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Constituents ask Comstock for ‘common sense’ gun laws in wake of Florida shooting

Local residents rallied at Rep. Barbara Comstock’s (R-Va.-10th) office Thursday, asking her to do more to protect children from gun violence.

The demonstration, organized by the Virginia chapter of Moms Demand Action and the Ashburn-Sterling chapter of the anti-Donald Trump Indivisible group, saw around 50 people throughout the day.

After the Feb. 14 mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, Moms Demand Action organizer Asieh Kehyari said she felt she needed to make her concerns known to Comstock.

She posted in her local Moms Demand Action Facebook group that she was going to Comstock’s office the next day and asked if anyone else would like to join her.

“All of a sudden it just snowballed. So many people came. It was so last minute, but I think it just shows the power of the movement and the desire to end gun violence and what an important issue this is for Virginia,” Kehyari said.

A few members of the group went into Comstock’s office at a time, and staff recorded their concerns to pass on to the congresswoman. Kehyari said she was surprised by the number of people who joined her, which seemed to demonstrate how important the issue is to constituents.

“We’re not anti-gun. We just know there is so much more that can be done by our representatives that could help stop gun violence,” Kehyari said. “We just want to get answers from her about what her plan is to keep us safe in our schools, places of worship, our movie theaters, basically what is she doing for us to keep us safe.”

Kehyari said she and fellow Loudoun residents want to know Comstock’s concrete plan to combat gun violence.

When asked about the shooting, Comstock said the House and Senate needed to immediately start investigations into the FBI's failure to follow protocols when it received tips about the shooter, as well as other cases where warning signs were not properly vetted.

“The tragedy in Parkland, Florida, is all the more painful knowing that the FBI failed to follow their own protocols and pass on the very clear warnings that the killer presented in numerous ways that should have been communicated to those in his community," Comstock said. “We tell people if you 'see something, say something' and we have to know that dangerous information is properly distributed, reviewed and acted upon when and where necessary. Clearly the system failed in this case and we need to see if and where we need changes to better protect against such tragedies.”

Comstock's Deputy Chief of Staff Jeff Marschner said the congresswoman has a "strong record of working with state, local, and national law enforcement professionals to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, to provide more mental health resources and to prevent straw purchases."

Editor's note: This story has been updated to include a statement from Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and her office.


Jeannne TWhat do you call them? It is a semi-automatic highly deadly version of the military M16 rifle. The AR-15 and the M-16 are identical in shape, style and operation, except M-16 is only automatic. It can carry a 100-round magazine, and be fitted with a bump stock to make it fully automatic. No different than the gun it is designed after. Calling it a sporting rifle just seems quite ridiculous to me. Were the victims of Sandy Hook Aurora, Colo.; Santa Monica and San Bernadino, Calif.; Orlando, Florida and Parkland sport? Maybe it should be reclassified, because most people do not consider this a sporting rifle. Probably why the news calls them assault rifles.

“For you to say that it is not an assault style rifle”

Amerigirl:  But I never said that. Sigh. On the contrary I have repeatedly called it an “assault style” rifle, and others here have also tried to explain that to you several times now.

“Most articles that you read call them assault rifles, if you watch the news you would have to say that they are all lying.”

If they call them something they are not, instead of calling them what they actually are, then yes, they are all lying. Imagine that.

Jeanne T, wow you need to get a grip. I do not lie. Even Trump in 2002, used the term. Most articles that you read call them assault rifles, if you watch the news you would have to say that they are all lying. Why is that such a sticking point for you? They are not like regular rifles, the main purpose of them is to be able to shoot multiple rounds without reloading and then you can load with a high capacity magazine. Does this sound more like a hunting or assault rifle to you?  For you to say that it is not an assault style rifle then you deliberately mischaracterize something, therefore you are lying.

“There are referred to as ‘assault rifles’ simply because it is shorter than saying ‘assault style rifle’.”

No, amerigirl, they are referred to as “assault rifles” in order to mislead. And no, I’m not taking this “personally”. I take it seriously. When you deliberately mischaracterize something, you are lying.

Jeanne T, I think you are taking this all too personally. There are referred to as ‘assault rifles’ simply because it is shorter than saying ‘assault style rifle’. They are based on assault rifles but are not fully automatic. But they sure can kill many people at one time. When lives are at stake semantics aren’t all that important. You have to know that if that shooter had a plain rifle he could not have committed the type of carnage he did.

Worst President in History:

“you can split hairs and hide behind semantic wordplay”

No, I can accurately describe it.

“Does calling that a semi-automatic make you feel better?”

What does that have to do anything?

Loudoun 4Trump, the real issue is not just school safety, it is schools, shopping malls, your place of business, airports, movie theaters and others. Not all schools have big campuses, what about elementary schools? Most of these do not have the budget to hire armed guards, nor do the teachers want to carry weapons. Soft targets exist, so make it harder for nuts to get weapons that can take advantage of the situation.
Please let me hear your version of why the 2nd amendment was put in place. I read it to mean that it was took keep a well regulated Militia. But if you research it you will find that all militias are supposed to answer to the president. And the right can be infringed on if the government says so. There are felons that are not allowed to own guns. I really hope you don’t think that that is something that should be negotiated.

Lévrier, I make the distinction because they are so different. There wasn’t an organization that backed the school shootings. VA Tech is a prime example of why the mentally ill should not have weapons. But what he used was a semi-automatic Walther pistol. He also chained the doors closed to trap his victims.  He may have not use a semi-automatic rifle but in 2007 Tyler Peterson killed 6, injured 1, in 2012 Adam Lanza killed 27, in 2013 John Zawahrid killed 5, injured 3, in 2015 Noah Harpham killed 3, Syed Rizwyan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, killed 14, injured 21, in 2016 Omar Mateen killed 49, injured 50, in 2017 Stephen Paddock killed 58, injured hundreds, Devin Kelly killed 26, and this year Nikolas Cruz killed 17, (if all those injured recover) with semi-automatic assault style rifles.
No need to be paranoid, nobody wants to take away regular rifles and handguns. That is just something the NRA likes to preach, you will hear it every time a democrat is elected or there is another mass shooting.  Like I said, I am a gun owner. So, I am having an honest discussion. I really believe that you have the right to protect yourself and to hunt, just not hunt people.
Golden, would you rather try for imperfection? Trying for perfection means that you will do the best you can. Just as when I raised my kids, I tried to be the perfect mom, to do the best for them, and hope for the best outcome. Once again, what are you talking about? I am a realist, I don’t accuse others of not doing their best, I just don’t understand where you are coming from.

Worst Prez:  Given the choice to go up against someone w/ an AR-15 armed with a hand gun or nothing, I’ll take my chances with a handgun and go down fighting if I have to.  You can stand either in front of me or behind me, but to make a claim that nothing is better than something is typical of the liberal mindset.

This is tangentially a school-safety issue.  It really is a gun violence problem that happen to hit a school. So let’s stay focused on the “why” and the “how” even as some want to focus only on the “where.”

Solutions?  How about any or all of these:

Restrict access to assault-style weapons; restrict purchase of deadly weapons by minors; ban large-capacity magazines; outlaw bump stocks and other modifications that increase rate of fire beyond a particular threshold; extend background checks for any and all gun sales; add more data on aberrant behaviors to the background-check database(s). 

Then law-abiding citizens can have and enjoy their guns and the rest of society will be a bit safer.  It is insane to argue that we can’t do anything because no single measure will fix everything.

The real issue is school safety…liberals want to talk about gun control that does not do anything to help school safety or protecting school kids.  Have someone armed on campus to take out the threat like air marshals…stop our school from being soft targets…does anyone know why the 2nd amendment was put in place to begin with?  Good reasons to keep it.

Jeanne T., you can split hairs and hide behind semantic wordplay but the reality is the weapon that was used to gun down those kids can fire roughly 130 rounds per minute.  Does calling that a semi-automatic make you feel better?  Call it a banana for all I care.  Put a bump stock on your semi-automatic and as the killer in Las Vegas demonstrated, this “not an assault weapon” can fire roughly 400 rounds per minute.

Most sane people realize that at 130 rounds per minute you can assault a lot of people!

amerigirl - What would be perfection in your eyes and how the heck do you think you will EVER achieve it. It is time to live in reality not fantasy.

Golden, perfection, isn’t that what everyone should strive for? The approach is not to expect everything at once.

“The only thing that is NOT debatable is that metal detectors would keep guns OUT of our schools, and armed security officers would be a forceful and effective deterrent.” 

First, when I asked my two LCPS high schoolers about these ideas, there response was quick.  They said they would not want their school to look more like a jail than it already does.  They want their high school learning experience to be positive, not accusatory and paranoid.
Second, there is a time when most kids are outside the building, not safely behind the detectors
Third, high schools, including the one in Florida already have armed security guards.  The guards were not at the right place at the right time.  The suggestion of arming 20% of the teachers, to cover all ground,  would create the biggest police force in the country, out numbering all local police forces combined. And, entrusting former soldiers, as Sean Hannity suggested, to be armed and patrolling our schools, not only negatively breaks down barriers as a country we proudly built, (the Police are not the Army, and the Army are not the police), but also creates other problems, like these soldiers with guns hitting on 16 and 17 year old girls.  Yes it will happen.  Look at the culture we still have with rape in the military-it is a systemic problem that is not going away.  Owning a big gun is like owning a tuxedo- you don’t really need it, but once you have it you “kinda” look for occasions to use it.

“Worst President in History”:

The President suggested no such thing. You’re fixated on “assault weapons” when an “assault” firearm was not used in the Florida school attack. Either you’re deliberately distorting the facts or you are displaying an inexcusable ignorance of them. Semi-automatic firearms (whether rifles or handguns) are not assault weapons, regardless how many times this false narrative is repeated to advance an agenda based on lies and emotional appeals.

There is no excuse for your ignorance when you have plainly been given the facts.

@amerigirl not sure why you are making the distinction that the vehicular homicides were terror attacks and not ‘citizens gone mad’.  It seems irrelevant to the dead and their families, as well as being irrelevant to the issue of civilian safety.  The bottom line is that crazy/evil people will use whatever means they have at hand to kill and maim.  And it’s undeniable that vehicular mass murder is increasing in popularity.  Trying to write laws based on what .000001% of the population might do will result in all of us living in padded cells.

For those of you suggesting that we ban ‘assault rifles’, but allow handguns/shotguns/muskets, let me remind you that the Virginia Tech spree killing, which killed 32 people, was carried out with only handguns.

And for you people who suggest we should only allow hunting rifles, remember that the University of Texas mass shooting (1966) that killed 17 was carried out with a hunting rifle.

My point is this: Today it’s ‘assault rifles’, tomorrow it will be semi-automatic rifles, then it will be bolt action rifles, then handguns and then finally shotguns.  The end game is the same - virtual 100% civilian ban, just like it was in super-safe Paris on January 2015 when 18 people were shot dead in a newspaper office/grocery store.  Just like it was on November 13, 2015 Paris when 130 people were shot dead at a nightclub and eating at a sidewalk restaurant on a Friday night.

I just wish the people advocating for this would just be honest and admit they want to ban guns entirely.  Then we could have an honest discussion.

Averagejoe I didn’t say there was a law to prevent 3D printing a gun, I said, if you read the comment, that they are not picked up by metal detectors.
Golden, perfection, isn’t that what everyone should strive for? The approach is not to expect everything at once.  I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Worst President in history, agree, how crazy is that? Now he wants to force teachers to take classes and carry weapons even when there may not be a teacher in a school that wants to carry one. Those teacher(s) would have to leave their students to confront a shooter who could probably outgun him and make sure he didn’t miss with his 1 shot at a time weapon. Do we want teachers to make the judgment call on when to shoot when there are other students in the area? Can you imagine what would happen when SWAT got there and saw him, he would be lucky to live through that.

Trump is on the right track…we arm banks, government buildings, etc. but stop with protecting our kids…doesn’t make sense.  I also like the age increase to 21 for long guns…great job Best President Ever…Obama did nothing after sandy hook, armed mexican gangs with guns that killed people, does this make Obama the worst president ever?

Worst President in history suggests teachers go up against assault weapons with a pistol.  That’s the level of insanity we’re dealing with.

amerigirl - If you are looking for 100% perfection with every idea nothing will ever get done.

Amerigirl, what gun control laws would stop somebody from 3D printing a gun?

Lawman, I almost completely agree with you. The only downfall I can imagine is that there are so many vets with PTSD. Until the VA really starts helping them it’s risky. We just don’t treat our vet right or with the honor they deserve.

Jeanne T, why I’m not impressed, these weapons can be stolen,and are, and anyone can snap given the right circumstances. So they pull the trigger. Seriously,  what is the point of having such a destructive weapon? Is it a power play? I remember Dick Black saying that people should be allowed to carry shoulder grenade launchers into Dulles. Why? Where in the 2nd amendment does it say you have a right to any type of weapon? Maybe you all should go back to muskets.

Love your post Lawman.  Reasonable and fair.

Joe, what do you do when they 3D print a gun? or push their guns through windows or loading docks? I agree that we need alot more security but I don’t think that is enough. I think there are just too many points of entrance to rely on just security guards and metal detectors. You will also find districts that can’t afford the type of technology needed. It also doesn’t address what to do with places where shootings occur that aren’t schools, such as concerts, night clubs, place of business, and restaurants.

How come not a single person on this board has talked about the only thing that will really stop any of this madness in schools? Better school security!

We could ban certain types of guns, and make stricter gun laws and do all sorts of things like that which will make people feel better, while at the same time chipping away at individual rights, but at the end of the day evil people will still do evil things.

I am a father with young children in school, and god knows that I would do anything to protect them. Gun laws are all the rage and the political volleyball this week, but the effectiveness of every “common sense” gun law that his been proposed is debatable at best. I personally am not interested in wasting time, energy and tax dollars on solutions that may make people feel better, but will not be effective.

The only thing that is NOT debatable is that metal detectors would keep guns OUT of our schools, and armed security officers would be a forceful and effective deterrent. I know that nobody wants to see those things or whatever, but that is the truth of the world we live in today, we aren’t doing our children any favors by shielding them from that reality. There is true evil in the world and there is no changing that. All the gun laws in the world will not stop a crazy, evil person from committing terrible acts. All we or any reasonable person can do is protect ourselves with equal force.

We protect our politicians, movie stars, government facilities, banks, airports etc. with men with guns. Why do we not protect our children with the same vigor?

Lévrier, they took action and put up barriers. Still have not seen a truck drive through a high, elementary or Amish school, movie theater, Sikh Temple, community center, clinic or church. Those were also terrorist attacks not citizens gone mad.

Lévrier - spot on.


And we should be impressed with this why?

Unless he was planning to use it to kill someone, it wasn’t a danger and isn’t going to make a difference. A firearm requires a human to pull the trigger. People like Mr. Pappalardo aren’t a danger to society, although I’m sure he now feels good about himself. And that makes Mr. Pappalardo’s video a stunt and nothing more. The only thing to come out of this is a new hashtag. ABC is gullible and so are you.

Pistols, shotguns and hunting rifles, ok, pass a reasonable test so that we at least know you won’t shot yourself or something.  But assault weapons, carry one for Uncle Sam first, then you can be eligible to buy one.

twitter attacks creating fake news about vocal hs students now

ban russian bots

“it is illegal to use foreign money to influence federal elections.”  still waiting for reports from intel & congress on banker torshin’s ties to kremlin, possible illegal funneling of $ to nra to help tRump win.  mcclatchy, 1-18

cowardly florida legislature knew students were on their way, 8 hour bus rides to be heard, voted not to ban ar-15s anyway.

gun massacres are a public health issue, need to allow cdc research on gun violence to resume.

I wonder if the people of Nice France, who saw 87 people murdered in a 5 minute truck attack in 2016, clamored for “reasonable truck control”?  Maybe the 434 people who were seriously injured formed a group similar to Moms Demand Action.

But I bet none of the the 130 who were slaughtered on November 13, 2015 in the Paris attacks were concerned about being murdered by assault rifles in the heart of the gun-free utopia known as France. Yet still they were murdered.

Giving up your freedom will not buy you safety. 

Perhaps we could stop glorifying violence (and the violent) in our culture?

hardworkingamerican, I should have mentioned the liberal that has the 2nd amendment tattooed on his arm that, Scott Pappalardo. Check out his facebook video where he saws his AR-15 in half.

Hardworkingamerican This is not a social issue, your statements sound like conservative sidestepping and deflecting. Blaming deaths on liberal media, really? I suppose all those kids that are speaking out because they are afraid to go to school or have lost a friend to gun violence are just a bunch of liberals? I could care less who is saying it, kids, parents or Madonna, if that is how they feel then they have every right to their freedom of speech. You blame everything on liberals, that is just wrong. You need to look at the facts and see what caused these incidents and stop listening to Fox(fake)news. Because some people wished Trump was dead does not reflect on millions of other people.  You are talking out of both sides of your mouth when you say that there shouldn’t be riots because some alt-right like Richard Spencer who vilifies African-Americans, gays, or Jews wants to preach hate and violence on a campus, but it’s not okay for a star or artist to do so?
The FBI did mess up, in THIS case, this is far from the only case of mass gun violence we have had. You do not have to be a liberal to want to stop this craziness.  Bob Goodlatte has said that Congress should remove restrictions it has imposed that prevent the federal government from studying mental health issues that lead to gun violence. Rep. David Jolly (former R-Fla) said they should flip the house democratic if that is what it takes to address gun control. Ohio Governor John Kasich has called for tighter gun laws. Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma wants better background checks, Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida is calling for new stronger laws. Trey Gowdy said he would support a ban on bump stocks. Others that want an assortment of actions are Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Cory Gardner, Sen. Chuck Grassley, Sen. James Lankford, Sen. Lisa Murkowsk, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Pat Toomey, are they just a bunch of liberal republicans?

Tired of Having a Fake President.  I’m sorry you thought my comment was insane and that I’m a guns-everywhere looney.  I was just trying to present facts that show crazy people will use whatever weapons are available.  A simple Google search will show that due to strict gun control laws in China, knives are usually the weapon of choice in violent crimes.  In 2010 to 2012 25 people were killed and 115 injured in attacks at schools.  In 2014 3 kids were killed at a school.  In 2017 11 kids were attacked.  I whole heartedly believe there needs to be conversations on gun control.  Apparently you don’t want to even bother.  Maybe your views are just that narrow.  That’s why there’s no progress.  It used to be two people of opposite ends of a discussion could have a knock down drag out take no prisoners argument to get their point across.  Afterwards both would go out and have a beer ending in a civil relationship.  Now, if you disagree with someone you are damned for all eternity.

As always a lot of good comments and of course ones that are based on no facts and liberal finger pointing.  Consider for those of you who are older.  Guns per population isn’t any different than it was in the 50’s.  Now before the emotional explosion understand that back then we had family units and values fully in place.  I know I am a product of that time.  Today people like movie actors and actresses, I do not call them stars because they are anything but, rappers, musicians, liberal commentators and don’t forget the VIEW, praise and applaud mock up be-headings and assassinations of our sitting President.  This promotes violence, hate and murder.  This is all on the liberal social media that cheers when a sicko like Madonna screams burn down the White House.  As mentioned by many let’s not forget the brain splattering video games that these socially unprepared “students” play everyday and laugh about how many kills they have in their last encounter.  So if you are going to restrict or make common sense gun laws, which I am fine with, you have to do it for all things that teach and promote violence starting with the entire liberal media and educational system that suppress free speech and have riots when someone tries to speak at a campus.  Make all the gun legislation you want but in the end if someone is willing to give up their life to take others lives you are NOT going to stop it.  The FBI and law enforcement that had all the alerts and warnings blew it plain and simple.  Preparation and planning is the key.  Focus on what is important and just remember this for those who scream when they are detained in an airport.  FOR MANY TO BE SAFE AND SECURE FEW MUST GIVE UP THEIR RIGHTS TEMPORARILY.  Not a sermon just a fact!

LTwolf, do you honestly believe that the gunman in Las Vegas could have killed more people with rifles? There should be no reason that speed loaders are even available. I have never heard of an army of people breaking into a home, so what is their purpose? The only one I can think of in to kill as many as possible. I guess it’s a good thing that the people in China didn’t have semi-automatic rifles, think of how much more damage they could have done and from a further distance.  Big trucks are not going to make it inside a school, or many other places that a gun can be carried into.  They could improve on background checks by allowing more time to verify the applications.
Why is it that anyone would need to have a gun the exact moment the pay for it? It can be held until the background is done. This might give some angry or depressed people time to calm down before getting and using guns. Right now, only 9 states and DC have waiting periods, ranging from 1 to 10 days. How can we expect law enforcement to do their job when all you need to do in VA is fill out a form to walk away with a gun? That is faster than court cases are heard and then recorded.
As far as mental health issues they can return to and improve on the database they had in the past.  After Tech that base (NICS) increased by more than 700%, to over 3 million.
It makes sense that far more young people kill far more people with cars then they do guns, far more drive than own guns. And it is extremely unlikely that 1 person will kill as many people at 1 time with a car.  Under 15 years 6 months also require an adult with them while they are learning to operate a vehicle.  If they If you are under age 18, they need written consent from a parent or your legal guardian They have to take a test, prove their identity and residence. Much harder process than getting a gun.

SterlingLocal has it spot on. So many parents have abdicated their responsibility to raise their children the right way these days. The culture is mostly to blame for this violence, it is glorified in and by the media. As far as the laws…gosh, it is so painfully obvious that so many of the anti-gun crowd is painfully ignorant of the gun laws already on the books. It is painful to read how misinformed they are on the laws, the differences in the types of weapons, etc. Yet they just continue to parrot the leftist talking points without even understanding how stupid they sound to people who actually do understand gun laws and firearms. They are always deer in the headlights when asked to explain how those cities with the toughest gun laws have the most gun crime. Instead, they rant incessantly about the NRA and ironically labeling anyone who owns a gun as a loon. Question for all those folks…how many kids do you think that punk would have killed if someone had been shooting back at him?

Hey Moms demand action, stop letting your kids play call of duty for hours in your basements and learning to devalue human life. Get God back into your public schools so that these kids learn morality and the value of life. Teach your children personal accountability for their actions. The NRA did not remove these elements of parenting from your homes or your public schools.

Well again so many blaming an inanimate object, amerigirl the ar15 was never banned under the 1994 gun ban and to the others, there’s no such thing as a gun show loophole and you cannot buy a gun on the interweb from a licensed dealer unless it goes to another licensed dealer first and you do your normal paperwork and background check.
You cannot ship a firearm thru the mail.
These are facts, not talking points or cherry picked statistics. Yes there are 30,000 gun deaths a year, of which
65% are suicides, 15% are law enforcement, 17% are
criminal activity and 3% are accidental. So out of the 15% and 17% (law enf and crim act) 24.9% are in 4 cities, Chicago,Baltimore,Detroit,and
Wash D.C., all with strict gun control laws.
Gun free zones and our schools are begging for this kind of carnage until they have armed security, in whatever form, police, private security or armed faculty. This is where the outrage should be.

My new favorite insane comment from a guns-everywhere looney:

“It is normal in China for a mentally ill individual to go into a school and knife 30-50 kids…”

My God, there’s no need to bother trying to have a conversation with these people. 

Let’s all show up at the polls in November, vote out the GOP and begin to put our country back on track.

Amerigirl: Would you please define for me what an assault rifle is?  To me there is no such thing.  Yes, there are semi-automatic weapons in pistol, shotgun, or rifle form.  In many states it is legal to use a semi-automatic weapon (assault rifle as you call them) for hunting provided the caliber meets a minimum standard.  So you are wrong on that statement.  Also, an “assault rifle” is a very good home defense weapon.  Equipped with a light and laser it is a very good choice for those proficient in weapons.  For the average homeowner a shotgun would be a better choice.  We should all be grateful that active shooters don’t use shotguns.  With the correct pellet load they could kill multiple individuals with a single trigger pull.  If they are proficient with speed loaders the results could be very bad.  You are also wrong on the rapid fire knife statement.  I lived in Asia many years.  It is normal in China for a mentally ill individual to go into a school and knife 30-50 kids.  Also, the trend now is just to take a big truck and run over a crowd which could easily kill dozens of people as we’ve seen throughout the world.  The issue is mental health and hate.  Some sort of weapon will always be available for those who want to do harm.  I fully support background checks.  Training should be required too.  They are a good thing.  I’m disappointed they don’t prosecute all those that lie on the background check forms.  Too much of that happens.  Mental health is a harder issue to tackle.  The HIPAA laws prevent a lot of sharing.  We also have to be careful on who can take away a constitutional right like owning guns.  If you’re worried about age then don’t you think liqueur, guns, voting, and driving should all be 21.  Young people kill far more people with cars then they do guns.

Jeanne T.  wow so picky, they are assault style weapons, is that better? If they weren’t just semi, they would be considered machine guns. You know the type used in Orlando, Parkland, an adapted version in Las Vegas, and the list can go on.  I did not say that the” a” stood for assault, I know it does not. The loopholes are internet sales, the gun show loophole. Adaptations such as bump stocks and suppressors.
What I consider reckless, you may not, therefore the “may be”. I think it was reckless to get rid of the law in 2004 that allowed these guns back in the public again. I suggest that you look up the law that prevented their use starting in 1994.
As far as fact checking, I am not going to be reciting laws verbatim. That’s ridiculous. What really gets to me is how so many of you people say this is not the time to talk about gun control. Would you say that to a mother who has just lost a child? Let her feel that her child’s life was not even worth the discussion? Have you ever had to deal with your own child going through the grief from the loss of a friend due to a mass murder? Then the unreasonable guilt of being a survivor? To look into a mother’s eyes and also feel the same guilt as unfounded as it is? To watch a group of their friends suffer feeling helpless, haunted, and deeply depressed. Have you listened when they said that they were going to transfer to another school, not even able to return to the school and have to pass the areas that their friends lost their lives? And the nightmares, that seem like they will never stop. I have stood over the grave marker of a Tech student and it tears your heart out. This has got to stop.

Amerigirl, the ATF defines “assault weapon” as a rifle or pistol with “select fire,” which means the firearm can be shot in fully automatic or semi-automatic.  Any firearm with “select fire” is illegal to purchase without a permit from the ATF, and it’s extraordinarily hard to acquire.  Same for a “silencer,” which is actually a suppressor, which also requires a permit from the ATF.  The terms you continue to use, for a “gun owner,” are concerning, and basically invalidate your argument. 

One responsibility of any gun owner is to participate in some form of training.  The NRA certified training courses will educate a “gun owner” on multiple safety handling protocols, range procedures, and management of self-defense situational awareness and options before, during, and after a confrontation which may or may not require the use of a firearm.  They also teach you the parts of your gun, and what is legal to have and what is not.

I would hope that as a “gun owner,” you’ve participated in some form of formal firearm training.  There are many “gun owners” who have not, and it’s always glaringly obvious.

Wow, 50 people showed, a very small % of her constituents. I heard both Kaine and Warner were flooded with over 50K emails/phone calls against them voting to shutdown federal govt and instead wanting to protect illegals/dreamers. I missed that story. Not much will change. We have two party corruption that will do whatever gets them the most money/votes. Seems like many knew this guy was a ticking time bomb wanting to kill, friends, teachers, police, and even FBI but did nothing. There is no way a reasonable background check can be done in 15 minutes. There should be a minimum 15 day waiting period to purchase certain weapons. And hold some accountable for killers actions, like parents, friends, family, psyche doctors….

ABSOLUTELY Agree with Trump is Hearing Footsteps. I am one of growing number of gunowners that are ok with restrictions.Relabel AKs and make them harder to purchase. Close gunshow loopholes. Not trying to take away all guns as NRA wants you to believe. Oh, and get them out of govt pocket.

Can you really achieve “control” of anything without accountability? Which psychologist was de-certified for mis-diagnosing or failing to report the VT shooter and others? Which FBI personnel were fired for failing to do their jobs in most of these pre-warned shootings? Which politicians were voted out of office for not being honest enough to balance campaign funding while ignoring the reality that hunters doesn’t buy 15 AR15’s with thousands of bullets as the Las Vegas shooter did. Which Senator is putting forth bills to “TAKE AWAY” guns and gun access from mentally unstable folks? Neither party is recommending how to take away guns under psychological conditions with shrinks also culpable if they don’t do their jobs! I actually put forth the motion to upgrade all the cameras in LCPS while on the school board after the C4/white brick debacle at Broad Run but one should ask are all those feeds actually being watched in real time to see an intruder come into a building? NOT! Let’s include accountability in our discussions and maybe we will see progress this time around as obviously all the lessons the FBI learned after ignoring warnings about the Boston bombers were not really learned at all nor was anyone held accountable.
Bob Ohneiser Esq.

EdMyers, there are two flaws in your proposal:  First, target ammunition is actually more dangerous than defensive ammunition.  Defensive ammunition was developed by the police, and it’s primary purpose is to eliminate the possibility of the round passing through and potentially injuring an innocent bystander.  Second, how is the clerk at WalMart going to know the intended purpose of the purchaser’s ammunition?  Are you proposing that the purchaser sign a statement indicating how the ammunition will be used?  That must be based on the assumption that people intent on doing harm with firearms are intrinsically honest people.  I won’t even address the part about gunpowder killing people as most readers probably rolled their eyes at that one.


“there may be some [common] sense gun laws on the books’‘

May be? Then you’re not sure? Which means you haven’t read the laws, so you don’t know, do you?

“but there are alot of reckless ones also”

And what are they? Please be specific. If you can’t cite specific laws, then it’s clear you don’t even know what the laws are.

What “assault weapons” are “legal again”? As Loudoun1965 said, the ArmaLite-15 is NOT/NOT an “assault rifle”. “A” doesn’t stand for “assault”.  And what loop holes are you referencing anyway? Please cite them, instead of parroting nonsense you’re hearing and reading from uninformed sources. You’re not fact checking for yourself.

I recommend that you reread Loudoun1965’s post and educate yourself on the correct terminology and facts if you want to have a meaningful dialogue with adults who are educated about firearms and our laws.

Representative Comstock has gotten over $137K from the NRA.

Loudoun1965, you can call it whatever you want if it makes you feel better. What kind of damage would that do to whatever you are hunting? The federal law definition to the term assault weapon refers primarily to semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns that are able to accept detachable magazines and possess one or more other features. I couldn’t tell you what any TV station calls it. The problem is that they are on the legal market, they were banned for 10 years. Guess we learned nothing from that.
Loudoun4Trump I can tell you have read some of those Russian social media things President Obama had called on Congress to reinstate the 1994 assault-weapons ban, which expired in 2004. He made it harder for people with mental illness to buy a gun. Trump overturned it, and it is in effect. Both the House and Senate passed the new bill, H.J. Res 40, revoking the Obama-era regulation February of 2017. It is not that the majority don’t want it, it is so the opposite! 64% of people want stricter gun laws. Less than 3 in 10 oppose them. Even 55% of gun owners, such as me, support new restrictions. There was no draining of the swamp, Trump has got to be the most corrupt person on the hill. Why won’t he enforce the sanctions that congress approved? All he care about is himself.
JRD308, What are you talking about? My family has many military members, so nooooo. Try looking up the meaning of assault rifle for the federal govt., the ATF. The AR 15 is shown right there.

Representative Comstock has done absolutely nothing to help put an end to gun violence. She in fact receives funding from the NRA, and co-sponsored H.R.197&S.845 which allows people to carry concealed weapons across state lines. She would support the repeal of the ACA and health care benefits that would enable mentally ill people from receiving the care they need. So forget about her helping to prevent gun violence in other ways. And she repeatedly does nothing more than send “thoughts and prayers” when tragedy strikes. In this instance, she’d rather blame the FBI for *this* tragedy than talk about common sense reform. Loudoun deserves better representation than this. Our children deserve better.

Furthermore, she refuses to hold a townhall with her constituents to listen to our concerns. Contacting her office usually results in canned, politicized responses and little of value.

So amerigirl you think the military is the problem? cause they are the only ones with the so called “assault rifle”.
An AR15 is just a semiauto rifle just like many other hunting rifles, yes hunting rifles, the AR has become one of the most popular HUNTING rifles over the past several years and for competition also. You as well as the media and many in the gov are woefully ignorant on the subject of firearms.
The world is not a safe place, that’s why I carry a firearm, my constitutional right and as far as another weapon being used, yes there is a much deadlier weapon which will fire 9 projectiles at a time and its perfectly legal. As a matter of fact a former vice pres told us to get one.

Who is paying for the cost of the injured and dead in mass shootings and even just gun accidents?  Taxpayers! Guns don’t kill, gunpowder does. Apply a 500% surcharge on all ammunition not used at a firing range and use the proceeds to fund gun education, safety, medical and wrongful death payments. That way responsible taxpayers who don’t own weapons of mass murder because they resolve conflicts non-violently aren’t subsidizing those who invest in tools to kill. Make it prohibitively expensive for killers to amass hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

THIS is Barbara Comstock’s voting record on guns:

It is hard to match that voting record with Jeff Marshner’s description and easier to see it as making guns more widely available.
1) Voted for concealed reciprocity, making it easier to transport guns across state lines
2)Voted to repeal purchase limits on handguns
3)Voted to allow for concealed guns to be carried in places that serve alcohol
ALL of which passed.

More recently, she voted FOR GUN SILENCERS, claiming the issue was about “hearing protection” for hunters, turning a deaf ear to the increased risks to the public and to law enforcement if a silencer were to be used in an active shooting.

As many of have come to srcutinize her voting record versus her public relations persona: “She (or her office) will always say she’s with us, but she votes against us.”

Comstock’s response—given that she’s #10 on the list of NRA funding to members of Congress—is disingenuous and completely tone deaf.  She must be replaced in November.

Trump’s blame the FBI response is right in line with his usual me-first rantings. 

I align myself with the 90%+ of Americans who suspect there is something we could do to improve the safety of our citizens when it comes to guns that doesn’t involve thoughts and prayers.  Ban assault weapons or at least make them as difficult to obtain as automatic weapons; same with large capacity magazines; there are many more and as long as the guns-everywhere crowd pushes back and pressure builds, when we finally get around to fixing this problem it will be worse for them than had they been reasonable.

amerigirl…Democrats could have implemented their version of gun control but didnt, why? Because the majority of people dont want it and know there are already background checks, etc. to prevent this. This guy was reported to authorities multiple times, they saw something and said something, fbi failed to do their job correctly and now people are dead.  To quote a former president, the fbi acted stupidly…in any event, this is a tragedy that could have been prevented if we had a competent government, instead we have a corrupt one…drain the swamp please, sooner the better and it starts with crooked clinton and her cronies Brennan, McCabe, Comey, Rice, Lynch, Blumenthal, Stroke, Holder, McCaulliffe, stephanapoulous, on and on…corrupt!

Amerigirl, the MSNBC talking points you use on this issue have several contradictions and inaccuracies.  An AR-15 is not an “assault rifle,” it is a sporting rifle.  The “AR” came from the original manufacturer’s name, “ArmaLite.” An “assault rifle” is a misnomer created by the media.  The military does not refer to any firearm as an “assault rifle.” 

It is legal to hunt with an AR-15.

If a citizen lived on a farm or in a rural area, it would be completely practical to protect his or her home with a rifle without a complicated firing system.  A muzzle loader would be “impractical.”

There is a reason the legal age to purchase a rifle is 18 and the legal age to purchase a handgun is 21:  Handguns are concealable; rifles are not.  It is illegal to have any firearm in one’s possession while consuming alcohol, so that analogy doesn’t work.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is exactly why people should be allowed to purchase any firearm on the legal market.  They protect your life, they ensure your liberty, and if one likes to hunt or shoot targets, they make one happy while doing so. 

The FBI has admitted its errors on this one, as did the military on the last one, and those decisions come from the top. 

Golden, training could be a necessity to use, (not purchase) a firearm, but insurance is definitely the wrong way to go.  Citizens must have insurance on an automobile to drive it legally, but how many insured automobile owners rely on their insurance to get them out of financial trouble when they get in an accident, especially one involving an injury.  The attitude that, “It’s ok, I have insurance” would create more problems than solutions when firearms come into play.  Insurance has recently become available to holders of a CCW, and that is because even in a justified, self-defense shooting, the gun owner typically faces civil charges even if he or she was not found criminally negligent. 

Every time one of these incidents occurs, the call to ban a particular firearm is definitely not the solution.  Banning alcohol created more crimes than solutions in our country’s past; and as MSNBC likes to remind us, history has a tendency to repeat itself.  Australia is no better off after the gun buy-back, and the cities with the strictest gun laws, (Chicago, Baltimore, and DC for example) have the highest murder rates, nearly all by handguns. 

Eliminating suicide from the equation, opioid deaths far outnumber gun deaths in this country.  Addiction is an illness, as is mental illness. The Obama-era law Trump repealed never went into effect, which was actually an information sharing law between agencies rather than a ban on any person.  The current law which bans anyone who has been institutionalized for mental illness or deemed mentally defective is still in effect. 

The solution is not a ban, it’s training.  Right now, you do not need training to purchase a handgun, but you do need training to carry one legally concealed, and the training is minimal at best.  As Americans, we do need to be educated on how to drive in order to obtain a license, and that definitely saves lives.  Should citizens be required to attend training in order to purchase a firearm?  Absolutely in a perfect world.  But would training give a potential shooter tools he or she otherwise wouldn’t have, (how to clear a malfunction, how to safely draw a handgun w/out shooting oneself) and offset the intent?  Possibly. 

The solution does not lie in the hands of the dysfunctional government who use the second amendment as a political tool either to the left or to the right.  The solution lies in our hands to protect ourselves and follow the “see something say something” attitude we’re supposed to have when we suspect someone of planning a terrorist activity.  But how often do we really get a chance to know our neighbors?  Assuming everyone who posts comments here lives in Loudoun county, I’d say those neighbors we’re supposed to be keeping an eye on have some very different views, and discerning the unjustified-media-driven-anger from real threat is no easy task.

Amerigirl.  Would you please define for me what an assault rifle is?  To me there is no such thing.  Yes, there are semi-automatic weapons in pistol, shotgun, or rifle form.  In many states it is legal to use a semi-automatic weapon (assault rifle as you call them) for hunting provided the caliber meets a minimum standard.  So you are wrong on that statement.  Also, an “assault rifle” is a very good home defense weapon.  Equipped with a light and laser it is a very good choice for those proficient in weapons.  For the average homeowner a shotgun would be a better choice.  We should all be grateful that active shooters don’t use shotguns.  With the correct pellet load they could kill multiple individuals with a single trigger pull.  If they are proficient with speed loaders the results could be very bad.  You are also wrong on the rapid fire knife statement.  I lived in Asia many years.  It is normal in China for a mentally ill individual to go into a school and knife 30-50 kids.  Also, the trend now is just to take a big truck and run over a crowd which could easily kill dozens of people as we’ve seen throughout the world.  The issue is mental health and hate.  Some sort of weapon will always be available for those who want to do harm.  I fully support background checks.  Training should be required too.  They are a good thing.  I’m disappointed they don’t prosecute all those that lie on the background check forms.  Too much of that happens.  Mental health is a harder issue to tackle.  The HIPAA laws prevent a lot of sharing.  We also have to be careful on who can take away a constitutional right like owning guns.  If you’re worried about age then don’t you think liqueur, guns, voting, and driving should all be 21.  Young people kill far more people with cars then they do guns.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before…if guns kill people, then I guess pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat. Want to stop gun violence in our society? Stop glorifying violence and deviance in our culture…music, tv, video games, etc. START PARENTING.

SRBX, people with guns are the problem when the gun is an assault rifle.You can’t use it for hunting and it’s not real practical for protecting your home. Just the fact that you said “STOP POLITICIZING with every event that occurs for ‘no guns’, means there have been far too many mass shooting incidents. No place is safe schools, concerts, churches, McDonalds, etc. People should not have to live in fear, anyone who has been through one of these shootings can be terrified just hearing a backfire. Where are our unalienable rights? Didn’t the Declaration of Independence guarantee us “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”? And as far as I know if someone is that intent on killing people they will not kill as many with a different weapon, never heard of a rapid fire knife. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be able to own a gun, I do, but there has got to be more control over who gets one and there is no reason to have assault rifles.

Loudoun4Trump, there may be some sense gun laws on the books but there are alot of reckless ones also. One of the first things trump did was do away with do away with laws to keep guns from mentally disturbed people. Now it looks like he wants to blame this latest shooting on the kids mental status and not include his obsession and the availability to guns. No loop holes have been closed, and assault weapons are legal again. It is not right that you have to be 21 to buy hard liqueur, but only 18 to own an assault weapon. I think the FBI could do a better job if they replaced some of the people that they got rid of when the new administration came in. Yes they messed up big time, but we are over a year into the new administration and there so many basic positions that still have not been filled. Trump needs to give up golf for a weekend and get some work done.

We need to have people carry insurance for their guns and we REALLY need better training.  Any half wit can walk in a buy a gun without any idea how to use one.

‘Loudoun4Trump’ is right, in everything he/she said. But one of the FIRST things I noted was that the gunman could get into the school - does Parkland have no school security for entering the premises, nor security officers, like we have in our Loudoun County schools - for one? That MIGHT have inhibited this to some degree, BUT it was the end of the school day, and all the students would have been outside in several minutes for another shooting possibility that may have taken oven more lives. The GUNS are NOT the problem, people! It is the persons who use the guns for bad purposes! If you think curtailing gun ownership will stop this, you are ‘dead’ wrong - as those who wish to get their hands on a gun, WILL. IT IS THE PERSONS, NOT THE GUNS, DOING THIS. If they don’t have a gun, it will not stop them, they will find another means to kill one, several, or many people as per their intention(s). STOP POLITICIZING with every event that occurs for ‘no guns’. This seems to be the liberal knee-jerk reaction every time a shooting happens - and they would prefer it for ALL guns, not just ones like AR-15’s - that will just be where they start. One of the only things Hillary has ever said that I agree with is that ‘it takes a village to raise our kids today’ (or something similar to that statement). It does. We all have to look out after and for each other rather than have our faces in our cell phones, and pay more attention to the environment around us. No matter who you are or where you are, with all that has happened like this, it pays to be alert and paying attention. Also, public places and anywhere our kids are need some kind of EFFECTIVE stop-gap and/or way to identify these persons whose intent is to harm others. The news here in FL, where I am at present, said the police had been called to the home of this past student of the Parkland school for ‘issues’ with this young man AND his brother OVER 30 TIMES. There were young people and neighbors who knew of this young man AND his brother as being trouble-makers, AND the mother had told police at least on ONE occasion that this young man was ‘mentally ill’. We have GOT to pay more and better attention to this kind of wake up call on these folks in the future.

Don’t know about the fringe but common sense suggests to me that a private seller shouldn’t be allowed to sell a used gun of any sort to another person without any background check being performed.  That practice is common, yes, but it makes no sense.

We already have common sense gun laws no the books….the FBI failed big time in this HS shooting.  Instead of following up on multiple tips about cruz, the fbi did nothing.  Instead, they focused no politics and getting promoted under a clinton presidency…sick—do your job fbi

Good to see some rational citizens speaking out.  Just because we like guns doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some new regulations around weapons like AR-15s.  If you pass muster, absolutely you should have one but letting just anyone have this sort of weapon is nonsense.

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