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Chairman York endorses Sheriff Chapman in run-up to Loudoun GOP primary

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) today announced his endorsement of incumbent Sheriff Mike Chapman in the May 2 Republican primary.

Chapman, a former Drug Enforcement Administration agent who is finishing up his first term in office, is being challenged by former Loudoun County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Noble for the GOP nomination.

“I have observed the two candidates closely, and there is no doubt in my mind that Mike Chapman is far better qualified to be the Republican nominee,” York said in his endorsement. “Mike is a no nonsense, conservative Republican with the leadership skills, experience and integrity to keep improving law enforcement in Loudoun County -- and to do so in a fiscally responsible way.”

York joins Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R) as a high-profile public official supporting Chapman. The chairman, who is not seeking re-election, said Chapman "has a remarkable record of achievement and has been a strong, honest leader."

York also took a dig at Noble, saying he "left the Sheriff’s Office last year under less than ideal terms, and has surrounded himself with angry former employees and others more interested in serving themselves than in advancing Republican values and the interests of our citizens."

Noble has been endorsed by Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman (R) and Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling).

Plowman told the Times-Mirror, “I don't profess to be a great politician and probably most political tacticians and consultants would advise me to stay out of it. However, I don't really view myself as a politician, and I'm going to call it like I see it ... Given everything I've seen, in my opinion, Eric is clearly a better person to lead this agency.”

The May 2 Republican nominating convention will be held at Stone Bridge High School from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Noble brought documentation to the debate that proved Chapman had been notified about the budget being busted. He ignored it then and lied about being informed when Hemstreet was present at the same time Chapman was presented wit the facts. Will Chapman now pivot and blame Tim, we have a commander in chief in the White House who made the blaming of others his expertise. Is that who Chapman is emulating?

ITK, unfortunately I did not see any prominent notifications about such a debate. Obviously I am not a Delgaudio supporter so notice was not given.  Nor did it appear in any local publications.  At least that I am aware of and I read most of them often.

So I guess you get the last word on who won the debate.  To bad an unbiased report could not be provided.

There is no obligation to send notification to all Loudoun voters of a convention in a party run process. The local committee announces the date and requirements to vote, local papers run the information to participate.

In comparison: last year the democrats in the 10th district selected their congressional candidate, John Foust, with only 300 participants in a convention.

Satch - Were you at the Sheriff’s debate last night when Noble blew Chapman out of the water in virtually all respects?

Those who were in attendance had the privilege of seeing Mr. Noble debate in gentlemanly manner which is more than can be said for Mr. Chapman.

ITK, so a multi-post article from February is the evidence you provide??  Did you read the article?  Nothing in it said voters need to apply.  Nothing in it mentioned any process for applying.  Nothing in it mentioned where to get applications or deadlines.  Even back then the comment section included numerous posts from folks upset about the closed process.

I am the one holding you accountable for facts by the way.

Now I hear there was a debate last night between the two candidates for Sheriff.  Where was that announcement??  Again, this is all a sheltered protected selection process.  Benefiting Delgaudio’s cabal and is damaging to conservatives like Chapman who don’t kiss the Delgaudio ring.

In the no - There may have been a few announcements, but I missed them.  I would say that it was very poorly publicized.  Were announcements sent to all registered voters.  Was it only in just one weekly publication or was it spread out over several months.  Was it front page or buried somewhere on the back pages?

Satch:  Please see the below article from this newspaper.  You should do some fact-checking prior to posting comments that are factually incorrect.

The following appeared in the Loudoun Times Mirror on 2/6/15:

Loudoun Republicans select May 2 convention to choose candidates The Loudoun County Republican Committee has selected a May 2 convention at Stone Bridge High School to nominate candidates for November’s election. The decision came late Thursday at a crowded LCRC meeting, where prospective candidates were found handing out campaign literature and lobbying for delegates. Among the most contentious races… 02/06/15

Oh course they did Orange.  They rang the bell for the insiders.  Announcing months before at a monthly meeting of zealots is not an inclusive process.  If Delgaudio really wanted to open things up they would have going to the local papers and other venues to get people out to vote.  That didn’t happen, and it didn’t happen for a reason, control/power.

The thought of a Delgaudio hand-picked Sheriff is a very scary thought.

Loudoun County Republican Committee ring a bell. They had sign up stuff for months going back at least to February. If you boys are through complaining now and have something to offer, please write.


You lads are not making yourself look very good.  Obviously by virtue of your posts here you read the paper.  The convention was announced in January on multiple media sources to include the Loudoun Times Mirror, and all other local newspapers, was announced on the Republican party website, and on the candidates Facebook pages.  So, anyone voter with an interest in voting would have easily been made aware of the convention.  Any voter would know that in an election year the convention occur in the spring before the fall election.  You would have to be living in a cave in order to not be aware of these things. 

Also westLoudouner you ask why was the event closed to the public?  The answer is that it is most definitely not closed to the public.  You or any registered voter was welcome to respond to the announcements and sign up to attend.  About 1500 other people who read about it in the paper or on the Web did just that, more folks than in previous years. 

Last election Chapman won in the same format; this time he was again happy with the identical format.  The difference that may hurt him this time is that through his recent actions trying to quash a campaign event for his opponent, and him being caught in some lies at last nights Sheriff’s debate has likely disenfranchised many voters.  Also the fact the Commonwealth’s Attorney Plowman is supporting his opponent Noble will likely hurt him as well.

So, if your agenda is to support Chapman you can’t complain because Chapman got the format that he asked for.

Chapman did not refer to his endorsement by York at the forum/debate last night, he never even mentioned his name. When asked if he would run as an independent he said he would “abide by my pledge to support Republican candidates”. Interesting response when you have 3 minutes.

I have to agree with Satchmo here - I was never aware of a sign-up to register to vote.  Why was this? Was it publically advertised, did I receive notice in the mail?  Why was this event closed to the public.

I don’t understand why the party hasn’t marginalized Delgaudio into obscurity yet.  What do they gain from putting their arm around him? 

This county has gone for Obama twice and both Dem US Senators.  If voters show up, this is not social conservative hardliner country.  So enough Eugene Delgaudio and Dick Black.  Focus on fiscal conservatism, which Scott York has not been, and appeal to a broader group of voters.

I am not buying.  If a registered voter tried to sign up right now they would be turned away.  The door on the convention is CLOSED.

There was no concerted promotion to try and get people to participate, nothing resembling any real effort to get voters to the closed convention other than a node to those in the know. The party bosses chose a convention for their private little party.  They don’t want a larger crowd determining the ultimate candidate because they are cowards.  Smart cowards that know outside of their little click they lose influence.

With the Delgaudio lead regime, real conservatives who appeal to more than, well…those like Delgaudio, are given a short deal.  It is a terrible system that allows for hand picked yes-men candidates.

Preach all you want but this is not an inclusive system.  When a process produces around 500 votes for a citizenry of 350,000 we have a problem.

Satchmo - perhaps you need to re-read my factual comments. The primary/convention is open to all registered voters; there was a lengthy six week period to sign up to participate, followed by a shorter period of to insure that all who signed up were indeed eligible Loudoun voters. At the last convention there were even less voters so this time a much broader spectrum of citizens will be selecting their candidate for Sheriff. Just like any election, not all voters turn out, in an ideal world everyone would exercise their right to participate in all stages of the election process; if they do not that is their personal choice.

Proof is in the pudding.  Only 1400 signed up, a pathetic number for a county this size.  I never saw any big push for wide attendance. I never saw or read reports about any “debates”.  It’s a well known fact conventions are closed, unlike primaries.  Sorry rhetoric or spin won’t change the facts on the ground.

We are still looking at hundreds choosing a candidate for hundreds of thousands.  It’s controlled and that is why Delgaudio likes it.  His little cabal does not have wide spread appeal in Loudoun.  That is why this is being gamed so that a shallow puppet candidate will win upstream with controlled votes and that person is placed on the ballot.  A ballot controlled by the extreme.

At least you are admitting it is closed:  ” The purpose of the short period between the application date and the actual convention is to provide time to certify that those citizens who wish to participate are in fact registered voters”. What a statement!  Full of poppycock.

You are grasping for straws when you say “thousands will vote”, good lord do you even read your own spin?

Satchmo:  You are wrong on all counts.  The process has been successfully and consistently utilized for decades.  It does not require application months before the convention as you state.  The process is open and advertised; anyone can sign up to participate, and the application to do so must only be completed weeks, not months, prior to the convention.  The purpose of the short period between the application date and the actual convention is to provide time to certify that those citizens who wish to participate are in fact registered voters.  Mr. Noble is hardly a “shallow puppet” candidate.  With your reasoning you are stating the Mike Chapman was a “shallow puppet” candidate at the last convention.  By the way, Mr. Noble has been endorsed by the Commonwealth’s Attorney and many other prominent government officials as the best choice to lead the Sheriff’s Office. 

The convention process is for both parties to select the best candidates for participation in the general election.  Sometimes there may be several qualified candidates but unfortunately there can only be one winner. Both candidates will debate, hold public gatherings, attend meeting of voters, and otherwise advertise their qualifications for office.  After that the thousands of convention delegates will make an informed choice and which will result in the best candidate to represent the party in the general election.  Both candidates firmly pledge to support the one who is the winner of the primary.  In the case of the Sheriff’s race both Noble and Chapman have made that pledge so undoubtedly which ever one is the primary winner will have the support of the other in the general election.

Any process that requires an application months before a vote, and there is no open call for participation;  nor any promotion for the upcoming convention is CONTROLLED.  It is a tragedy that a few hundred people make these decisions for hundreds of thousands.  This is an approach preferred by extremists.  There is no way a Delgaudio lead committee would garner wide spread support, hence the need for a closed process. This is way we see shallow puppet candidates like Noble getting traction.  It’s also a reason why reasonable conservative candidates have great appeal as Independents.

Satchmo your observations are quite off the mark.  The Republican convention is not controlled by extremists as you claim.  If you believe that, then at the 2011 convention are you saying that Chapman got elected by extremists?  The truth is the process is open and inclusive; anyone can sign up to be a delegate, attend, and vote for the candidate of their choice.  Fortunately most all who exercise their right to vote make an informed choice based up the quality of the candidate and do not vote based upon one official’s declared support of a certain candidate.  To be fair, in the upcoming convention several voters may trust the judgment of Commonweath’s Attorney Plowman who has declared that Eric Noble is the best choice for Sheriff.  Of all endorsements in a Sheriff’s election that of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, who must work in concert with the Sheriff, is undoubtedly the one truly meaningful endorsement.  To have the endorsement of other politicians is nice, but those are largely politically motivated.

So true:  the thought of a Delgaudio backed Sheriff is a very scary thought. 

With only a 1000 or so people voting and determining the Republican candidate there is no denying that is a very closed and NON-inclusive process.  The convention is controlled by extremists.  It is alarming that in a county of 375,000, “501” Delgaudio disciplines may determine who a major candidate is.

Who are these credible sources every wants us to believe but they seem to be phantoms of Chapman’s recollections. It does not have to be true cause it’s the internet it just has to be repeated. Who are these sources?!

There will be at least as many delegates voting on May 2 in the republican convention as did 4 years ago. There are over 1400 delegates signed up, at least 900-1000 will show up. In 2011 there were just under 1000 delegates that voted. So the process was good enough for Sheriff Chapman to win the nomination in 2011 but not now?

I find it sad and unbecoming that Chapman’s team can’t seem to run a professional campaign.  For all the bizarre allegations they throw out there does anyone really think that if any of them were true that high level Republican party members and several notable public officials, especially Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman, would be supporting Mr. Noble as they are doing?  The mere fact that Mr. Noble is not the incumbent and has such strong support is very telling of the current state of affairs within the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Chapman has more than proven himself capable of keeping our entire community safe with his inclusive approach to law enforcement. He has successful engaged and established proactive programs that includes every facet of our county; the family, mental health/social organizations, private businesses, community and faith-based groups, as well as, state, regional and federal law enforcement. The sheriff is a man of integrity-a dedicated public servant who operates in an open and transparent manner for all to see and assess. Any reasonable person can review the sheriff’s activities and successes to clearly conclude that Sheriff Chapman has been a positive force for Loudoun County.

On the contrary, his opponent Eric Noble is masquerading in his effort to be sheriff. I too encourage everyone to review the 34 Questions site told by Avatar. These are facts based on credibly documented sources. Mr. Noble’s inappropriate acts of misconduct and betrayal must eliminate him from any position of trust. It’s a question of character.

Notable items from last night’s Republican Spring Jamboree: 

- Eric Noble won the straw vote over Mike Chapman by a wide margin.

- Virtually all key Republican leaders were present to cast their votes, to include Barbara Comstock, Dick Black, Tag Greason, Randy Minchew, Jim Plowman, Roger Zurn,  Bob Wertz, Eugene Delgaudio, Suzanne Volpe,  other elected officials, and aspiring Republican office seekers.  Notably absent was Scott York. 

- Apparently sensing defeat, Chapman departed early before the voting result was announced.  The straw vote has always been a highly accurate indicator of the result of the ensuing nominating convention vote.  Given the significant margin of victory by Noble over Chapman this may well serve as an indicator of the upcoming convention vote.  I find it surprising that Republican BOS Chairman Scott York, who as the article indicates just days ago came out in supporting Chapman, was not present to demonstrate such support.  To me that seems like a very shallow commitment. 

I read one of the other comments here and see where the writer infers that he upcoming Republican convention is non-inclusive and relates the voting result to the projected weather three weeks from now.  Actually the Republican convention is open to any and all party supporters of either Noble or Chapman. Somewhere around 1400-1500 of these folks signed up to vote for the candidate of their choice.  As men both sworn to uphold Republican principles, Noble and Chapman have both pledged to support whichever one wins the primary, as it should be.  Both have stated this publicly and I would expect that both will keep their word (something which should unquestionably be expected of a law enforcement official) so there is no reason to believe that either would jeopardize the Republican candidate’s chances against a Democratic challenge in this fall’s general election.  I know that regardless of pre-convention endorsements (which are the absolute right of all), once the Republican candidate is selected, all endorsers rally around the nominee.  Should Mr. Noble become the Republican candidate, as a Republican official Mr. York would then fully support him in the general election campaign.  For all the pre-convention banter, the true beauty of the Republican party is the post-convention unity where the unsuccessful candidates come together, demonstrate their integrity, and rally together to support their nominee.

A Delgaudio backed sheriff is a scary thought.  The Dem candidate sounds unsuitable for office.  Chapman is no prize either. 

Another election.  Another slate of terrible candidates. If the 2016 POTUS race is Clinton vs. Bush, I might just throw in the towel on the whole voting thing.

If Chapman were to lose to Noble due to the non-inclusive convention and a seriously low turnout due to a beautiful spring day; and the zealots turn out with a few more votes;  I would beg Chapman to run as an Independent;  for the good of the county.

This small cabal of Delgaudio followers are dangerous to everything we have come to know about Loudoun.

A budget buster and a wait, wait where is our baseball team and stadium?

Scott York peeled off before the republican convention in 2003 and ran as an independent when he knew he was going to lose. In 2007 he ran as an independent and endorsed 5 democrats for various BOS seats. In 2011 he narrowly won the the nomination at the republican convention, and this year he dropped out unexpectedly when challenged. Further, York “reserves the right to change my mind” on re-entering the race this year.

A “real conservative” endorsement from a man who signed up future generations of Loudoun residents to support the dysfunctional money pit called WMATA.

Sheriff should be a non-partisan position anyway.  Just run the department the right way.

Chris N. - Chapman has already stated that he would support Noble should he become the Republican candidate for Sheriff so if he is in fact a man of his word and one to be trusted I would expect he will do that.

Recommend reading York’s entire statement.  Here’s a notable excerpt:

“[Noble] attacks Mr. Chapman personally and through proxies in cowardly—and typically unsigned—blog posts, and offers an approach to law enforcement that would take Loudoun County backwards in time and make us less safe.”

York’s information is backed up with evidence that can be found by searching “34 questions Eric Noble”.

All well and good, but the position is “Sheriff.”  Not “republican Sheriff.”  This is why we need a chief of police position in Loudoun County, like they do in Fairfax County.

I’m not sure where Mr. York is getting his information.  Mr. Noble honorably retired from the Sheriff’s Office last year (27 years of service) and upon retiring Chapman praised Noble’s service at a Republican committee meeting.  Unlike Commonwealth Attorney’s endorsement of Mr. Noble this one smacks of political payback.  Truly, the endorsement of York, who himself is leaving under less than desirable terms, is fairly meaningless.  The most important endorsement by far that a Sheriff’s candidate could have is that of the Commonwealth’s Attorney.  In this case, Mr. Plowman had absolutely nothing to gain by endorsing either candidate an it’s very telling that he chose to endorse Mr. Noble. 

It appears that Noble is continuing to run a clean, professional campaign in which he is focused on the issues as opposed to the Chapman camp that is continually stooping lower with each passing day.  The word “desperation” comes to mind.

Sheriff Chapman is painting himself as the “real conservative,” so he gets an endorsement from Scott York? I guess in a race that’s shaping up to be closer than expected, you take endorsements wherever you can get them.

I’m still undecided. My philosophy has always been that the burden of proof falls on the challenger. I didn’t think that Chapman met that burden against Steve Simpson four years ago, but I’m not sure that Noble has met that burden against Chapman this time around. I may wait until the convention to decide.

One thing that would go a long way to swaying me toward Chapman would be if he made the same convention pledge that Scott York did four years ago—that even if he lost the nomination, he would not split the vote by running as an independent.

This year the Dems have given the GOP a rare gift with their nominee and his baggage. The only thing, I think, that could foul it up for the Republicans would be a three-man race.

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