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Comstock opponents unveil highway billboard calling for traditional town hall

A rendering of the billboard from the “Dump Comstock” group, affiliated with the Take Back the Tenth political action committee.
Activists and constituents in Virginia's 10th District today unveiled a highway billboard calling for Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R) to hold a traditional town hall.

The “Dump Comstock” group -- part of the Take Back the Tenth political action committee -- paid $1,500 for the sign, which will run for one month near 781 Front Royal Pike in Winchester. According to organizers, “Dump Comstock” crowdfunded for the billboard and raised the money in less than 24 hours.

Anti-Comstock voices have been calling for Comstock to hold an in-person town hall for most of 2016.

The second-term congresswoman has held two tele-town halls this year, which her office says has reached nearly 9,000 constituents. Critics, however, say those forums are heavily moderated and don't allow constituents to thoroughly engage with their representative.

Jeff Marschner, Comstock's deputy chief of staff, said the “congresswoman and her legislative and district outreach staff have met with hundreds of constituents in both her district and Capitol Hill offices.”

“At these meetings we hear their concerns on multiple issues, including health care, where constituents have shared intimate details related to their own health care and that of their families,” Marschner said. “The congresswoman also has held telephone town halls connecting with approximately 9,000 constituents this year, and the congresswoman has personally called constituents to have a conversation about the issues important to them.”

The spokesman added that Comstock has attended scores of events with constituents this year, “including diverse cultural events, meetings at businesses with their employees, visits to health care facilities, technology firms, STEM events, human trafficking forums, meeting with our first responders and more.”

Marschner did not directly answer a question asking whether the congresswoman has ever held a traditional town hall since being elected to Congress in 2014.

Chris Monroe, a “Dump Comstock” participant, said he doesn't believe a traditional town hall in the fairly moderate 10th District would be the chaotic scene that has erupted at some GOP members' town halls across the country.

Monroe said many constituents “simply want a chance to meet face-to-face with their representative.” He said he would like to hear Comstock's views on the “Trump agenda,” immigration and health care.

Comstock won her first congressional race in 2014 by 16 percent of the vote over Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust. In last November's race, she defeated real estate developer LuAnn Bennett by six points.

Several Democrats, including state Sen. Jennifer Wexton of Leesburg, are considering running for the 10th District seat in 2018. Fairfax County school teacher Kimberly Adams has already announced plans to launch a campaign.

Comstock is on a congressional delegation trip to the Middle East this week. She was in Egypt Sunday morning during two Islamic State bombings in churches, which killed nearly 50 people.


Barbara Comstock approves the picture used.

She is my Representative, and I have called, and emailed, and written to her. IF I am lucky enough to receive a response, it is generic and canned, and does not address my concerns in any meaningful way. Speaking to her staff is not quite the same as speaking directly, in person, to the person who is supposed to be representing me, and should be LISTENING to me. ONCE I got a random call and voicemail announcing a immediate tele-Town Hall, but that is a poor substitute for meeting with her constituents (I missed the call anyway, and so I missed the tele-Town Hall). 

Her job is to represent ALL of us, including the Democrats, the Independents, the Republicans, the rich, the poor, the black, the white, the activists and the apathetic. If you feel she can adequately do this without HEARING us, then I do not know what to tell you.

She needs to DO HER JOB and meet with her constituents.

what a waste of money….if you want to talk to her visit her office, e-mail her, call her office, etc….another poor example by leftists who are unhinged as their election losing streak continues on and on and on…

What’s with all the hate on no Town Hall meetings? I don’t remember a time town halls were so important to people. You have her email, send her an email, gheez. If you don’t like it, don’t vote for her next election.

The problem is the longer she waits the worse it will get, just hold the thing already.  If folks get out of hand walk out, but, ducking dodging and hiding will only make it a campaign issue.

notapajamaboy:  Again, all you can do is criticize and defame.  You are revealing your inadequacy and lack of intellectual ammunition. 

America has a history of public accountability for it’s representatives,.  Look at the New England town meeting for guidance. 

Representative Comstock:  Stand and Deliver
notapajamboy: learn history and produce content, not complaint

Anyone who defends Rep. Comtock’s abject refusal to meet with her constituents is clearly an operative for a political party. Long before you blame anyone else for asking our elected rep to do her job, and face her district—- even the ones who don’t agree with her, ask yourself, how would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot? When she’s replaced by someone, we will also expect that person to meet with all voters—not just the friendly ones. Take a moment and think before you jump in the boat of a GOP that is clearly acting anti-democratic. If they aren’t tough enough to meet with people they don’t agree with, then what, exactly have we elected except a weak, wobbly shill?

She’s isn’t afraid Leftquity. She doesn’t want to be around a bunch of embarrassing, obnoxious left wing loons looking for a video op

All of you Anti Comstockers are a bunch of woman haters If she doesn’t win reelectionn it would be because those who didn’t vote for her hate women. I’m only using what Hillary supporters use for an excuse for Hillary not winning.

I have no doubt whatsoever that many people are incapable of viewing things like this through anything other than the prism of their own predispositions. If the politician leading an in-person town hall were someone with whom they disagreed, and they bothered showing up, they would likely behave in the manner they predict others would.

My direct experience with the membership of the local Indivisible groups indicates they would behave, to the contrary in a serious and civilized manner.

That’s because their membership consists of people throughout the political spectrum who are united in opposition to what Trump is doing and members of Congress who, like Barbara Comstock, are in lock-step with Trump’s agenda and overtly ignoring what substantial numbers of their constituents think – and, importantly, experience – about these issues.

They know that staging, facilitating, or accepting bad behavior dilutes that message and intent. That means, as you might imagine, avoiding “circular firing squads”, something that’s not very easy to do but nevertheless essential. They’re also not being “paid” to protest: that’s utterly ridiculous.

Members of Congress have the obligation to represent all of the citizens in their districts, not only their political benefactors.

The billboard was crowd-sourced in a grass-roots fashion within our community. As some of you are willing to poop on the parade of anyone with whom you disagree, you wouldn’t have seen the fundraising effort, because of necessity, it was conducted outside your view. But it happened, and it was successful, because enough of us feel that strongly.

You folks who speculate over and over that some “mother ship” organization like MoveOn are instigating and directing these very local actions are engaging in predictable speculation and distraction to discredit other members of our community.

What’s ironic is that these local, grass-roots groups are actively seeking and inviting the perspectives of conservatives (and I wouldn’t disrespect them by calling them “fellow conservatives”, because they very well may not share the shallow or self-serving thoughts often expressed in these comments) precisely because we are unified against a shared goal, not trying to change the way people think in such fundamental ways.

We are not MoveOn, nor are we representatives of any other organization outside our community. We are your neighbors, your co-workers, your fellow citizens who found each other through shared, civic concerns and adopted for ourselves the one word that describes our motivation and intent the best: #indivisble.

“Comstock is too smart”....said no one, ever…

so comstock

doesn’t have adequate voicemail for messages
sends canned responses to inquiries
prefers selective questioning during phone-in town halls
loves ribbon-cuttings and parades
refuses to participate at in-person town halls
avoids debates unless on home turf
blocks constituents from social media
runs like sharron angle when asked valid questions
travels out of country rather than meet w/ constituents

what’s she afraid of?

It would be about time for a Loudoun based representative to step up! There are many interstate, social, economic and international issues that affect Loudoun which neither the current or even the prior representative have actively addressed.
Bob O__ Esq.

Democrats are looking for a venue to make a scene and aren’t interested in a “Real” town hall to discuss the issues.

Comstock is too smart to fall for these political tricks.

The problem with Comstock’s communications approach is that it allows her to select only the groups she wants to meet with, tell them just what they want to hear, and then vote however she wants regardless of the interests of her constituents.  Her constituents voted against Donald Trump by more than a 10% margin.  Comstock has voted with Donald Trump in 100% of votes cast.  Her voting record does not represent her constituents.

Based on the graphics and fonts I see on this billboard, this is likely funded by MoveOn and @GeorgeSoros funded organizations.  Can’t blame Comstock for not having a traditional town hall when these idiots get up and act like school grade children who did not get their ice cream money from mommy.  Not a real big fan of Comstock but I will take her over any Snowflake the Democrats line-up.

I happen to work in the same building in Sterling that Barbara Comstock’s office is in. I have had the pleasure of an up close experience with the protesters against any and all things Republican. This group consist of “Save Planned Parenthood” and the ACH act saved me”.  The biggest problem with this group of people is, they leave all of their trash in our lobby, they block the entrance to the building, they put the elevator in emergency status and the crazy thing is these people do not live in the Barbara Comstock district.  They do not seem to have any respect for the working class.  And they sure do not know who their State Rep is.

She can continue to dodge these meetings until election day.  After that, people won’t know whether she shows up at the next town hall or not—since she’ll just be in the audience.

This non-entity in Congress has registered the domain name: comstockforsenate.com  

She’s putting a lot of faith in the Peter Principle…

Oooooh a billboard.

Comstock opponents call for town hall where they can hold up anti Trump signs and shout her down. Bad move this is going to be the tactic going into the Mid terms.

I think I’m confused?  Didn’t Comstock host a town hall meeting this weekend in Egypt. You must have missed the memo?  Hopefully she had some great input about our District 10 transportation issues! It must be difficult being royalty and keeping schedules.

Not a Comstock fan, but this is a non-issue.

The only people concerned about this are Democrat activists.  They want her to show up in person so they can stage a fake protest and verbally abuse her for 2 hours. 

The sad, pathetic individuals involved in this billboard really need to find something more productive to do with their lives.

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