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Chick-fil-A breaks ground in Leesburg

photoThe new Chick-fil-A is set to open later this year in the Target and Kohl’s shopping center on Edwards Ferry Road in Leesburg. Times-Mirror Staff Photo/ Laura Peters

Eating more chicken will definitely be an option for hungry Loudouners upon the completion of a new Chick-fil-A restaurant in Leesburg.

Builders broke ground for the new, fast food restaurant June 27 in the unused parking lot in front of the Target and Kohl’s shopping center on Edwards Ferry Road. Town staff project a fall 2011 opening – builders are shooting to open as early as Thanksgiving.

At a Leesburg Town Council work session that same day, council members shared their excitement over the chain’s fourth opening in Loudoun. The chain also has a Sterling location and several restaurants in the Dulles area.

The Leesburg restaurant will be 4,663 square feet with a drive-thru and outdoor seating.

“Based on the number of inquiries we’ve gotten at Town Hall about Chick-fil-A coming to Leesburg, I have no doubt that their new restaurant will be very successful,” Leesburg Town Manager John Wells said. “In addition, Chick-fil-A has a great reputation as an excellent corporate citizen and community supporter. We look forward to their opening later this year.”

Leesburg’s Chick-fil-A will be owned and operated by Danielle O’Dell. O’Dell has been working for Chick-fil-A since she was 17 years-old, and her entire family works for the chain. She also met her husband while working at one of the restaurants.

“I look forward to bringing a Chick-fil-A to Leesburg that will wow each and every guest,” O’Dell said. “It is my goal to have a team that will provide all guests with a VIP red carpet experience.”

On July 8, patrons who dress up like a cow will get free Chick-fil-A for their “Cow Appreciation Day” at one of the open restaurants. Council member Marty Martinez pointed out a website that helps patrons make cow costumes, making all the council members laugh at the idea of dressing up like cows. 

Chick-fil-A was started in 1946 by Truett Cathy when he opened The Dwarf Grill in Hapeville, Ga.

Cathy was credited with inventing Chick-fil-A’s chicken sandwich in the early 1960s, according to a news release. Chick-fil-A is the second largest “quick-serve chicken restaurant chain” and has more than 1,500 locations in 39 states and Washington, D.C., according to a statement.

For more information go to chick-fil-a.com.


I really never thought I’d see the day when Leesburg got a Chick-fil-a, a Jimmy John’s, and a Pinkberry.  It’s almost too much excitement for this town’s people to handle!  Now if we could only get a few more larger restaurants that serve something other than wings or kabobs.

Uh, folks, it’s just fast food.

Awesome company, good people, great food at a reasonable price.

“I just hope they hire ALL PROPER ENGLISH speaking employees, its hard to get a correct order thru ANY drive thru in Leesburg and the surrounding areas..yeah its that bad.” ... Seriously? Let us know when you learn to speak English properly. You used the wrong “its” TWICE (i.e., you should have used “it’s”), not to mention the horrid attempt at grammar in the first sentence.

Ward Cleaver, funny you have a name just like the character in Leave it Beaver.  Which I guess is kind of ironic considering that most of the folks that complain want to live just like it was in the 50’s.  Like has been said times change, deal with it or move to Cleveland.  Honestly, you are complaining about a Chick-fil-a being built on a empty parking lot that is already there. 


I need to do more with my life…....

@ Richard Todd

Having clean, friendly places to take your kid out = low IQ? 

Times change and places change with them.  If you don’t like the “new” Leesburg, there are ****holes like Cleveland and the rust belt that will gladly accept your superior intellect.

For me, I’ll stay put and enjoy a healthy, growing community with a strong economy.  You know, because I’m too dumb to know any better.

I don’t mind the apartments and town homes right near the walmart so much but if the town could pursuade The Fields to revamp and go a little more upscale and make the townhomes across plaza st nicer, I feel like it would have a huge impact on Leesburg in a positive way. It would help with the NE sector a good bit.
As for the Chic Fil A, even though I don’t agree with the ideologies of the founder, there’s no denying it’s a good place to eat. It’s nice to have good customer service and spoken to in the english language coherently*. They keep their restaurants clean too.
*English is not my native tongue (it is Persian, actually) but I am a believer that a person should quickly learn the language of any nation they live in. You don’t have to lose identity to learn a language.

Chick-Fil-A is one of the best run fast food companies around.  They treat their employees well and more importantly, that translates to superior service to their customers.  As someone who lives nearby, I’m shocked its taken this long to put one in Leesburg.  I know the owners of the east Sterling and Reston locations and I know they’ve been trying for a LONG time.

The traffic is an issue in that corridor but we tend to avoid that plaza on weekends in any case.  This won’t change.

I couldn’t agree with you more.  What’s with all this complaining.  I live 2 miles from work because I’m one lucky fella!  I don’t worry about traffic, the illegals, the gangs, the drugs our kids our doing, the lack of funding for education, the eventual loss of social security benefits, the state of our nation or anything else!  You know, because like TG, I’m a fictional TV land character!

on the move, could not agree with you more….It’s absolutely ridiculous the amount on complaining that goes on.  Really people, if you don’t want traffic, growth, new houses, basically anything new, MOVE….Go to Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, won’t have to worry about any of it.  Seriously, complain because you think it’s the THING TO DO, but yet you all take advantage of what our area offers.  The DC area has added a ton of people in the last 20 years, were they all suppose to live inside the beltway, get over yourselves.

That felt great!!!!!!!

I’m one Leesburg person happy to see this.  Now, if us SE residents could finally get a gas station in Oaklawn, instead of a damn bank then we would really be happy!

I just hope they hire ALL PROPER ENGLISH speaking employees, its hard to get a correct order thru ANY drive thru in Leesburg and the surrounding areas..yeah its that bad.

@Feed Up In Leesburg
Just think when the Battlefield extension is completed between Edwards Ferry and Fort Evans a lot of people will be able to get to Target/Coco/Kohl’s and Chick Fil a without traveling on the 15 bypass.


Chic Fil a is a great place to eat and work.  Both my children worked at a Chick Fil a while in High School.

I think what really bothers the anti-God crowd here is that even though the restaurant is closed one day a week it does not hurt their business. They do very well and are right up there with McD’s in sales. pretty amazing…..

I find it funny that no matter what the article is on here that its always the same result. Leesburg/Loudoun residents COMPLAINING about everything. Get out from under that covered rock you all live under.

It’s just a fast food restaurant people. If this what get’s you exited in life, you really need to do something else.
Hey Frank. There’s one on route 7 right next to the Coney Island diner in front of Burlington Coat factory.
When trying to get out of the Lowe’s and Walmart area, try going behind the Walmart. It’s faster.

@Fed Up In Leesburg,

“Too bad the housing market is in the toilet or I would have sold and bailed on the city when they announced the Battlefield Pkwy expansion.”

Umm… maybe you shouldn’t have bought in the first place.  Battlefield Pkwy has been planned for at least 15 years.  These “expansions” of Battlefield Parkway are simply building segments of the road that have been on the books for years and years.

Granted the places are well kept and their chicken sandwiches are tasty but really, putting this in the Target/Costco parking lot is insane. That place is a nightmare and twice as bad on the weekend. Meanwhile, instead of fixing the traffic problem the city of Leesburg spends taxpayer dollars on redirecting traffic down through residential areas. Now with the intersections on 15/Edwards Ferry/Ft Evans getting worse it is only going to force me traffic through the residential neighborhoods. Too bad the housing market is in the toilet or I would have sold and bailed on the city when they announced the Battlefield Pkwy expansion.

Too crowded of a shopping center, although the Sterling location might be the worst location ever created.  Getting out of there is impossible with the Lowes and Wal Mart traffic.

The other problem is this is too close to the Leesburg ghetto down past Wal Mart.  It’s too bad, Chick fil a is one of the few fast food joints I like.

@Shawn in Leesburg: Yes, the order just sits for an extra day.  So people seeking immediate gratification shop elsewhere.  For many shoppers its not a big deal, but they do lose some business that one day each week.

@ChickenJeezus: Yes, it would be hypocritical to applaud Chick-fil-A for being closed on Sunday and therefore not making their employees work on Sunday, but then go to another establishment on Sunday.  Keeping Sunday as a day of rest also includes not unnecessarily making others work on Sunday.

This “closed on Sunday” thing really appeals to the bible thumpers, doesn’t it.  Do they go anywhere else for fast food that day?  That would be kinda hypocritical, wouldn’t it?

Fat People Rejoice!!!!!!  Another restaurant that is going to kill you is opening!!!!

How many more chicken restaurants do we really need?  There is Green Turtle, Buffalo Wings, The restaurant over by Walmart, Popeyes, Roy Rodgers, Why not bring in a Long Horne Restaurant, another steak place besides the Blue Ridge Grill which is a little over priced?

I noticed another Shawn posting in another thread. It didn’t seem to be a parody of my posts. Now I don’t know if I took someone’s name but I wouldn’t want to be confused with that other Shawn (and vice-versa).

@Leesburger: I can understand not reacting an order once it’s placed but isn’t the computer doing the work when you place an order through a website? I mean, the order would be just sitting around waiting for Shabbat to end, right?

@Counting Crows: “Gay militia?” I bet their uniforms are FABULOUS!

Why not just run a story titled “Leesburg is Filled with Fat Rednecks”

Great news, I’m a suckaaaa for chick-fil-a!

sydney video production

Yep, read about this in the Leesburg Today on Friday.  Thanks for repeating the story LTM!

How about coverage of the Route 15 sunday Brewfest disaster?  Oh that’s right, wouldn’t want to offend an advertiser.

“the far far left gay militia”??
You mean anyone who isn’t a bigot and supports gay rights?

@Counting Crows
It’s ‘they’re’ not ‘their’
Dumb,dumb indeed.

Yeah, It could be soooo much worse…you could have illegals flooding the area and trashing the once nice peaceful area…er, nevermind.

Didn’t take long for the village atheists to make their presence known.

Chain or not, nobody makes a better chicken sandwich.

YEAH!!! Finally something good to eat in Leesburg… And the traffic is not so bad… you people need to get a life and clue. It could be SOOOOO much worse. And a little kindness while you drive goes a long way!

@for g*d sake,

You ask “Name me one other industry where one of the major players takes a day off a week while the rest operate??”

One example is the large retail and mail-order camera/electronic shops in NYC.  Some of them are closed from Friday evening (till I think Sunday morning).  They are owned by Jews that don’t work on their Sabbath.  Their store is closed and they don’t process online orders - and they make that very clear with a pop-up if you try to place an order when they’re closed.

There are other shops that ARE open during those times, so this is yet another example of a business closing when others are open.

Actually both Joni and Counting Crows sang it.  And yes, this is literally the worst shopping center in Leesburg to which this much traffic should be added.  Leesburg officially has its first Sterling-like PITA strip mall.  Once again thankful we only visit this goofiness rather than live anywhere near it.  What were these people thinking?

it’s “big yellow taxi” you nimwits.

and being closed 1/7 of the time, while your competition operates, is NOT a good business strategy. Name me one other industry where one of the major players takes a day off a week while the rest operate??  it is unique (annoying if you ask me) but hardly a great business practice.

What do a large proportion of faith-goers do before or after their faith sessions at their houses of faith worship? Go eat.  Good choice, chick-people.

@State, their Southern Baptists. 
Learn how to spell Mormons, dumb dumb.

Its a bunch of Mourmons…dum duh dum dum dum thats why they are closed on Sundays…but at least this shotty state opened its Liquor stores on Sundays ! I hate this place so much

Great news. Now if we can only do something about the Green Tree and Bela Luna. Hopefully the Bela Lunatic that owns them can sell them. Could we get something more trendy in downtown Leesburg?

Could they have picked a worse location?  Its is already nearly impossible to get into that shopping center in one light cycle Thursday-Sunday with Target and Costco.  It won’t be worth the trouble to get in there to grab food.

Figures the far far left gay militia would be upset.  I believe he supports biblical teachings and pro-marriage.  If you think it’s anti-gay, so be it.  It’s a well run business and their value proposition works.

Joni Mitchell sang that song “Paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” Not the Counting Crows.

“Build paradise, and put up a parking lot.”
-Counting Crows

While I agree that Chick-fil-A is well run, I’m always craving it on Sunday, the one day they don’t have one (not sure why people care if a business is closed on Sunday). Additionally, the owner (of the chain, not this particular store) is a far, far right-winged man and an avid anti-gay advocate. Doesn’t really mesh in this changing world.

Just another nail in the coffin that makes Leesburg look like every other place in America. There was a time about 20 years ago when Leesburg looked “different and special”...no more…the hordes of “plastic people” arrived and demanded such places…Applebees, TGIF, IHOP etc…what wa that song about giving away America and paving it with a parking lot…sad commentary that people are happy about a mindnumbing chain restaurant. Gives you a sense of their IQ level.

I wish I could have been there to see the guy who, after hearing about the new Chik-fil-a, “Whoa, somebody alert the media.”

I agree with GPTE…Good food, always clean, employees are respectful, children friendly play area, AND they are closed on Sunday! Wish more businesses would take the hint on what makes a good business successful!

Extremely happy to hear this news. Great food and great company.

This is old school America!  The absolute best example of what a business is all about.  Closed on Sunday, which is an example of a company that has faith and cares about employees (not money).  The people are respectful. The food is great. No, I do not own one or ever worked for one… but I feel someone needs to give a high five to a company that well deserves it! Beats other companies with employees that smoke right outside the door and hires Non-English (not bi-lingual).  1 in a thousand chance of a company with these values.

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