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Bills to make college more affordable making way through House education committee

Virginia college students could see some financial relief if two bills introduced by local Del. David Reid (D-32nd) see passage into law.

House bill 351 would freeze tuition at the cost during the 2017-2018 school year for the next four years — hopefully giving the state universities and legislature a chance to work together to find a solution that makes college more affordable for Virginia families, Reid said.

"College tuition at public universities has exploded, putting a quality education out of reach for most Virginians — and it just keeps getting worse every year,” Reid, who represents Lansdowne and portions of Ashburn, said.

House bill 470 would waive tuition and mandatory fees, excluding room and board, at public colleges and universities for students who are dependent on a veteran with disabilities.

For students to be eligible, their veteran parent would have to have made the commonwealth their military home of record, have resided in the Virginia for at least three years and be at least 90 percent permanently disabled due to such service. The bill would provide one waiver per veteran parent.

"This bill gives their children the opportunity to get the best education Virginia has to offer by allowing them to go to college tuition-free. It’s the right thing to do for our service members and their families, who sacrifice so much on our behalf," Reid said.

Both bills have been referred to Education Subcommittee No. 3, but neither are on the docket for this week’s meeting, which means it will be at least February before the bills are considered. After that, they’ll go to the full committee and then over to the house floor, if they are voted out of both the sub and full education committees.

Del. John Bell (D-87th), of southern Loudoun, is a co-patron on 470, and Del. Jason Miyares (R-82) is a co-patron on 351.


Delegate Reid, do the one thing you are well-positioned to do—couple your tuition freeze with an increase in state funding funding.  Otherwise, you’re just another grandstanding politician who’s better at tearing down America and dividing people instead of working to make our world better.

UVA: $28,001/yr ($16,781 Tuition + $11,220 Room & Board)
GMU: $23,014/yr ($11,924 Tuition + $11,090 Room & Board)
JMU: $20,652/yr ($10,830 Tuition + $9,822 Room & Board)
V.Tech: $17,676/yr ($12,852 Tuition + $8,424 Room & Board)

It’s a shame the Room & Board costs are nearly half the cost of attending college. The tuition costs are pretty reasonable, especially when you compare them to the cost of daycare. It’s actually cheaper to pay for college tuition than daycare for a toddler. But if anybody is going to draft a bill to reduce cost for students, they should start with Room & Board.



Really?  You are complaining about helping the children of disabled veterans?  Their parents sacrificed so much for us and you refuse to sacrifice of few of your dollars for them? 

You represent the worst of society - expecting something for nothing and then complaining about those who have earned our respect. 

I am amazed that you don’t also complain about paying the salary and benefits of our veterans and other public servants with your tax dollars.  Greed is too good a word for you.

The way colleges/universities will get around this if passed(very doubtful) is raise all other fees. Every major will have a $1000 fee, Athletic fee will go up an extra $500-1000. How about getting more money back to northern va schools…..I thought that was even high priority?

“by allowing them to go to college tuition-free….”

There is no such thing as “free” folks.  SOMEONE has to pay for that; that someone being the Virginia tax payer.

I love how easily these politicians throw around other people’s money like it’s no big deal.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is not Monopoly money you are playing with.

Thanks Delegate Reid.  You have stepped up to provide the kind of leadership we want in our Ashburn delegate.  You are off to a great start!

Lower the salaries of the big mouth professors to start.  You don’t get what you pay for these days in higher education…

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