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Candidate for sheriff announces intentions


A former Leesburg Police Department officer intends to challenge Loudoun County’s sheriff in next year’s election.

Ron Speakman, 49, of Leesburg, will formally announce his candidacy next month for Loudoun’s top law enforcement position. His campaign will launch a website – ronspeakmanforsheriff.com – on Oct. 1.

Speakman, a former investment banking business owner and real estate investor, said he was compelled to get back into public service because of “an alarming increase in violent crime in Loudoun County.”

He served as a police officer with the Town of Leesburg from 1985 to 1991. Prior to working in Leesburg, Speakman was a police officer in Alexandria and Lindsay, Calif., and a military police officer in the U.S. Army.

In total, Speakman says he’s bringing 13 years of law enforcement experience to the race.

The soon-to-be candidate will run as a Republican against incumbent Sheriff Steve Simpson.

Simpson said he intends to run for a fifth term as sheriff, but will not formally announce his candidacy until November.

Speakman, the first to challenge Simpson before the November 2011 elections, said the county’s law enforcement has operated under ineffective leadership.
He said with Loudoun’s resources, the county’s residents should be seeing a decrease in crime.

“Loudoun County is one of the wealthiest counties in the country. The increase in crime is due to ineffective leadership, not a lack of resources,” Speakman said.

Speakman points to numbers from the Bureau of Justice Statistics from 2006 to 2008 as evidence that violent crime rose 54 percent during those times.

“Given the resources that Loudoun County has, I would be able to arrest that trend within 12 months,” Speakman said.

Simpson countered Speakman’s claims, saying recent crime statistics show a decrease in offenses.

“Those statistics, if you look at the most recent year, crime is trending down,” Simpson said. “Obviously, he’s using old numbers.”

“I think we’re very efficient and doing an outstanding job with the resources we have,” Simpson continued.

If elected, Speakman said he plans to use a proactive approach in law enforcement.

Speakman will hold a crime symposium at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 13 at the River Creek Country Club just east of Leesburg, where he said he will outline his platform.
The event is open to the public.


Steve Simpson is probably praying that Loudoun Republicans nominate Ron Speakman as their candidate for Sheriff. I sure would be. I’m surprised that Speakman is even running because he should know that everything is going to come out in an election contest.


  I have to agree with oldlawdawg. He worked with Ron Speakman. Maybe you should listen to us who know the truth about his backround and his character.

  You, my friend, are the one who needs to check the facts about Ron Speakman’s history. Ron Speakman may have received those “awards” during his service for Leesburg. However, I also know that he is no longer a law enforcement officer for a good reason(s). I am respectfully not going to air his dirty laundry for him. He knows what he did. He knows the truth. He needs to cowboy up and tell the truth about his past. And, if you knew the truth, you probably wouldn’t be such a big supporter of him. The truth is going to come out one way or the other. And when it does, I’m guessing there are going to be a lot of people that are embarassed about being his supporter.

  So, for those of us who know the facts, we are trying to make the rest of the citizens aware that they need to check his past. It wouldn’t be fair if all of us kept quiet about what happened.

  Don’t you question why he’s been away from law enforcement for so long? Maybe because no one would hire him? However, there is one way that he would be able to return to law enforcement. And, that is by being an ELECTED official vs someone being HIRED for an agency position. All he has to do is say the things that the unaware citizens want to hear. We are simply asking the people to dig into his backround. Many of them, including you, will probably be surprised at what they find.

  It has nothing to do with supporting the current Sheriff.
  It has to do with ethics and doing the right thing. He needs to come out and be honest about his past. There are many of us out here that know the truth. For him to remain silent on the issue, he is lying to everyone. And, personally, I am not going to vote for anyone who lies to my face to save his own reputation. I personally believe that Ron Speakman does not have the moral ethics, nor the respect for the laws that I want my Sheriff to have.

  Plus, all of the credentials that he had 19 years ago as a law enforcement officer have expired. He is no longer legally qualified for the position as a law enforcement officer. Just one more reason that I do not support his decision to run.

  So, Rick, I hope that we have convinced you to at least check into his backround before singing his praises. That’s all any of us are asking for people to do. If you find out what he did, and still support him, fine. But, don’t doubt all of us who have stepped forward and asked the people to check into his history. We are not lying. We are not doing it to support anyone else. We are doing it because coming forward is the right thing to do. We know what he did; and, you should too.

Rick - I have worked with both people mentioned and
I never said I was a Simpson supporter. I said we do need a change, but Ron Speakman isn’t the answer. I will say it again, I worked with him and I saw the “facts” first hand.

as a mother who needed the polcie to help and was let down i am glad to see we might get a welcome change, if you are important enough to get simpson in the spot light then you get help otherwise you are swepted under the carpet…maybe with new leadership we will get better results

There are plenty of Smpson sludge throwers on this forum.  The fact is Ron Speakman served and protected our community to the highest degree.  He was a highly decorated officer who was Officer of the Year several times. He had multiple commendations and life saving awards. So, get your facts straight!

I know Ron Speakman and I worked with Sheriff Simpson years ago. I can say for certain that there “is” a reason that Ron Speakman doesn’t carry a badge anymore. I will also say that there may be a need for some changes to happen to law enforcement in Loudoun County, but Ron Speakman is not the answer!

Before anyone votes for Ron Speakman, I highly recommend that they check his backround. He may present himself as a good candidate for Sheriff, and, he may talk as if everything will be puppies and rainbows if he’s elected, , but, there are always ghosts in the closet. He has A LOT of ghosts. He’s no longer in law enforcement for a reason (hint, it wasn’t his decision alone…). So, please before you vote for him, consider looking into his past for answers. They are there, you just have to look.
He will never get my vote!

  Our current Sheriff has done a fantastic job considering his rescources. He doesn’t have enough people to cover the County because the Board doesn’t think our County needs any more.
Thus, the Sheriff has to work with what he’s got (and that isn’t nearly enough). So, don’t take it out on him, take it out on the real people who are causing the problem. The Board is at fault, not the Sheriff.

Truth seeker - I Agree with you, to some extent. The association of race/creed with immigration status is being extreme. What this country should be doing is (a) issuing Work Visas to the farmers who need cheap labor. If those folks want to work the fields in America, more power to them. But after planting and harvesting, its back home-you-go. Everybody else should be going through the process set by the ICE on how to become a citizen.


I’m just your typical bleeding heart.  While I think everyone should come to this country legally I also feel sorry for some of them, don’t like the name calling and people thinking that every Hispanic they see is illegal.

Btw, I wouldn’t mind an illegal roundup and deportation of all illegal gang members and felons…

Truth seeker - You want Sheriff Simpson.  Better to stick with the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know. Seeing how you are partial to illegals, you never know if Speakman is the they type to start an illegal round up.  Not that I won’t mind, but, that might not be your cup of tea.

Sorry to get off topic but I just had to respond to hillbilly Bob.

Carry on with your Simpson/Speakman posts. I don’t think Sheriff Simpson is doing a bad job but he’s been around a long time and I don’t know anything about Speakman so I’m not sure who I want…


Why would anybody take you seriously when you use words like “beaners”?!?!

You do realize that your “legal” immigrant ancestors were treated exactly like the Hispanics are treated today.  They were discriminated against and shunned by society. Many of them lived in poverty, couldn’t speak the language and sent lots on money back to their native country. 

Your ancestors came here

Anyone can influence laws and the legislative process. That is part of the fabric of the country we live in. MANY sheriffs in the country influence legislation. Just look at Arizona and other examples if you research the topic. EVERY citizen can impact laws. That is part of being in a free country that is a democracy.

Integrity of evidence and proper procedure yields great convictions for the states attorney. For example, if 50 people are charged with rape in one year and only one is found guilty (because of pleading guilty) then there may be something to evaluate in regard to effective evidence collection and case handling. I would tend to believe that prosecuters want to win cases if possible.

We have a great Sheriff.  He spends his time marketing Nine Iron, a drink chased with vodka, instead of coming to work. I look forward to paying his salary every time I pay my taxes.

yah Bob, it wasn’t that tough to come here back then, you pretty much just had to get on a boat.

Average Joe -  Exactly.  The Sheriff is a “Law Enforcer”. They make Arrests of those who’ve violated the law.  Its the boyz in Jim Plowman’s Office who prosecute the accused before a Judge who makes sure everybody gets a fair case. And its the Jury (You, Me, and the rest) who decide Guilt or Innocent. Once a verdict has been handed down by the people, punishment is imposed.



Let’s get rid of ALL the stinking lawyers, then the miscreants may get what they have coming to them!

To Chowtime

I’m married with 2 young children, native to Loudoun…I have met Ron face to face and discussed the concerns I have with Loudoun’s crime…WAKE UP PEOPLE! BAD PEOPLE MUST BE PUNISHED, LAWS MUST BE UPDATED FOR CURRENT CONDITIONS…Ask the victims of these crimes how they feel? How would you feel if you or your family were a victim of these crimes and not punished properly? Ron is a Crusader for this cause and serious about doing something about it.  I encourage you to meet him and see him on Oct 13, mark your calenders…

Legal immigrants.  Not ILLEGAL.  Should we pull out the definition.  The problem is ILLEGAL.  I have not problem with people here the are legal immigrants.  My family came here in 1906 from Italy,

The safest cities in the US have the highest levels of immigrants


but don’t let facts sway your opinion Bub -be scared, very very scared of brown people you stupid re

They still haven’t enforced the laws in reference to parking on the grass with vehicles that all of the illegals are doing.  When are they going to do something about the illegal Beaners in Sterling.  We do need a proactive Sheriff.

Thank you FERGIE!

Someone with a real grasp on things.

Sheriff Simpson has done a good job.  Especially considering the influx of illegals and the increase in population.

Anyone that thinks they can completely rid the area of crime is gravely mistaken.

Could the increase in crime be related to the increasing population in this County?

Good Ole Boys in Loudoun County…....It will never change. They take care of their own.

Crystal Owens—-  Ohh no, I mention that it appears Speakman’s campaign supporters are on this forum promoting his candidacy.

From the reporter:
Alby: Mr. Speakman has posters advertising his campaign throughout downtown Leesburg. The LTM saw the posters and tracked Mr. Speakman down to get the story. He has not been at the LTM’s offices.
If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Crystal Owens

Leesburg police are a joke in the first place.  A bunch of idiots.

Wow Ron Speakman…really?  Look up his background and it will be obvious why he is no longer in law enforcement…is this a joke?

Simpson is da shizzle manizzle. My and my homie El Atari used to cruise the Sterling Strip in Atari’s hot ride and then go fry up some good eats at the Steakhouse. His ride was def boy

We didn’t have to worry bout the po po cause Atari gave Steve Simson 18 large to his campaign chest… Me, Arari and Steve- them was the dayz

Wow! Ron Speakman?  Out of law enforcement for 19 years.  Any idea why he left in the first place?  The Circuit Court may hold some answers…....This is no clear vision, this is clear rhetoric. For those jumping on the crime bandwagon, compare the crime rate against communities of the same character nationwide and you may change your tune.  Sheriff Simpson has done a remarkable job with the resources allocated to him by the Board of Supervisors.  This isn’t Mayberry people, we deserve a proven leader with proven experience and I believe we have that.

The last time Speakman held a badge was nearly 20 years ago. I think that he’s been out of the loop so long, that the changes in how law enforcement operates would require Speakman to play catch-up.

Not to mention that Speakman’s 13yrs in Law Enforcement was as an officer working a beat, not as a department head. Also, Speakman appears to have spent more time as an Investment Banker and Real Estate Investor/Speculator than as a cop.

To me, Speakman’s resume screams out “Unqualified”. I’d much rather see a former Chief of Police from some city/town/county with a recent history of law enforcement work, than a man who worked a beat 20 yrs ago.

Steve Simpson has staffed his dept with incredibly talented and well trained people.  Crime statistics will of course be going up with the amount of population growth.  The BIG thing is the solve rate.  And that, my friends is the key.

I would be interested in Jim Plowman’s opinion. He has done a great job prosecuting criminals in Loudoun.

Consider that rates for violent crime have been dropping for more than 20 years I find it hard to believe that Loudoun has seen a measurable increase in violent crime.

Do the statistics from the Bureau of Justice back up Speakman’s claim, or Sheriff Simpson?

It is time for a police department.

I moved to Loudoun with high hopes to raise in a friendly and safe community.  I

As a mother of 3, a business owner and 15 year Loudoun County resident - I feel we should DEMAND that our taxes and law enforcement resources be utilized more effectively. The paper says we have one law enforcement officer for 217 residents. We have the dedicated professionals we need, now lets get more effective leadership and training that fits the size and tenor of the current state in Loudoun County. Go Mr. Speakman!!

I feel that our county has wasted enough money on inefficient, costly, law enforcement.  With our tax base we should be leading the charge as a safe community. I moved to Loudoun with high hopes to raise in a friendly and safe community.  I’ve been disappointed with what I’ve seen the last 7 years.

Sheriff Simpson Rulez? What are you a 12 year old?

Looks like the Speakman campaign office showed up to LTM to pimp their man.. lol Speakman still won’t defeat Simpson.

I am glad someone is going to take the initiative to weed out those who seek to do us harm. It sickens me as a life long resident of Loudoun to know with the tax dollars that flow through this county that we have the crime that we do. Vandalism is one thing, rapes and murder are another. Instead of having deputies hiding in the bushes for speeders, give them the tools they need and take the cuffs off! Good for you Ron! You have my vote!

Speakman will hold a crime symposium at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 13 at the River Creek Country Club in Lansdowne…

I thought River Creek Country Club was located in River Creek????

Finally! someone with a clear vision on how to solve our growing problem. I look forward to learning more out Ron Speakmans plan.

Sheriff Simpson is one more career politician.  The longer he stays, the more his salary increases and the more his pension increases.  A fifth term gives him, what, 20 years?  Too long.  Get some new blood in there.  Get some fresh ideas.  Save the County some money.

That said, I thank God we didn’t have to deal with Greg Ahlemann in this powerful position.

We need a change! I follow the crime reports in the paper every week and it has become overwhelming. Something is wrong here. Crime has definitely increased over the past few years.  Good for Speakman, I hope he can reverse the trend.

And if Simpson loses the Republican primary… again… he’ll be as dishonorable as he was last time. Job for life, good ole boy network. We’re 3 years behind the curve from where Greg Ahlemann would have moved us toward a safer and more honest department. Good luck.

sheriff Simpson has done a great job! I look at the daily crime reports on the Loudoun Sherriff website and the crimes are significantly down. Go read the daily crime report and you’ll see he has been taking care of all the problems in our area. He has an excellent police force that is not harsh on civilians. I believe hes tough on bad guys. Also we should be thankful that we have a sheriff that respects our gun rights here in Loudoun County. I also thank him for signing off on my paperwork fast for my class 3 firearms. Good sheriff I don’t want to replace him.

Sheriff Simpson Rulez!!!

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