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Briar Woods High School the Golden Fleece in boundary debate

Like a Friday night football game, families from Brambleton and the Broadlands assembled. But at the April 15 public hearing for the Ashburn and Dulles North re-zoning, the two towns weren't cheering for the same school, rather vying for it.

More 200 people spoke at the final public hearing for the re-zoning debate that's dominated School Board discussions for the past month. The Brambleton families donned orange while Ashburn Village, Ashburn Farm and Broadlands families wore white, adding a visual element as each speaker used his one minute to argue his case.

The two newest plans introduced, Plans 11 and 12, composed the brunt of the discussion.

Jill Turgeon (Blue Ridge) and Brenda Sheridan (Sterling) proposed Plan 11 based on a draft from a community member while Kevin Kuesters (Broad Run) and Jeff Morse (Dulles) proposed Plan 12.

Both plans offer split feeds and are largely similar in the northern sections, with the exception of DN7a (at HS-8 under Plan 11 and at Broad Run under Plan 12), DNs 22, 23, 24.1 and 24a (at Broad Run under Plan 11 and at HS-6 under Plan 12) and DN43 (at HS-6 under Plan 11 and at Broad Run under Plan 12).

The southern portion of the plans differ significantly, however, with Plan 11 keeping all of Brambleton at Briar Woods but moving all the Broadlands to HS-6, forcing Broadlands families to drive through areas zoned for Briar Woods en route to the new school.

“Its rationale is keeping the communities together and stable” Turgeon said. “HS-6 would be built out of communities that are stable and largely built out.”

Under Plan 12, a small portion of Brambleton remains at Briar Woods, but the majority moves over to HS-6, with the Broadlands remaining at Briar Woods.

“It was a combination of different pieces of other plans” Morse said. “I think the most important thing we were addressing is long-term stability. The idea that people get moved to one school and then moved back out was a big concern to us.”

Brambleton expressed support for Plan 11, while the Broadlands leaned toward Plan 12.

“I oppose Plan 11, which turns the Broadlands into an unwanted islands of misfit toys,” Broadslands resident Cindy Mayer said.

A smaller contingency of Belmont Country Club parents came out to speak out against remaining at Belmont Ridge Middle School, rather than be located at the new Trailside Middle School.

One new middle school and two new high schools have forced the School Board to redraw boundaries in the Dulles North and Ashburn areas, a move that can affect as many as six middle schools and six high schools. The new schools are Trailside Middle School (opening fall 2014 next to Newton-Lee Elementary), HS-6 (opening fall 2014 in Louduon Valley Estates) and HS-8 (opening fall 2015 in Lansdowne).

Thus far, 12 School Board plans and one school administration plan have been proposed, including four proposed last week during the April 9 School Board meeting.

Currently, only plans 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 remain, with plans 1 through 4 scrapped last week. In order for plans to be considered, they must have a written rationale in addition to a map.

The final day School Board members can submit plans is April 18. The final boundaries will be voted on at the April 23 School Board meeting.


Jill, you lack logic and common sense. again, why not just throw darts since that’s basically what you’re doing with all these plans. Existing communties should go to current schools. New communities(even if near a HS or MS) should be the ones forced to go to new schools. NewsFlash, how come more of Brambleton doesn’t go to Champ? Just tell all of Loudoun taxpayers that it’s a crap shoot of where your kids will go to school because LCPS(and BOS) lacks planning. It’s your fault and we pay for it.

waa!waa!waa!  Why don’t the homeowners in the subdivisions of Ashburn go complain to their builders? WHERE DID EVERYONE THINK THOSE STUDENTS WERE GOING TO GO? I’m sure the new homes being built right across the street from BWHS and next to the baseball field have all been told that their HS is Briar Woods, cause they can see it. Even as it sits there with 11 trailers. A BIG indicator to the new buyers that the school is OVER CAPACITY. A smart buyer would ask questions of their BUILDER. Who is going to foot for the land, building and infrastructure that are going to be required to educate all the new students? Ask if you the new buyer are going to have to pay into an account that provides the cash to build it if they are not. Ask if you the new buyer are going to saddle the rest of the County Tax Payers with a higher tax rate to educate your students? Ask if you the new buyer are going to have to be redistricted time and time again because they the builder keeps putting housing up on every available blade of grass? Then ask yourself if any of the current owners of those houses asked those questions. Because really WHERE DID EVERYONE THINK THOSE STUDENTS WERE GOING TO GO? and WHO did they think was going to pay for their new schools? The BOS approves EVERY housing development presented to them without asking those questions AND then they have the nerve to say the school budget is out of control! Maybe we could save some money if LCPS didn’t have to put up a new school every 3 miles to accommodate all the students so they could be bused only a mile and go to their private -community/HOA/neighborhood - whatever you want to call it - school.

What a huge mess. Existing communties should go to same school with new communities(even if part of brambelton) going to new MS/HS. How is it fair for parents to move after paying $10K+ in upgrades to sports facilities and various other programs and now not get to use them? Can I get my money back? the initial plan was done poorly since it only consisted of part of Loudoun. There are other sections closer to HS 8 not even being mentioned, How is this? It’s easy to see where the SCHOOL Board members live(and LCPS planning committie). It sucks we only get to vote for 2 School board members and neither will be back in office, that’s for sure.

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