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Barnett won’t run for Congress in 2012

Jeff Barnett, the Democrat who in 2010 vied against U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf for the 10th District, announced Sunday he would not seek his party’s nomination in 2012.

A retired U.S. Air Force colonel, Barnett was defeated by Wolf, who went on to serve a 16th term in office, on Nov. 2, 2010.

Barnett garnered 34 percent of the vote to Wolf’s 64 percent. Libertarian William Redpath took 2 percent.

Barnett said he will remain involved in the Democratic party. Not running for office again was a tough decision, he added.

“The fact that I’m not running for Congress this year gives me the freedom to engage in other ways. I will be writing, speaking, working for candidates, and working for committees. My message will be simple, ‘We are better together,’” Barnett said in an emailed statement.

In his announcement, Barnett criticizes the Republican Party for its unwillingness to work across the aisle to find a solution to support middle class values.

“‘On your own’ is the Republican Party strategy. Once you boil down their goal of ‘less government and lower taxes,’ that is all that’s left. Wealth will inevitably erode from the middle class. Those who want to join the middle class will get less help than they need. In other words, they are ‘on your own.’ Darwin might call it, ‘survival of the fittest,’” he said.

The Democrat also went on to criticize the lack of federal funding for the Dulles Rail project, which would bring Metrorail to Washington Dulles International Airport and on into Loudoun County.

“We can out-build the world with transportation projects that make good jobs. Rail-to-Dulles is ridiculously underfunded by the federal government. There are zero federal dollars for the Loudoun County portion of Dulles Rail. Zero. We need to fix that. Republicans blame construction workers for the underfunding. That is a lie that Democrats must attack.

“We have the brains and bandwidth to produce energy. We can lead the nation in green innovation. That will create generations of new jobs in Northern Virginia,” he said.


This guy is apparently smarter than he appears.  He understands he’s been flushed and no one wants him around!

This Republican would vote for a Democrat over Wolf.  Just saying.

There are ZERO federal dollars for Phase 2 of Dulles Metro. Fairfax got $900 million; Loudoun gets ZERO. Dulles Metro links our national capital with its international airport. Dulles Metro deserves at least partial federal funding. Without partial federal funding, Dulles Metro will be the “ball and chain” that Mr. LaRock predicts.

In 2004 the USDOT studied this rail project to determine what if anything it would accomplish toward relieving traffic. It got a FAILING grade. Anybody that wants to waste money on ineffective infrastructure has is short on brains and/or bandwidth.

Go “invest” your own money in a Solyndra or something Mr. Barnett, but not ours. These schemes feed the wealthy and waste our tax dollars.

Stop calling this mega-pork rail project an investment when it is a stimulus to the big campaign donors, a bailout for the dilapidated Metro system, and a ball and chain for the citizens.

Got to www.LoudounOptOut.com

Our Family is the 6.04%‘ers - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Household_income_in_the_United_States#Household_income

I am the 2 percent.

Barnett is smart. The 10th is a Republican Stronghold. Any Democrat who thinks they can win the 10th will get schooled in how to write a concession speech. Might be a good place for Democrats to get practice in running and losing. But no Democrat is going win the 10th. And with the gerrymandering of Congressional districts, its even harder for any liberal to win the 10th.

Take note that Wolf has just about always received 60+ percent of the vote election after election.

I voted Redpath in 2010. That’s real change, not the Demopublicans or the Republicrats.

It is too bad, Barnett was much better than Judy Feder. 

I still don’t understand how Wolf continues to win re-election.  This man must have the most pathetic resume for any Congressman with 30+ years of “service”.  Oh, and let me guess?  He somehow became wealthy while “serving” for all of us?

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