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Conservative activist Shak Hill announces primary challenge against Comstock

Conservative activist Shak Hill, a former Air Force pilot, plans to run against second-term GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock in the increasingly moderate 10th District of Virginia.

Hill told The Associated Press that Comstock, who voted against a GOP House health care repeal bill in May, "has failed the moral test of her time in Congress."

“On the issues that matter most, Washington is failing us,” Hill said in his announcement. “Establishment politicians are more concerned about power for themselves, than liberty for the people. Washington continues to break promises. Promises made, yet broken, especially by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, who has voted on key issues more like a Democrat than a Republican.”

The Republican-leaning 10th District is increasingly being considered a swing district. Democrat Hilary Clinton won the district by 10 percentage points in last year's presidential election. Comstock won re-election last November by six percentage points, although she narrowly lost Loudoun County.

At least eight Democrats have announced a 2018 campaign for Virginia's 10th District.


DD—understand wanting someone that has a genuine political set of beliefs and a conscience to be your representative…and town hall dodging, stick my finger up in the breeze Comstock has neither…but do you really want to cut off your nose to spite your face.  Fred is right—a Tea Party candidate in the 10th gets crushed…and maybe, just maybe, half a loaf is better than none.  Comstock will vote with us some of the time, maybe most of the time.  Any one of the Dems will vote with us none of the time.  What, really, is the smarter choice?

And, BTW, this guy’s resume is full of holes and I have no idea what he really does for a living…how about ABCWARJ…Anybody But Comstock Wih a Real Job.

Already love seeing the snowflakes post about Trump. Makes me laugh to see how upset they still are. No surprise how Loudoun County is leaning to the Democrats, just look at the amount of people from other countries living in the area. By the way, visit a bank on a given Friday and watch how much of their money is being wired back home to their native country. Take away Loudoun and the state of Virginia is all red. It’s nice to finally live in western Loudoun to be around people that care about their property.

Love the title, “Conservative activist..”. 

Wonder it LTM will title their next Norham article “Abortion extremist..”

If Comstock is defeated by a TeaParty nutjob, Republicans can kiss this Congressional seat goodbye.

Having an incompetent buffoon as President of the US isn’t enough.  Let’s fill congress with penis enlargement hucksters, too.  What could possibly go wrong?

Wolf had very short coat tails

Has my vote….ABC is right….

I hope Barbara spend lots of money in the primary defending her seat against this guy.  I can’t wait for the attack ads against him for his Postings on p*nis elargement techniques, and his instructions on “Milking the prostate.”



A excellent replacement for a sorry excuse for a republican, Comstock!

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