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Democrat’s sign vandalized with white supremacist letters in Sterling

A LuAnn Bennett for Congress campaign sign was vandalized with white supremasist symbols. Courtesy Photo
A campaign sign for LuAnn Bennett, Democratic candidate for the 10th Congressional District, was vandalized Oct. 18 on West Church Road in Sterling with the letters “CWB SS,” according to campaign officials.

CWB, according to the Anti-Defamation League, stands for “Crazy White Boys,” a term generically used by white supremacists. SS stands for Schutzstaffel, the paramilitary arm of Hitler's Germany.

Bennett campaign officials said they reported the incident to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.


This is the kind of alt-right, white supremacist vermin who feel empowered by Trump, whose candidacy has weaponized the cranks, fools and other crazies living on the fringes of society.

There are no cameras there. Pretty sure it’s just for show.

A Democrat advertisement that doesn’t speak the truth? Let’s hope that this revelation doesn’t make it up the chain to the Clinton campaign :)

There are no cameras there. Pretty sure it’s just for show.

And they are plenty of white conservatives in that area. But it’s also on a busy street so it would have been easy for someone to stop quick and nail it passing through.

Maybe, like a lot of animals, these vandals don’t cr@p in their own area, but go elsewhere and cr@p in other peoples neighborhoods.  It’s good that you don’t think like a criminal, but if you did for just one second, you’d realize that any criminal/vandal wishing to NOT get caught, would not commit a crime on the same block where friends and family would easily identify them. Naivety however does not warrant your comment, and taking this type of racial hatred so lightly.

Chris - Conspiracy theories, like Mr. Trump is leading with, right on que.  Perhaps, just perhaps, the police are actually reviewing that video as evidence, and as such, it is not (yet) shared publicly, because then the perpetrators would know they’ve been exposed, and might change their behavior, making their capture that much more difficult. Like Mr. Sterlinglocal, it’s great that you don’t think like a criminal, or in this case, a cop, but again, trying to play off this hate speech as some political gamesmanship is distasteful at best. Ignorant is more apt.

This sign is in a predominantly Hispanic area in Sterling Park. Not many neo Nazi white teenagers running around there. My crap detector is going off.

My gut tells me this is a “Hail Mary” self-inflicted wound, geared to stir up some publicity and sympathy for a dying campaign.

Why do I think this? According to the little sign underneath the big sign, it’s under 24-hour video surveillance. But as far as I know, the Democrats haven’t released any video footage. If there were really a white supremacist vandalizing signs, don’t you’d think those video stills would be everywhere?

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