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Board of Supervisors won’t hold Nov. 20 meeting for Delgaudio case

The Loudoun Board of Supervisors will not hold a special meeting Nov. 20 to discuss the ongoing investigation of Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling).

Board Chairman Scott York (R-At Large), however, will lead a “Chairman’s Town Hall” meeting Nov. 20 from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. York said he will have a brief opening statement and take questions from the public regarding any topic at that time.

On Nov. 12, York told the Times-Mirror he would call a special meeting Nov. 20 to discuss the process moving forward in the Delgaudio probe. In early October, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to initiate an investigation into allegations that Delgaudio directed staff aides to conduct political fundraising while being paid by the county.

According to a statement from York today, the chairman said he consulted with County Attorney Jack Roberts, who advised that “no action be taken on the Delgaudio matter” until the Arlington commonwealth’s attorney conclude her review.

Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos was appointed last week by the circuit court to investigate the accusations against Delgaudio from a criminal standpoint; this after the county’s own administrative review was halted, in part because the name of one of the investigators hired appeared on one of Delgaudio’s fundraising lists.

York today stated that, given the current status of the case, he’s asked Roberts to address the following questions: “What is the estimated timeline for the special prosecutor to conduct the investigation? If we move forward with the internal investigation after the special prosecutor investigation, what is the cost of a very thorough investigation and associated timeline to conduct such investigation?” 

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She was appointed over 2 weeks ago and still does not have the paperwork on the 28th?The paperwork that CA Stamos is supposed to be reviewing is still sitting in Plowman’s or Roberts office because for some strange reason the police have not delivered it to the CA. If they will not do it hire a courier. This case should be drawing to a close instead she has only seen the 8 page report? C’mon man! Collusion, inept or just stupid e-mail CA Stamos at tstamos@vacao.com and ask what in the world is causing this unnecessary delay

Shawn Williams is correct - the prudent, and customary, thing to do when a criminal investigation is pending is to suspend the duties of the person being investigated.

York’s claim that he’s acting on the advice of Roberts rings hollow. Roberts has to answer to him, Williams does not.

What this latest maneuver shows is that Delgaudio is still improperly participating in decisions about the investigation into his own conduct. Why is York afraid of him?

Williams and one more supervisor need to do what, for some reason, York can’t manage: A public board meeting, with public input, and appropriate treatment of a criminal investigation. Who’s going to man up?

To Ashburner,
There is currently far more evidence of a massive cover-up in Loudoun county in regards to Mr. York and Crazy Eugene then there is in Benghazi. 

Anybody who thinks anything happening with the Eugene case is “prudent” needs to take an ethics course.  VOTE THEM ALL OUT.

Once Eugene goes down, we can start to track the dirty money from the Hounds to Yorks pockets.

York did the right thing, even if the democrats like Stevens Miller are howling like stuck pigs.  Shawn Williams should be ashamed of himself for such a hair-brained stunt.

Stand strong Mr. Williams!  You have the high-ground regardless of what is going on.

Nice try at thread hijacking, Ashburner.  Fact is, no matter what happened in Benghazi your guy, Romney, lost and the GOP is in the wilderness and you should get used to it.  Look to your intellectual predecessors, the John Birchers…they were able to survive even as everyone thought they were nuts.  You can too. 

But do us all a favor…post on other sites and leave this one to people reacting to local news.

Stevens Miller comments about York are laughable at best. Since Miller is an attorney and he happens to be representing Ms.Mateer as well as his (faux) PAC.  Somebody needs to tell Miller to zip it, because he sounds like a fool. In fact like a raging fool who is thumping his chest yelling “me, its me, its all about me”.
Just let the investigation take its proper course, without the interference of a back sear driver.

Jack Roberts sent everone home cause there is still a review going on by the Commonwealths Attorney. I see a prudent move by York following the advice, Shawn Williams jumped the gun and looks silly at the moment which shouldn’t be anything new for him.

Stevens - after you get off your high horse…can Obama explain what happened in Benghazi?? Because we the people deserve to know the truth…

Scott York’s shameless cover-up continues. Only a coward hides behind the advice of counsel. This board should have acted long ago, but didn’t because York hid the facts. Now, instead of letting them all be heard, as we, the people they represent have a right to know will happen, he sends them all home, and, _again_, will be the only one speaking to the public.

This cover-up must stop! All Loudoun citizens should ask their own district supervisors to call a special meeting on their own initiative and allow Shawn Williams to take the action he proposed. In only takes two supervisors to do this, no matter what the chairman wants.

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