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MORE: Conservative group launches robocall against GOP supervisor after statue vote

Republican Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer (Broad Run) has informed the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office about threats he has been receiving following his vote last week to give more control to localities over war monuments and memorials in their jurisdictions. 

Meyer was the only Republican supervisor to support a request brought forward by the board’s Democratic Chairwoman, Phyllis Randall, along with the board’s two other Democrats -- Kristen Umstattd (D-Leesburg) and Koran Saines (D-Sterling). 

Meyer is also the only Republican supervisor to support moving the county’s Confederate statue in Leesburg to a different location. 

Supervisors who supported the motion argued it would allow localities to decide the fate of monuments and memorials like the 109-year-old Confederate soldier statue on the courthouse grounds in downtown Leesburg. The Republicans opposed said they did not want to erase history.

The day following the vote, a man identifying himself as Chris Anders from the group “Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives” released Meyer’s personal cell phone number in a robocall and Facebook post and urged followers to call the supervisor and ask him to “not work with the radical left to push this socialist agenda of erasing our history.”

Meyer says he has since received calls from around the region on his personal cell phone and threats on social media. 

“HE SHOULD BE (SHOT),” a man identifying himself as Frank Kendrick said on Facebook responding to the Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives’ post. 

“Not a fan of what Anders has done here, but I’d say you’re reaping what you’ve sown,” Aldie resident Dennis Ebersole said on Facebook, responding to Meyer’s post criticizing Kendrick’s remarks about him getting shot over his vote. 

Meyer says he has responded to the Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives’ Facebook post numerous times asking them to stop using his personal cellphone number. 

Yet on Monday the conservative group appeared to have deleted its original Facebook post and corrected a typo in Meyer’s personal cell number from its initial post, and then published another post with his correct personal cellphone number. 

Overall, Meyer said he finds the group’s behavior “troubling” and is worried about the direction some local conservatives are heading.

Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman Will Estrada told the Times-Mirror he would be disappointed if the Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives made Meyer’s personal cell phone number public.

But Estrada stopped short of condemning the group’s actions, and said even if he asked the group to publish Meyer’s campaign phone number instead of his personal number, they probably would not listen to him. 

“I put my personal cell phone number on all the [campaign finance] disclosure forms, it was on my campaign literature,” Estrada said, recalling what he did during his unsuccessful bid for Loudoun County's Board of Supervisors. “So, if Ron did the same thing, you can’t really blame the Constitutional Conservatives for using that number. If they got a friend of his to give his phone number out that was not publicized, then that would be very disappointing. I just don't know which is the case.”

Estrada also said he thinks the group needs to consider whether they are “contributing to a coarsening of our dialogue” with its campaign against Meyer. 

However, Estrada said that ultimately elected officials are accountable to the people and need to confront criticism. 

“Regardless of your position on whether [Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives] should be sending out robocalls about a Republican supervisor, they’re people who love our county, who love our constitutional freedoms, who are good conservatives, and don't have anything negative to say about them as individuals and their position on what they stand on,” Estrada said, adding that Meyer is also a friend of his and he is pleased by the Broad Run supervisors' work on things like reducing Loudoun's tax rate.  

Estrada said the Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives group is not affiliated with the LCRC and Chris Anders is not a member. 

This isn’t the first time Meyer has been criticized for his position on the statue. He says he has come under fire by the Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia John Whitbeck. 

Additionally, state Sen. Dick Black (R-13th) said he was disappointed by board members “who propose or support this garbage” and called on those supervisors to “get a backbone or resign." 

Meyer said, “When I signed up for elected office, I signed up to be criticized, I signed up to be contacted often … and that’s great." But, he said, “The reason why a lot of good people don’t want to run for elected office is because of things like this. I’ve had my family attacked in this debate.”

Meyer said a woman recently told him he needed to choose a new name for his baby daughter, Lincoln, whom he named after President Abraham Lincoln. 

Last week, Meyer also supported a separate motion from western Loudoun Supervisor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) to ask the board-appointed Heritage Commission to recommend how the county could fully reflect events of historical significance the courthouse grounds without removing the Confederate statue.

Meyer thinks both positions the board discussed Wednesday were fair and reasonable. 

“Nobody’s saying destroy the statue. Nobody is saying that it should be left there as is, and so it’s trying to figure out what to do in the middle of those things,” Meyer said. “What [Anders] is trying to do is spread lies basically saying I’m trying to destroy the statue, and that I voted to destroy the statue, but what I voted for was to ask for local control.”

Meyer said so far, he has received mostly positive feedback from his constituents on his position. 

The latest debate around the Confederate statue in Loudoun County was sparked by deadly protests in Charlottesville in August. Hundreds, if not thousands, of white supremacists and neo-Nazis descended on Charlottesville to protest the city council voting to remove the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park. 

Members of the Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives have yet to return the Times-Mirror’s request for comment. 

Contact the writer at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or on Twitter at @SydneyKashiwagi.


Kudos to the guy..you work for your constituents, NOT The Party!!!  This is classic proof of where the hate-monging really starts. Shame on the Repubic party.

Umstattd telling us about equality yet her basis for a yes vote on a 10 billion dollar bridge is it won’t be in Leesberg. Nothing about relieving traffic in her reasoning from the dais. Local control is more divisive rhetoric. I said there were to many democrats in the Meyer household meaning Meyers is a spendaholic lefty loon there was nothing about his family. I didn’t know he has a wife and I don’t care. Republican hallmarks and Ron Meyers have little in common. Correct me if I am wrong but was there going to be a rally in support of the statue that was cancelled over the fears that democrat “anti’s” would start violence. Maybe that is a democrat hallmark. Was Umstaddt part of a illegal assembly on the court house grounds when she attended a rally of more than 20 people without a permit, yes! I guess rules don’t apply to elected democrat officials.

For the last nine months, it has been my pleasure to sit next to Supervisor Ron Meyer at meetings of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. There are times when we disagree on fundamental issues, but I have seen Mr. Meyer work hard to serve the people of his Broad Run district. Lately, he and his family have come under attack online and on the phone from anonymous bullies claiming to represent the Republican Party - his party as it happens. He has withstood these attacks with dignity and he deserves a lot of credit from all of us – Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives - for being willing to stand up for a value that used to be the hallmark of the Republican Party: equality under the law. I have to believe that equality is still a fundamental value for thoughtful people in both parties. It is sad that Mr. Meyer has had to put up with brutal attacks from those who don’t believe in it.

I am old enough to remember when conservative wasn’t just another way of saying a person was a racist, destroy-America-firster.

We got rid of our land line, so robocalls are almost non-existent. Any that come on the mobile phone are automatically blocked.

Many reasons to dump Meyers. Just look at his silly support for a bridge in eastern Loudoun.

The bigger issue here is the continued use of robocalls. They disrupt and disrespect the people being called.  Does not matter the message.  Lose the robocalls !!

Here is a reaction from a conservative for Ron Meyer—- You did the right thing!  Empathy goes a long way.

At least the ones that came to Charlottesville had the guts to demonstrate their hate instead of hiding behind bureaucratic procedures or that baseless “this is our history argument.”  Ron they must not have given you the protect white supremacy at all costs memo.  John Whitbeck and Dick Black have it in their back pockets, just ask them for it.  Not sure your fellow supervisors will show it to you.

So being pro-secession and pro-slavery is conservative now?

Meyers wants to move the statue to Balls Bluff but only Union soldiers are buried there and at that site I would give it 5 days before some punks ruined it!

Laugh,  Branding them as a hate group?  Come on.  One can think these historical statues should be removed, but what is wrong with you?  You are so incredibly wrong. 

There are strong arguments on both sides, and plenty of folks that fought in the civil war did to defend family and friends.  Its the law and history and should be remembered.  We should never become a ‘book burning’ society.

Meyer has not been a good supervisor with regard to development and other matters, but this issue is a nothing burger - he has made bad votes like Trying to grant himself a 62% raise…

So, Supervisors Higgins, Buona, Volpe, and Buffington, how does it feel to be on the right side of the hate group that is the subject of this article, and to have voted the way they wanted.  How does it feel to have voted the “right” way for such a group, and against the honest and passionate voices who spoke for fixing a wrong.  And how does it feel to side with this hate group, who is conducting such an outrageous effort against a supervisor from your party, who showed such courage.  I guess if these four supervisors consider themselves on the same side as this group, and its message and efforts, these four are beyond contempt.  They shame the office they hold.

This is sad.  We elect local representatives based on a broad set of issues – AND character – and we need to let them have there own beliefs.

I personally think we need to leave it - I’m not going to freak on someone that disagrees.

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