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Board to consider pay increase in upcoming budget

An increase in pay and staff could be in the works for the members of the next Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, who will take office in January 2012.

Supervisors on Dec. 7, as part of a discussion on how to increase the pool of citizens interested in running for elected office, agreed to make a salary increase part of their fiscal 2012 budget talks which will begin in earnest in January.

The board is looking at whether to increase the salaries of the chairman, vice-chairman and supervisors by 5, 10 or 15 percent for the upcoming four-year term.
Currently, the Loudoun County Chairman is paid $50,000 a year; the vice-chairman is paid $45,320 a year; and supervisors are paid $41,200 a year.

At least two supervisors – Jim Burton (I-Blue Ridge) and Andrea McGimsey (D-Potomac) – already have said they won’t support an increase in pay at all, but do believe additional support from aides is necessary for elected officials to properly do their jobs.

“I don’t think I’m interested in increasing board salaries,” McGimsey said. “However, with respect to aides, it’s hard to find somebody who is willing to do the administrative tasks, such as schedules, and then do the policy work. I think it would make life easier for any board member in the future to have two different people with two different skill sets.”

A separate motion regarding supervisors’ aides’ salaries and benefits already is being discussed by the county’s Finance and Government Services Committee.

The salaries of Loudoun’s Board of Supervisors have increased by more than 100 percent in the last 18 years.

Since 1992, the chairman’s salary jumped from $23,000 a year to its current level of $50,000 a year. The vice-chair’s salary increased from $18,000 a year to $45,320 a year and a supervisor’s salary was raised from $18,000 a year to $41,200 a year.

But with the increase in pay over the years has also come an increase in workload, according to Burton.

The Internet, specifically e-mail, has increased the time supervisors spend answering constituent concerns, he said.

“It’s so easy to ask a question, send in a complaint, that the constituency work is becoming quite a load,” Burton said. “I do believe in the budget session I’m going to push for making the district budgets large enough to handle two full-time aides.”

In comparison to other Virginia jurisdictions, salaries for supervisors in Loudoun fall somewhere in the middle.

Loudoun’s Board, including the chairman and vice-chairman, make more than officials in Chesterfield, Fauquier, Frederick, and Prince William counties, but less than supervisors in Arlington, Fairfax and Henrico counties.

In Fairfax County, where the population is more than 1 million residents, the board of supervisors, including the chairman and vice-chairman, are paid $75,000 a year.

In Frederick County, the chairman is paid $10,800 a year, the vice-chairman $10,200 a year, and supervisors are paid $9,000 a year. Frederick County’s population is almost 75,000 residents.


I remember Loudoun supervisor Stevens Miller said he would raise his salary if elected.

Really?  They want to attract more candidates by offering more money?  What about appealing to peoples’ civic sides - The opportunity to serve their communities in government leadership.  So Loudoun, come on down and make some extra money - be a county Supervisor.  If you win your election, you can afford that new pickup!

Tim:  School employees have not received COLA or Step for the last several years.  I believe the same is true of the rest of the county employees.

Is it true that LCPS teachers have recieve Cost of Living Increases every year but not Step increases?  If that is true, then the line of teachers not recieving raises has been a lie.

Also, does the same apply for county employees?

5, 10 or 15%?  Are they kidding?  With county employees seeing no raises in years?

Class sizes in my son’s elementary school have increased 10% in the last 5 years and his teachers haven’t seen a salary increase in the last 3, so the “we have more work to do” argument fails to impress me.

ignorant b**bs, which BoS are you? Poor planning By BoS, give the land away and continue to build, we don’t need no stinking schools….As for any avg Joe to try and run for office, come on, who are you trying to kid. Both parties are so corrupt. The lessor of two evils will win again like most elections. Plus I’m not corrupt enough to keep up with you guys.

H4T - This article is about BOS pay, not teachers. pay attention please.

Why are people commenting on this article about the salaries of Teachers?  I have a hard time understanding why Teachers in Loudoun county have such a sense of entitlement and feel they should always be paid more.  The average LCPS teacher salary is $61,426 for a 194 day contract (0 days in July, 5 in Aug, spring break, winter break, Thanksgiving).  Not to mention the “Furlough days” that they were paid for and their “work to the rule” mantra. 

If they are so unhappy with their pay then they can always change careers or work somewhere else.

Any pay change would be effective start of the next term, 2012, so it’s not for this Board, but the next. Which means, any of us who choose to run for BOS and may win. Your cavalier attitude toward what they do shows your ignorance. You don’t have a clue as to the depth of government workings these folks have to deal with. Sure, the newbies come in w/ very little knowledge, but they get training and they learn quickly, because their decisions affect now 300,000 people. You treat that very lightly, which is a shame. You don’t have to like them, but you should respect the position. Challenge them by running for office.

No raises and no new hires. Are these people idiots? Actually, they should do the job for nothing. Nobody asked them to run. An average person off the street could do what they’ve done, for a lot less. Must be nice to set your own pay. Why wasn’t this something the Loudoun taxpayers could vote on? Slimy, sneaky, and very unprofessional in this economy.

With the County in such budget straits, how can they even consider a raise?

Elect Dick Black for Virgina Senate.

Fire all stupedvisors and charge them with misappropriation of our tax dollars.  How stupid does the stupidvisors think people are to agree to a salary increase while no one else in the county gets a raise? 
Vote them out
Vote them all out
I’ll bet there are plenty of qualified candidates that would gladly run just to get these stupids out.
Give the working people raises before any consideration goes to the stupidvisors.

But it does explain why Ken Reid wants to run for the Board of Supervisors.  After the higher pay!

This isn’t going anywhere.  it was on an agenda to be discussed, but there is no way any of them vote for an increase, even those on their way out.

As a Virginia state employee who hasn’t seen a raise in 4 years, I’m thankful to have a job and health coverage in this nasty, horrendous economy. A raise for the officials WE ELECTED is out of the question. And the same goes for additional staff. Mr. Burton, I voted for you; if you feel the load of constituent service is too much, retire. This is public service, not corporate America…Come to think of it, if it were corporate America the board would be thrown out by stock holders. Well, we are all stock holders of the future of Loudoun County. Let’s be realistic and live within our means.

Full-time supervisors would be a mistake for a couple of reasons.  First, the political reality is that they won’t be paid that well.  That will eliminate many residents from considering a run because they will have to quit their job and take a pay cut.  If we want to appeal to the broadest number of candidates, then part-time is the way to go.  Also, it is good to keep the rotation going.  It is good for Supervisors to be there a few years and then move on.  It is an elected position, not a career. 

It sounds like the current Board has delegation problems and is overwhelmed.

Also, if you look around the country, the municipalities with part-timers are in better shape than full-timers.  Nobody is sure why that is, but some think that the part-timers keep one foot in “reality” and the other in the political realm.

Gosu is right, this headline is a bit deceiving.  Citizens, you can’t tell me that more pay/full time supervisors aren’t needed.  No disrespect intended, but you can only get a certain status of person to spend the hours these folks do for the pay they receive.  You can’t both complain about how lousy the Supervisors are and not consider measures to increase the quality of individual willing to run and serve.

A realistic look says full-time or near full-time supervisors are needed since that is basically what they are already.

Loudoun County is so screwed and very few residents
ignore the importance of good leadership, which btw Loudoun Board of Supervisors have failed.

Audit the board members, audit the county, audit the schools, audit the sheriff’s dept. the Leesburg police dept and so forth.

Make sure every single penny of that 1B debt is accounted for than hire people that will pay off the debt before incurring more and more debt without effecting the important offices and personal of EMT, FIRE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT.  These are places you need more not less personal.

What about teachers and people who work for the school system? We haven’t had an increase in over three years. We haven’t even had a COLA in ages, this is why most of us live out in WV because we can’t afford to live here. This is D U M B DUMB they should reconsider their options of where to put that money!

I think the point that all you fine citizens of the interwebs are missing is the discussion of part-time supervisors vs. full-time supervisors.  The compensation level would be adjusted accordingly.

If you had actually listened to the meeting on webcast you would have heard Burton say that he believes the county will soon need full-time supervisors, but not yet.  This primary issue here is not the board salary, but the nature of the position.

Let me get this right.  This Board allowed the County to slip into more than $1B in debt (yes, our County is now a billion dollars in the hole) and they are thinking about a salary increase.  No way.

While they probably deserve more, how can they justify this when County employees haven’t had a raise in 3 years?  If this goes thru, this is a slap in the face of all County employees.  Hopefully good common sense will prevail during the budget cycle and any raises will go to the people who make Loudoun County what it is…the employees!!

Yes what a great idea give the board a pay raise when deputies and teachers can’t even afford to live inside of the richest county in the nation, what a great idea! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

If putting in the time is how you get paid, then many teachers in this county deserve a raise too.

Is it ridiculous to anybody else that the people who decide how the taxes in this county are raised/spent can vote on their own raises which come directly from tax dollars?

Certainly the timing is bad for talking about raises.  I haven’t had a raise in maybe 4 years. 

I am a citizen who approaches many of them regularly. I am but one of many.  They give up portions of countless evenings and an equal number of weekends.  Their’s is a very difficult job.  If they put in the time, they deserve to be paid accordingly.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Can these folks be that far out of touch?
Loudoun is starting to sound like PG county

How about giving County workers an increase instead? Not sure about the other departments, but Fire-Rescue hasn’t had a CoLA or a raise in 3 years.

Sounds about right for the out of touch pols.  Oh, there is a recession?  Oh, we are raising taxes?  Well clearly its time to raise our salaries and administrative costs.

This must be a joke.  Is it April Fool’s Day already?

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