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Ben Carson in Loudoun: ‘Things do not look good for our country’

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke to a crowd of approximately 2,000 at Park View High School in Sterling Sunday night. Times-Mirror Photo/Trevor Baratko
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson riled up a crowd of roughly 2,000 people in Loudoun County Sunday night, where the increasingly popular Carson painted a bleak picture of what America will look like if the next president continues on the same path as President Barack Obama.

Carson’s stop in Virginia came the same day a new NBC/Wall Street Journal national poll showed him trailing GOP front-runner Donald Trump by one percentage point.

A neurosurgeon making his first run for public office, Carson echoed sentiments of the Trump campaign by focusing on the notion of American exceptionalism and scoffing at political correctness.

“This country was supposed to be of, for and by the people. Somehow it’s gotten confused, and it believes it’s of, for and by the government. But I believe it’s time for the people to take it back,” Carson said to cheers.

During his nearly hour-long speech, Carson said “things do not look good for our country.” He followed up that sentence saying “this is a incredible nation.”

“Have you ever noticed that there’s such a thing as the American way? There is no French way. There is no Portuguese way, no Nigerian way. There’s just the American way,” Carson said. “And it’s something that we need to be proud of. And we certainly don’t need anybody coming in here and trying to change who we are.”

Carson touched on reducing the federal debt, immigration reform and implementing health savings accounts as an alternative to the Affordable Care Act. He proposed a moratorium on raising the federal budget.

“We don’t raise it one penny for three or four years and the budget will be balanced, just like that,” he said. “ … There are thousands of federal employees that retire every year. Don’t replace them. Just do that for three or four years.”

Carson is the first major-party presidential candidate of the 2016 cycle to stop in Loudoun County, a key swing district in the critical state of Virginia. In the 2008 and 2012 general elections, Loudoun and Virginia as a whole voted for President Obama.

Sunday's rally was held at Park View High School in Sterling. Loudoun resident and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck introduced Carson.

Here are some additional highlights of Carson's speech:

-Carson said the U.S. is in jeopardy of losing its status as holding the reserve currency of the world, which allows it to print money. “What would happen if we could not print money, which we are doing very irresponsibly now? Which we have been doing irresponsibly since 1971 … We need to get our act together.”

-Carson mocked a proposal from President Obama's administration that seeks to provide free community college for students, asking “how in the world” the country can pay for the initiative.

-Carson said people need to be more informed, referencing the days of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, whom he said preached the importance of a knowledgeable electorate.

“ … when people were not well informed, all it would take is a dishonest politician and dishonest media to feed people a bunch of lies and off they would go into another direction. And that's exactly what has been happening in our country,” Carson said.

-The Republican urged approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, adding “we have enormous energy resources within this country.”

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dunno - sounds comatose - needs dose of t.rump’s “high tea” ?

So Lawman, if you think you are so “informed” and the rest of us are clueless.  How is SS funded?  All the different parts of SS?  How is Medicare funded?  All of its constituent parts.  Those are the programs that are bankrupting the US.  Carson is intent on solving those programs.

Ever read a financial statement?  Can you even find the US financial statement?  It exists.  And it shows we run a $2T deficit every year, not the $400-500B one the press reports on (the press doesn’t understand finance either).  While others have sounded some of the alarms that Carson has, none are as articulate as he is on the core issues.  You dismiss him at your own risk.  LTM won’t let me post links on these comments but I think you are in need of a real education.

“Frankly Lawman people are tired of sending money to Washington”  So boo hoo What is senior talent Lawman, well it definitely is not you @ReallyFedUp, my recommendation is to go a read abook or two on the topic.  I was in the military, which means the Air Force, but, who cares. Also don’t assume someone is a Republican or Democrat.  Trump does not talk about shrinking the Government because he understands that because our private sector has shrunk because all those free market Republicans have allowed their money men to take out jobs overseas, a strong Government sector helps you know, keep the economy a float.  Oh you like security, oh you like clean water and clean air, on you like it when you plane goes up and comes down safely, oh you like the fact that trains and ports run smoothly, oh you like an airbag when it pops out between your face and the steering wheel.  Wonder what helps make that happen:  say it slowly Gov-ern-ment.  It needs reform, but, not bone headed simplistic sound bites.  We need to get serious and stop playing sound bite politics to appease a bunch of folks who don’t have a clue how their government, country or their own dang cell phone works.

Ignore Lawman, he’s just trying to get a rise.  Remember, never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, and a@@ from any direction.

that’s the problem with you elitist, you think that people that do not have a College Education lack intellect and shouldn’t be involved in the political process. Well 1st, yes I do have a college education and before I did get my education I served 4 years in the military and then I put myself through college. You probably had mommy and daddy pay your way.
Yes, the government is a ‘behemoth’. And, no, I didn’t have to use Google, Jack Wagon. I’m glad that Dr. Carson has a plan or has a suggestion on how to shrink it. It can’t continue with the status quo. Something has to be done. Your party’s answer is to tax, spend and continue to grow government. Currently, I don’t have a favorite but I believe Dr. Carson is intelligent enough to know that the current road we are on will eventually destroy us and lead us into oblivion. He has ideas and suggestions that need to be seriously considered. That’s more than the Hope and Change we got in 2008 from the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

@ Lawman - Senior talent? Give me a break. What is senior talent? The deputy admin assistant to the assistant to deputy to the deputy director to the director of Department/Agency/Office/Bureau XYZ?

We have so many “ministries” in this country, it isn’t even funny. Talk about overhead! Most of the federal government is one big jobs program and the next generation is going to pay dearly for it… I mean slavery where 85% of your paycheck is confiscated to pay for the debt that has been rung up. You think democrats are addressing that? No, they’re to busy talking about racism, feminism and any other isn’t to get votes and play one group against another, instead of dealing with our terrible fiscal mess.


Frankly Lawman, people are tired of sending money to DC and it’s the only part of the country doing well. There are a lot of people that hate this area because of the corruption and greed of politicians, staffers and people who write pages and pages of gobbledygook everyday to “control” the masses. Enough policy and Bureaucracy. Time for a change. The democrat party is all about the status quo. Get them OUT.

Everything Dr. Carson says makes sense.  With Trump getting the candidates all the publicity they need, look for Carson to keep rising.  My friends/family in SC were also big fans.  Any ideas on who will win that SC primary (3rd in nation, I believe?  Let’s just say Sen Scott received about 10% more of the vote than Sen Graham in the same year for the same office (Senator).  Truly a self-made man.

@workhardgetahead, I can tell you did not reach too much further than High School.  The Federal Government is a behemoth (may want to google that word) for sure.  There is no doubt that the way it is structured, saving money or making sense are not very high priorities.  However, if you think the simplistic nonsense that Dr. Carson is proposing to shrink the Government will not impact essential services that the Federal Government; air traffic controls, food safety inspections, security, military operations, yes most DoD employees are civilians, medical services for veterans, Native Americans and others and inspections of critical industries such as nuclear facilities.  If you think you can let senior talent retire and not hire outside individuals to replace that talent and expertise, then you and Dr. Carson are clueless.  The point being only a moron, because he obviously is not dumb, would propose such an action; and not think that would human health and security.

The “substance” of his initiatives werevery shallow.  Nothing specific other than freezing government employee hires and making department heads cut their budgets by 3%.  OK!?!  That’s easy to say.  And certainly isn’t the first time it has been said. 

I got the impression he could care less if he was elected or not.  He could take it or leave it.  Very uninspiring.  Nice enough guy, certainly affable, nice bedside manner, but not really a world leader persona. 

He will never appeal to a larger audience outside of the demographics reflected in a Sterling Park high school auditorium. And that is why he would never win a national election.

Carson would be better off running for Congress and serving for a while.  I think he’s way over his head when it comes to specifics.

Our family attended and I was impressed with what I heard—a LOT more substance that most stump speeches. He wasn’t on my radar before, but after hearing Dr. Carson, he’ll receive serious consideration for my primary vote.

One thing I have to praise the organizers for is that event was truly first come—first seated. So often at events like this one, they have huge blocks of the best seats reserved for “VIPs.” We arrived about two hours earlier and were rewarded with primo seats. They had one section of bleachers reserved for volunteers who were working the event and couldn’t stake out their seats, which was more than fair. But that was it.

As an Independent, scary to think Lawman votes, could sit on a jury and might have kids. Ben is 100 times better than what we have now in office(magic 8 ball would make better decisions). Both parties are corrupt, that’s the reason for Ben, Donald and Carly doing so well.

A neurosurgeon being called a moron by Lawman.  What a surprise….

thanks for admitting that you’re the obvious. If you were insinuating that Dr. Carson as being such you obviously don’t have a clue. Calling Dr. Carson a Moron would make you racist.(using the Obama standard that the libs like to use)

Hillary-Under investigation by the FBI
Sanders-an avowed Socialist
Biden-an admitted plagiarizer

Great choices you have!!

Conservatism = Common Sense
Liberalism = Nonsense
Lawman = simplistic thinking moron


I mean a simplistic thinking moron.

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