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Capital improvements plan delayed for Broad Run evaluation

Loudoun County School Board members had planned to approve their fiscal 2015-2020 Capital Improvements Program at their regular business meeting Dec. 10.

It became apparent as they discussed the much needed renovations and addition at Broad Run High School they needed more time and information from school staff.

School staff presented new information to the School Board with the projected costs to implement the Broad Run project into the fiscal 2015 CIP.

The total project cost was projected at more than $24.6 million. As it was originally planned the cost would have been more than $16.4 million.

Staff added a window replacement, new restroom for the stadium, team building for the stadium, an orchestra room, a new school interior upgrade, updated auditorium and roof replacement to make the total cost increase $10 million.

Kevin Lewis, assistant superintendent for Support Services, explained why the additional items were brought into the overall scope of the Broad Run project.

“After our last meeting we went back through and evaluated the Broad Run High School renovation project with respect to some comments from board members as well as from the public,” Lewis said. “The things in the additional scope are items or things that were discussed and we have gone back and added those to the project so we can have that discussion with you here tonight.”

Additionally, staff offered some insight into other parts of the project that had been previously discussed; offering those as optional items to add.

One of those items was the removal of the turf practice field from the original plan. Staff also priced out the cost of removal of the bus fueling depot and its replacement with an additional 80-space parking lot.

Superintendent Ed Hatrick also added that these items were suggested after looking at the Loudoun Valley renovations as well.

“After taking comments from parents, we also took a look at Loudoun Valley and what we are planning to do there because Loudoun Valley and Broad Run are twin schools,” Hatrick said. “For example we fixed up Loudoun Valley and are adding an orchestra room and we had not included that at Broad Run, but the orchestra program everywhere is exploding. Our goal was to make sure somebody doesn't come back two or three years from now and say 'oh why didn't you do this.'”

Much of the discussion Dec. 10 centered around the removal of the bus fueling depot and its subsequent cost. The moving and removal of the fueling area would cost the county just less than $3 million.

One of the main issues school board members were wrestling with was the fact they currently do not have another site available to put the gas pump. It also affects county vehicles as well because police and fire vehicles also use the pump.

“For clarification when we dismantle this bus fueling area, are we moving those services to an area that is also captured within the CIP,” Jeff Morse (Dulles) said.

After hearing there has not been another site identified as of yet.

According to Hatrick, the School Board is looking at a piece of property that could accommodate it in their closed sessions.

“I would recommend we tie those two together because it doesn't make any sense for us to go through this exercise if the other piece on the CIP is not approved as well. We need a bus refueling depot relocated before we can tear this one down,” Morse said.”

The additional parking that would be available to students is approximately 80 more spaces. Broad Run currently has 551 parking spaces for students and staff.
The additional spaces would put Broad Run into the range of other 1,600 student schools in the county like Stone Bridge who has 632 spaces available.


All of the schools should be brought up to the standards of the new buildings and athletic facilities. 
If Press boxes are being built at every new school, and Broad Run is getting an existing press box replaced, the other schools with press facilities in need of repair or just in need of press facilities should get theirs under this CIP.  All of the baseball and softball fields at Sterling High Schools are without press boxes.  Heritage Baseball and Softball in Leesburg don’t have press boxes, Briar Woods baseball and softball need them too.  Everywhere else is pretty well taken care of.

I am thrilled about the additional renovations and considerations recently generated by onsite visits and through community input.  I will be even more thrilled to see the BRHS project confirmed and funded in the CIP as soon as possible!  2017 is too late…we must renovate!

As a longtime resident of Loudoun County and graduate of Loudoun Valley, back when there were only 4 high schools in the County, I strongly support the renovations and additions to Broad Run. The Broad Run community has supported the addition of all of the new schools over the past 15 years and the renovations and enhancements to the existing ones. It is now time for Broad Run to be brought up to the standards of the other high schools in the County. Right now there are students forced to sit on the floors and in the hallways to eat their lunch because the cafeteria is inadequate. They are forced to bring their lunch because the lines are too long to buy lunch there. Many students have to sit in the auditorium, without desks, for their Study Hall time. How are they supposed to do their work? There is mold in the school, water damaged ceilings, cracked floors, inefficient windows, crowded hallways to the point where people are getting hurt running into 1960’s style door openings. New Security practices are in place for access to the school but if students need to go to classes in one of the 9 the trailers outside the building those security practices don’t help. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Broad Run. The athletic facilities are desperate need of repair and upgrades - fields flood easily, there is not enough storage for equipment and tools, the practice and game fields need improvements, the stadium press box has been called a “death trap” by other visiting teams, parking is inefficient to support the day to day needs, not to mention any sporting event when we host neighboring schools. The list is long and it continues to grow. The longer the school is neglected the longer the list will become.

Broad Run has great Administrators, Teachers, Faculty, Students and community. It’s time for Broad Run, the school, to get the attention it needs and rightly deserves.

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