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Constituents call on Rep. Comstock to hold town hall in person

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s constituents sent her Valentines with questions. Courtesy Photo
Pressure continues to mount on Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-Va.-10th) to hold an in-person town hall after her latest effort consisted of a “tele-town hall” via phone.

Calls for a face-to-face meeting are coming, in part, from Indivisible Lovettsville, one of a number of “Indivisible” groups springing up around the country since the presidential election. Its name is taken from a guide written by former Capitol Hill staffers that offers tips on resisting President Trump's agenda.

Kristen Swanson, a member of Indivisible Lovettsville, told the Times-Mirror they intend to continue to press the congresswoman for a personal town hall meeting,.
“We continue to follow what's going on in Congress every day. We have daily action alerts that give citizen's concrete actions they can take,” Swanson said. “We are going to continue to call, write, and show up at her office to make sure she hears our concerns, and to hold her accountable for her votes. We will not back down on insisting on an in-person town hall event.”

Comstock has cited scheduling conflicts as one of the reasons she hasn't been able to personally attend since last month's inauguration.

The congresswoman's office touted the fact the telephone town hall resulted in her connecting with approximately 6,000 constituents.

On the call, Comstock said her office had fielded large volumes of calls about health care reform.

“I want to dispel a lot of misconceptions out there about what we are doing and going about health care reform,” Comstock said in the call. “We truly want to repair and replace our health care plans … we are hearing from people... about the difficulty in being able to have affordable care and so we are working on having more choices at lower costs, real protection and peace of mind, particularly, and I emphasize this, including protecting those with pre-existing conditions, that's something we are very committed to.”

Comstock's deputy chief of staff, Jeff Marschner, said she also covered a range of other issues during the exchange, taking questions “... on the immigration Executive Order, federal employee issues and particular bills such as abolishing the EPA or Education Department – measures which the Congresswoman opposes.”

“We are ever present in the district at meetings with businesses, at schools, at veterans and civic organizations, and more,” Marschner said. “We have found that small groups or one on one meetings enable us to learn about concerns our constituents have while providing them the opportunity to extend feedback about legislation before Congress. We have found that this personal setting has been conducive to civil and respectful discussions.”

The call for a town hall come on the back of recent well-publicized, heated town halls, perhaps most notably Rep. Tom McClintock’s (R-Calif.) rowdy session in northern California. McClintock was escorted from the event by police.

One of those listening to Comstock on the line was Indivisible's Jan Hyland.

“I was on the tele-town hall and was very disappointed in the lack of substance … that would have been the perfect opportunity for her to share her so-called plan to replace the Affordable Care Act,” Hyland said. “But she didn’t share a plan at all. It was more a wish list of things she’d like to keep – things that the Affordable Care accomplishes. Out of 6,000 on the call, less than a dozen got to ask questions and there was no follow-up opportunity.”

On Valentine's Day, a group of Comstock's constituents attended her district office in Sterling to hand deliver hundreds of Valentine's Day cards displaying messages and questions.


The Left’s desperation is showing. 

The real issue is whether she answers key questions about the main issues.  If she avoided articulating her positions on the ACA, EO, taxes, etc., then they might have a point.  In fact, one might say a telephone town hall is better because everyone is equal (seating) and it’s easier for working folks to accommodate in their schedules.

My complaint about most Loudoun politicians is many won’t even address the key issues or acknowledge when they get caught telling a lie.  Many organizations assist them (e.g. LEAP with LCPS) in dodging the real issues.  I couldn’t care less if they held a Q&A from Florida as long as they answered/addressed questions from all perspectives.

We get it.  The Left is incensed they have been losing since 2010.  They have convinced themselves (and them only) they are getting traction.  They create internal “stars” who think they are going to change the trajectory of the nation.  Keep living in NeverNeverLand.

The ground is shifting as we speak.  Prior to this year, she has not had to answer to the people regarding an unpopular administration and unpopular policy proposals (like doing away with the ACA).

The electorate soon tires of evasion. People simply want to know clearly where she stands.  These are issues that can’t be simply baytted away with mealy-mouthed platitudes.

“Are you going to protect our current benefits under ACA and reduce our premiums?” should be answered with the same clarity as “Do you support 2nd amendment rights?”

If she can answer the latter, she should be able to answer the former.

I would prefer a fireside chat. Let her choose the subjects and tell us her views versus
confrontational that add nothing and are just gotcha moments. Bi-monthly radio address?

“She has complete disdain for her constituents.”

Since she keeps getting elected, we can only assume her constituents love her (and her ‘no-town hall’ ways) anyway.

Another Comstock “telephone town hall” for tonight 2/21.

Her refusal to meet constituents in person is a slap in the face and demonstrates legislative cowardice of the worst kind.


Anyone who says she “this is too early” for her to have a town hall is crazy.  First of all, even if she had “just been elected” last year.  Recess is when members of Congress (that actually care about representing their constituents) hold town hall meetings.  But even more important, Comstock has NEVER held a single town hall meeting since being first elected in 2014.  She has complete disdain for her constituents.

Comstock can host a townhall, but it doesn’t need to be 2/month after taking office. It’s not as if she has anything to answer because there is very little the current Congress has done.

It is obvious the only people calling for a townhall at this point in time are Democrats looking to use the townhall as a platform to make a scene and protest their anger at Republicans in general and use Comstock as their scapegoat.

It would be best for Comstock to hold a townhall later in the summer of 2017 after emotions have settled down and people with questions/concerns about her actions for the 10CD are raised.

you ain’t seen nothing yet…bababababy

loudoun4trump: you suffer from memory loss.

Look at the video of Trump supporters at rallies(and Gen’l Flynn)bashing just about everything they didn’t agree with. Look at the video of Tea Party supporters at town halls. You are just willing to tolerate things you agree with.

Shame on the hypocrisy.

Loudoun4Trump, that’s funny.  You got “Beat the Press.”  I t TiVo’ed it and when I went to watch it, the title came up “How to Lie about Anything and Everything.”  Maybe you taped it off Fox News or something.

Can you get down to Florida for tonight’s rally.  Trump’s ego requires constant adoration from folks like you…

“Out of 6,000 on the call, less than a dozen got to ask questions and there was no follow-up opportunity.””

And how’s that going to be better with 6,000 people in person?

There’s a lot of suspicion that many of these people attending the town halls aren’t even residents of a particular legislator’s district.  If you’re suspicious, the best way to counter that is to attend your rep’s. town hall.  I’m sure the result will be that the entire thing will descend into a screaming match between the two groups. That video will be more difficult to spin than the current take, which is “oh, look how upset everyone is with Rep. So-and-so.”

lcs - only afraid of the leftists who have a history of bashing people they don’t agree with.  The attacks on trump supporters throughout the campaign - and continue today - are well documented.  That’s not democracy, that’s mob rule, something you wholeheartedly seem to buy into. Best press conference yesterday—I hear Trump has a new show on NBC coming, its called “Beat the Press”....

Indivisible agenda to obstruct. Wasted time and effort.

I listened in to the last town hall and I thought not enough was covered due our Congresswoman’s desire to ramble on every question. I voted for Comstock because I liked Frank Wolf. But, I would like answers to be direct and honest whether I agree with them or not.

feb 17-26 reps are in district - has a town hall been scheduled?  will comstock hold one-on-one meetings w/ 6000 that were on the tele town-hall?  but scheduling conflicts

Note the word “constituents” (as opposed to supporters).

—“....Indivisible Lovettsville, one of a number of “Indivisible” groups springing up around the country since the presidential election.”
—“Kristen Swanson, a member of Indivisible Lovettsville”
—“One of those listening to Comstock on the line was Indivisible’s Jan Hyland.”

“Indivisible” isn’t just “springing up”.  It isn’t a grass roots movement, and it isn’t the new “Tea Party”, contrary to what is being reported in some outlets.

Barbara Comstock tries to act like it is business as usual. It is, unfortunately, not.
We have a President with glaring conflicts of interest who finds time to prop his daughter’s business during his security briefing. A President who’s team has disturbing ties to a foreign adversary and lies about them.
At the same time, Congress Republicans act like the worst caricature of themselves and allow firearm sales to mentally ill in the first week of the session.
These are testing, tumultuous times. A pivotal time in the history of our Republic. At a time like this, an elected official should not shrink from duty and hope that a storm will blow over. It is not a time for photo-ops and prepared statements. Come and face your constituents. We have a lot to talk about.

Loudoun4trump:  Frankly, you sound afraid of democracy. 

When “tea-party types” went to town halls and made their voices heard, it was “democracy.”  And so it is now. 

Tell us: are leftists, or more likely, those to the left of where you might be, something that is bad for society?  And if they create political disruption and turmoil, is their playbook any different than that being used by the current White House? 

Republicans only won, generously let’s say 50% of the vote nationally.  Not enough to declare any sort of mandate.

Fred and Loudoun4Trump,  the idea is that Ms. Comstock would answer questions from the audience.  If most folks like her answers I’m sure there would be no tantrums.  It will be open to all her constituents so everyone should be well represented.  Are you afraid of that?

Why? So the leftists can throw a tantrum and have their media buddies direct them for maximum effect of disruption and turmoil….no thanks, that scene is getting old - dems need a new playbook.

I’m afraid it’s getting harder and harder for the GOP to act like things are perfectly normal. 

Come meet your constituents Congresswoman Comstock.

It is something you should be happy to do.

This is little more than leftist looking for an platform to make the evening news as they protest the Republican majority in Congress and the White House.

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