make profit.

2) McAuliffe on the other hand built up and sold off several businesses that did later fail long after he sold them. His bank was highly successful under his leadership, youngest bank CEO ever. His real estate business was fine under him. He sold it years before Black Friday which killed real estate in this nation in the 80s and caused the new owners to fold. His current business venture may or may not go anywhere, remains to be seen.

At least tell the truth

Warner’s business credentials are laughable. As a young man, he figure out how to gain an advantage by partnering with minority bidders who were given preferences in cell phone spectrum auctions. Once the Warner team won the bidding, he re-sold the spectrum to Verizon,  AT & T and other, pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars.  He then invested some of his gains in other telecommunications ventures. He didn’t “build” anything -  he figure out how to take advantage of government preferences. Governor McAuliffe also has a series of experiences with failed businesses, shady deal making and obtaining subsidies from the public trough for those failed businesses.  I guess this is what Democrats consider business credentials.  Interesting how McAuliffe lead the charge criticizing Mitt Rommney was for being a successful business person but gaming government spectrum auctions and running failed business ventures qualifies as “business cred” for Warner and the Dems.

Mark Warner has the distinction of being the Governor with the highest approval rating by the opposing party, ever in modern history. 76%-80% approval state wide in polls when he stepped down.

ChuckUA is making stuff up. Lets look at his post about Holder and Warner, Holder took over DOJ in 2008, Warner was Governor from 2002-2006; there is no way Holder sued VA under Warner.

Mark Warner was one of the 2 worst governors Virginia has ever had. He was so inhumane in his treatment of citizens in the commonwealth and their families, that Eric Holder’s DOJ sued the state of Virginia and forced them to settle. The state is still paying for his incompetence.
The only compliment he is worth of is being a leftist leaning looser.

Compromise?  Really?  Sen Warner didn’t read this legislation before he voted in favor of it.  Can you still keep your doctor?  LOL!
I’m still waiting for my $2,500 reduction in premiums by the way.

Anyone saying the ACA kills jobs in not interested in the facts, fact is companies saying they would make people part time to avoid it have record number of full time employees right now. Once again the job killing hype is disproved.

As an Independent voter(and someone who voted for him in the past elections), I will not vote for Mark Warner as long as he backs both H1Bs and ACA. Both hurt the economy and are jobs killer for hard working US citizens…. He still leans too far left for me….

Warner says Obamacare needs to be fixed, yet when he voted for it is was the best thing since sliced bread. Warner is just another left wing radical Democrat who is trying to sound like a Conservative because the political winds in the November election aren’t favoring left wing socialist dishing out tax dollars to the lazy at the expense of the hard working Americans who earned that money.

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