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Brewer reinstated as Dominion principal on probationary status

Dr. John Brewer, principal of Dominion High School, has been re-offered the position of principal of Dominion on an annual contract for three years, but on a probationary status.

The decision was made following a closed session meeting called by the Loudoun County School Board Monday night. The closed meeting lasted nearly four hours.

Sixteen supporters in attendance, including John Brewer's wife, Rachel, sighed in dismay as School Board Chairman Jeff Morse said the board approved Superintendent Eric Williams' recommendation that Brewer be dismissed from the post.

But Morse then went on to add that Brewer be offered the position in probationary status.

Brewer has 10 calendar days to decide if he will accept the offer. If he does, he will take up the new position on April 17. If not, the offer will be withdrawn. If he accepts the new position, he will be unemployed with no pay until he begins work in April.

Morse went on to state a long list of conditions for Brewer's new contract. First, he said the superintendent will issue "a letter of reprimand" to Brewer, who, if he takes the position, will have to receive training in child abuse and neglect-reporting training, along with training in appropriate and timely communication with supervisors and other employers, training in recognizing and reporting incidents of inappropriate relationships between students and staff, plus Constitutional Law training related to religion in public schools.

Voting against Brewer's reinstatement were board members Eric Hornberger (Ashburn), Brenda Sheridan (Sterling) and Jill Turgeon (Blue Ridge).

Reacting to the decision, Rachel Brewer said, "My greatest desire is that God be glorified through this and I'm just thankful for the Titan family, the community, the staff and the kids."

School Board members made no comment as they left the boardroom. Board member Debbie Rose (Algonkian) posted a statement on her Facebook page.

“Tonight I, along with my fellow school board members, made a difficult decision in what has been a very difficult process for everyone involved. I will try to issue a statement on my vote, but it is complicated by VA employee privacy laws. But for now, I would respectfully ask that the community focus on the students of DHS. It is my hope and belief that starting on April 17, the process of healing can begin and that DHS will continue to thrive and be a place where all students feel welcome, respected and challenged to live a life of significance.”

The "Support Dr. Brewer Group" also released a statement, illustrating their hopes that Brewer will accept the offer now on the table.

“...The School Board reviewed all of the information available to them, weighed the incredible outpouring of support from the community, and carefully considered the Independent Hearing Officer’s findings and recommendations," the group stated. "The outcome of everything that has transpired over the last 3.5 months is that Dr. Brewer finally has the opportunity to come home. As parents, we understand how important it is for everyone in our school system to protect our children from abuse and know that Dr. Brewer fully holds this belief as well. This has drawn attention to a number of institutional challenges, and we believe Dominion High School, Loudoun County and the Commonwealth of Virginia will all join forces to put additional safeguards in place to prevent future situations like this. We look forward to seeing Dr. Brewer work with the Superintendent and others to implement the plan and get back to the business of educating our teens ..."

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100% correct, Charles.  Accepting the training is not just for show - it’s an outright declaration of guilt to all accusations and designed to humiliate Brewer should he accept the terms.  He will simply be a puppet for Williams and the Board from here on out should he choose to spinelessly slither back to his position.  SG is spot on the money here as well, the entire LCPS board is corrupt.  Let’s get some members in there who make it a priority to take care of the kids attending LCPS.

John Brewer’s wife, Rachel, sighed in dismay as School Board Chairman Jeff Morse said the board approved Superintendent Eric Williams’ recommendation that Brewer be dismissed from the post.

Morse went on to state a long list of conditions for Brewer’s new contract. First, he said the superintendent will issue “a letter of reprimand” to Brewer, who, if he takes the position, will have to receive training in child abuse and neglect-reporting training, along with training in appropriate and timely communication with supervisors and other employers, training in recognizing and reporting incidents of inappropriate relationships between students and staff, plus Constitutional Law training related to religion in public schools.

“6 board members voted to reinstate him if he admits to child abuse and child neglect and 3 years of probation.”

CBW: He admits to no such thing if he accepts the terms of reinstatement. If he were guilty of “child abuse and ...neglect”, he would have been fired outright. Your use of hyperbole makes it hard to take you seriously.

Again, Charles - there is nothing in the situation that supports what you post.  You cannot post falsehoods without expecting to be challenged.  You are responsible for what you post.

Oh my God please make this story go away

No need to attack the messenger.

All 9 board members voted to terminate the principals contract. They fired him.

6 board members voted to reinstate him if he admits to child abuse and child neglect and 3 years of probation.

The board went far beyond what Williams wanted.


Comments like Callme’s are the most disturbing.  Callme has previously identified him/herself as an LCPS teacher.  Many appear to be closing the ranks and defending the actions of fellow teachers and administrators REGARDLESS of what those actions were.  Callme and others are perfectly content with LCPS keeping all the information secret and protecting their reputation by passing trash.

Folks, LCPS is a completely corrupt enterprise.  I’m certainly not saying all the teachers feel this way, but certainly the ones who speak out publicly and those at the top view their sole mission as to protect the funding and reputations regardless of inappropriate behavior.  This organization needs a top-to-bottom overhaul.  It doesn’t appear that will happen without a wholesale replacement of the school board.

“If the principal comes back he is admitting to child abuse and child neglect.”

CBW, your entire premise is wrong, rendering your comment pointless.

Interesting take on things, Charles - without using any facts or logic, you have come to your conclusions - I agree with you that is is a good thing your kids are out of school and I hope they are able to think for themselves, otherwise you could continue to purge their ability to research, reason and recognize reality.

If the principal comes back he is admitting to child abuse and child neglect. At a minimum is that what you want in a principal? At worst aren’t those criminal offenses? If my child was abused at a school and the principal did not tell me or the supervisor I’d be a little concerned and seek legal counsel.

If Brewer admits to these charges by coming back he will be proving that Erik Williams and the board had every reason to fire him in the 1st place.

Nine board members voted to fire the principal or severely punish him. This is not about Williams and a personal vendetta.

Thank goodness my kids are grown and not in this messed up school system. I feel sorry for parents with kids in school today.

LCPS could learn something from Lockhart’s school district:

“In a statement on its website, Lockhart Independent School District said Monday that Fowlkes had been suspended and that notice of her conduct was being sent to the State Board for Educator Certification.

After learning about the alleged behavior March 10, before the start of spring break, district officials contacted Child Protective Services as well as the Lockhart Police Department, the statement said.”

The current school board needs to start taking a long hard look at Eric Williams. This has been a witch hunt from the start particularly when the other LCPS administrator who wrote a letter of recommendation was not subject to the same punishment as Dr. Brewer.  Eric Williams does not have the skills to lead this school system and it is becoming increasingly evident. There is no single vision of mission; rather a hodge-Podge of whatever new shiny toy catches the superintendent’s eye at the time. Perhaps his “Chief of Staff” is running the show while he’s busy tweeting.  Be wary, school board members- this one does not think before he acts impulsively.







The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

JennyMyers, excellent catch. Virginia FOIA laws make all personnel issues exempt. LCPS could release it but almost certainly won’t.

So what is the answer? Replace the decision makers at LCPS in 2019.

“Brewer, who, if he takes the position, will have to receive training in child abuse and neglect-reporting training…plus Constitutional Law training related to religion in public schools.

I understand all the training requirements except latter. Would somebody who’s following the case closer than I am please explain how “Constitutional Law training related to religion in public schools” has anything to do with this case or the accusation of passing the trash?

Given Mrs. Brewer’s quote about glorifying God, I can infer that they are Christians. And this last training requirement sure smells of Christian-bashing.

Which LCPS administrators will be faulted as well for coercing a principal to violate procedures and write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Damron? Someone above the Principal’s level disregarded policies that would have prevented this. It isn’t the Principal’s job to approve resignations of staff members who have a record of accusations against them. That comes from above. Mr. Brewer does not operate in a vacuum.

From the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville—

“Williams wrote to state education officials in January in a petition to have Damron’s teaching certificate revoked that Damron displayed numerous behaviors that were inappropriate.

“The superintendent wrote that Damron allegedly took an 18-year-old student who was still enrolled at the school to a music conference in Norfolk, Va., where the two shared a hotel room for three nights.

“‘The teacher also provided the student with alcohol on at least one occasion during the trip,’ he wrote. ‘On another occasion, the teacher was seen at a restaurant with the student. It was reported that the teacher had his hand in the student’s back pocket. In addition the student visited the teacher at the teacher’s home on multiple occasions.’”

Has this been reported in Loudoun?

This USA Today report from last year should make us wonder how many teachers at LCPS got “sweetheart” deals like Damron’s, and should be prompting someone to FOIA LPCS records looking for recommendation letters for employees forced to resign.

Beuhler? Beuhler? Anyone?

To the author of the “Open Letter…A Metaphor of Murder”:

Comparing this situation to murder is   hyperbole. The attempted metaphor is a ridiculously insensitive response to the situation and the ACTUAL victims in this case, whose lives will never be the same because of Brewer’s actions. 

Your voices were heard.  Had you not been heard, Brewer probably wouldn’t even have a job offer right now.  Rather than comparing yourself with an actual crime victim, you should be grateful that somehow the majority of the board was persuaded that this “hero” should not be permanently terminated for his failure to protect students near and far from becoming actual “victims”.

Your metaphor trivializes the seriousness of the allegations and the impact that Damron’s actions had on the real victims in this situation. A+ if this were an example of hyperbole but F as an example of a credible metaphor. 

Did Brewer or did he not “sit on” or rebuff complaints?
If he forwarded them to the appropriate people, there should be some legal record of it, phone call records, emails, etc.
What is the procedure for inappropriate comments and sketchy behavior from teachers?  How can parents know if others are making reports?  Shouldn’t we know that?
Everyone thinks they are the only one and no one will believe them.
If Brewer did forward to the appropriate people and they ignored it, well then, LCPS, where does that leave you?

From what I have read of this whole Debacle of this so called “passing the trash” incident, I am floored that this Principle is put in this position in the first place! From what I have followed, read etc. of the story is the band teacher had an accusation made against him and it was investigated and he was cleared of any wrongdoing! After that the kind Principal wrote him a recommendation letter for another school district and then he was then accused of the same thing but also cleared after an investigation, but this time the Principle of Dominion is put on leave and having to go through this painful backlash over this band teacher? Additionally others wrote a same form of letter from Dominion as well! Personally if it were me I seriously don’t believe I would go back to that school or any other school in LCPS after this back stabbing and who knows what else maybe going on within our school board members that may have at one point or another may have done the same thing! But just in reputation alone, losing that for doing nothing wrong in my opinion, then offered his job back with “super secret double probation” on a yearly basis as well as now losing almost a month’s pay literally sickens my stomach as I am sure sickens his as well. But it isn’t about the money for me as I am sure if he is like me it isn’t for him but the fact that he really enjoys his work and what he does for his students it’s about the fact he will never feel that no one can trust him again which will make his job not even close to enjoyable any longer, and for what, NOT ONE THING he did wrong!! So Dr. Williams or even if you deserve that title, you ashame me that you are even connected to our school system that I pay dearly for, on my taxes even though now all of my children have graduated before your time!!

My questions are was there inappropriate conduct with a child?  Did Brewer know of allegation?  Did he not report it to the police?  Did he allow the perp to resign?  Did he write perp a letter of recommendation?  Did the perp do something inappropriate with a child at his new school?  Were these questions answered?  The Public would like to know.

There is clearly missing information from the “long list of conditions.  My guess is that Brewer will have to waive his right to bring legal action against his termination. 

I would strongly recommend that he NOT accept this pathetic offer and bring legal action against the school board.  The most important reason being that his record will reflect that he was in fact terminated which will remain with him throughout his long career.  Losing your job is one thing, losing your reputation is another.

What?  Everyone’s so emotional that no one sees the fault:
Brewer - ignoring complaints from students of inappropriate comments and writing a recommendation. Doesn’t matter if everything was within the law if you ignore serious claims.
Police in LC & FL - No charges against Damron?  Child Protective Services may do a better job.
LCPS -  Ignored Police report in 2014 and possibly other reports.
A Parent - admitted to NOT reporting to anyone how her son was abused by this teacher….how could you??
Brewer Supporters - talking about all of the wonderful character and good things the principal has done….well that doesn’t matter if he also did something wrong.  Did he or did he not do something wrong?
News - not getting to the real point!  Also, not reporting other very important details in other news sources, local and in FL.  Essential details to the abuse and the whole religious indictment.
Parents - letting teachers push kids around, taking advantage of their naivety.  We don’t have to take it!
the Silent few, who are out there, for not coming forward with information on this.  You know who you are.

Accepting these terms effectively neuters Dr. Brewer and forces him to bend knee to the powers that be.  It’s a tough position to be in for sure.  If he is even half of the man that many around here espouse him to be, then may he parlay this second chance into an opportunity to truly change (for the better) the lives of our youth, whether it’s in Loudoun or some other district in the future.

The independent review recommended against terminating Brewer’s contract, if I recall correctly. Instead of following a neutral party’s advice, the school board caves to Williams, who seems to be on a witch hunt here.
For the sake of the students at DHS, I hope that Brewer will be able to return - but I don’t know what the financial and other ramifications will be from a terminated contract to an annual probation. It may not be a feasible choice for him, and will not reflect on his character (as Buffacuse suggests) if he declines.

seems like a fair outcome…let this be a lesson - do not pass the trash, can it!

Glad to see that Loudoun’s answer to Jim Jones got his job back.

Awesome news.

You are too young to realize it but to compare this issue to murder does a huge disservice to any family that has actually had a family member murdered.  I hope some day when you are older you will realize this fact.


An Open Letter to the Loudoun County School Board: A Metaphor of Murder

What about Michael Pierson?  Where is his accountability?  Where are the stories on his role in this?

I actually find this to be a relatively fair decision.  It acknowledges that serious mistakes were made, mandates correction, but also takes into account Brewer’s record of service to LCPS.  It is merciful but firm—the question will be…will Brewer find the terms so debilitating that he won’t accept?  Can he govern under probation?  Ultimately, will he put his money where his mouth has been, stand in the well and accept his punishment like a man because he really does put the needs of the kids at Dominion first?

Over to you, Dr. Brewer—you just got a chance at a second professional life that a lot of folks might not have gotten because your people went to bat for you…will you go to bat for them?

What a slap in the face. The only reason Brewer would take this crummy deal is because he loves DHS so much. Now, who’s going to investigate Eric Williams?

An Open Letter to the Loudoun County School Board: A Metaphor of Murder

Can there be an explanation? Can there be an explanation of what you have done? Some will call it slander; others defamation. No, what you have done is much worse. You have killed the spirit inside the man. Is there no justice left? Can thou who placed themselves at the center of entire community of students, parents, teacher, alumni – a family—truly not see their own corruption? How can this be morally and ethically permissible within the human conscience? What have you done?

I ask these questions to evoke the truth within each member of the school board, in order to portray the wrongdoings committed this evening of March 20th, 2017. The night that you have murder a man. You denied him his existence for months. You villainize him as thousands rally around him. You allowed media to present the case as though we have become divided, but have united in flocks unseen before in School Board meetings. But worst of all, you killed the dreams of thousands of students who believed in the system – a system of speaking out and displaying their emotions and passions in support of others. A system built by an incredible man where we are taught to care for others. I can guarantee many speakers whom pleaded with you would have been speaking out for the first time. You destroyed those who counted on Dr. Brewer to believe in them when no one else did. You killed a man tonight and I am sure you will never forget. As we mourned our lose, you relished in our pain, possibly savored drawing out the execution. While we are ecstatic to see his opportunity to return, you made it so he can never be the same under your constant eye of scrutiny. Did you turn a blind eye to the right? Did you not see our desperation? Our fortitude unwaivered, yet you strip this man of everything he and we believed in.

Some of you wanted to see him brought back—you must have. Somewhere during all those meetings when we poured our hearts out to you and begged you with tears in our eyes and passion in our hearts. Surely, you must have been moved by this man’s actions. You must have wanted us, the underdogs, to win. Still falling to the whims of Dr. William’s witch hunt in the pursuit to purge the school system of those who do not see the school system the way he does; an endless and ever cranking factory. Can Dr. Williams honestly say that with his contract which includes, according to Loudoun Now, a “compensation package of $357,800, including a base salary of $260,000… a $12,000 annual car allowance and a $30,000 salary deferral,” he would gave a single penny of his own to better the life of a student under his care. Dr. Brewer gives much more; his heart, his soul, his mind—every thought he has is how to better our school community. How can he reach out to decrease the number of students using illegal substances, how can he help those students who lack financial capital to feel included in every event that goes on in Titan Territory, how can he make Dominion better—the best? I am sure that these are not all consuming thoughts to Dr. Williams. I suppose one principal, in one high school, in one county, in one state seems so menial in the grand scheme. So trivial in the big picture of students, school buses, teachers and more. Yet you saw how we came, how we congregated, how we persisted, how we depended on you. You witnessed his deeds through us—through our character, our love, and our commitment.

You have killed us all.

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