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Conservative minister E.W. Jackson joins Senate race to challenge Kaine

A conservative minister announced he's joining the fight for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine in 2018.

E.W. Jackson announced his campaign Monday on The John Fredericks Show radio program. The lawyer-turned-preacher ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor in 2013.
He joins Corey Stewart, a former state campaign chairman of President Donald Trump, and Del. Nick Freitas, as announced candidates.

Jackson on Monday previewed a possibly contentious fight with Stewart for the nomination, suggesting Stewart supports tax increases and may be sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. Stewart said both claims were "ridiculous."

Jackson's fiery rhetoric added a touch of drama to his 2013 race. He compared Planned Parenthood to the Ku Klux Klan and said former President Barack Obama may be an atheist or a Muslim.


It’s good to see men with morals step up and run for office. Good luck to him.

downtown…did you say that about the Reverend Jessie Jackson when he ran for President under the rainbow coalition?  probably not, your bias is just as bad as the media…

sigh. too bad the GOP cannot come up with a better candidate. He sounds like the same kind of whackjob as Stewart.

And what about the separation of church and state… Isn’t that a bit of a conflict?  Either you are a minister or a politician….

I finally found agreement with FredSanford.  Absolutely, bring another nutjob to the rodeo…doesn’t matter.

With Democrats winning the Alabama senate seat (roughly equivalent to Methodists waking up to find themselves the largest religion in Saudi Arabia) the GOP must surely now see the tsunami that’s coming in 2018.

Who they run matters not one whit.

Corey Stewart and E.W. Jackson are both tickets to GOP Losses. 

How brain dead does a party have to be in realizing that for nearly a decade Republicans haven’t won a statewide election? So placing a bunch of hard right radicals on the ballot is a guaranteed loss.

Northern Virginia has shifted the state blue and running candidates like Corey Stewart and E.W. Jackson is stupid. If any Republican party officials are reading this, let me spell it out for every statewide race since 2009:

2017 Governor:  Democrats win +233,444 votes
2016 President: Democrats win +212,030 votes
2014 Senate: Democrats win +17,727 votes
2013 Governor: Democrats win +56,435 votes
2012 President: Democrats win +149,298 votes
2012 Senate: Democrats win +224,525 votes

2009 Governor: Republicans win +344,701 votes

Unless Republicans can find a candidate to win over 125,000 voters, the party has already lost the US Senate race. And all Stewart and Jackson will do is push people away.

Wasted political capital for E.W.‘s ego.

I don’t wish to be the one to say it, but “conservative minister” is a true euphemism.  Right-wing extremist is more like it. Unfortunately, he’s in good company with fellow extremist Corey Stewart.

And, Jackson says that yoga leads to Satanism.

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