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Brambleton adds affordable housing

Rendering of Shreveport Ridge Apartments in Brambleton.
Nearly 100 workforce housing apartments were dedicated in Brambleton on July 22 to provide reduced-rent housing for working families.

The units help fill a void in Loudoun County for low-cost housing for working families.

Developers and elected officials helped dedicate the Shreveport Ridge Apartments on Prescott Green Square in Brambleton.

The rental apartments were built by the Windy Hill Foundation and T.M. Associates.

The Middleburg-based foundation has been providing workforce housing for more than 30 years. The Shreveport Ridge project marks the fifth collaboration with T.M. Associates.

Shreveport Ridge is a 98 unit family apartment community designed specifically as "workforce housing." The one- to four-bedroom units feature energy efficient geothermal heating, significantly reducing utility costs for renters.

The community offers a playground, free parking and a community room for various activities.

The Windy Hill Foundation also provides resident services including after-school programs for children, health screenings and a variety of social programs.

Last year the organization won Virginia's Housing Award for “Best Affordable Housing Energy Conservation Effort.”

For more information, visit http://www.shreveportridgeapts.net.


@Troy & nrcbtm1, unsure what you consider affordable housing? Most teachers, police and fire in loudoun make more then the fine print allows for this housing. I don’t have a problem with affordable housing for our county employees(teachers, police, fire and other county employees).

You do realize this is “workforce” housing right?  Not Section 8. 

This is housing for working people who just don’t make a lot of money.  A lot of times they are in fields you may want to continue to see staffed:  Cops, firefighters, teachers. 

Unless of course you’d rather start paying cops $120k a year so they can afford a home in the community they serve. 

I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears though.  A guy like “tomasinleesburg” doesn’t use ANY government services, so screw these people right?  Just more leeches at the government teat, stealing your money right?

I agree with you tomasinleesburg. Include those getting free Healthcare to work 10-20 hours per week, cleaning up rest stops, filing, data entry, working at a library, babysitting….

by the sounds of it, the foundation should also provide butler, laundry and other services. I have an idea, why not provide just enough of a discount rental rate and require the tenants to cut the properties grass, require the unemployed or underemployed to become babysitters while sitting idle, require educational advancement, etc. eating ramen noodles, drinking tap water and riding a bike to work will promote and entice “change” versus readily giving handouts without asking for anything in return, which promotes laziness and the need to rely on government and private sector for existence.

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